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Gryphon's Book of Feats (d20 system)

Gryphon's Book of Feats (d20 system)



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Published by Rafael Arrais
Gryphon's HUGE list of feats for d20 system and Dungeons and Dragones 3.5 edition. Check out for more free d20 downloads at http://dndworld.com/community3e
Gryphon's HUGE list of feats for d20 system and Dungeons and Dragones 3.5 edition. Check out for more free d20 downloads at http://dndworld.com/community3e

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Published by: Rafael Arrais on Apr 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Gryphon’s Book of 3.5e Feats
Community 3e Downloads
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You choose them for your character, but you work for them,some require training some require specific requirements. Eachcharacter gets one feat when the character is created, thenanother at 3
level and every three levels thereafter (6
, 9
, 12
, and 18
). For multiclass characters, the feats comeaccording to total character level, regardless of individual classlevels. Humans also get a bonus feat at 1
level, chosen by theplayer from any feat for which his or her character qualifies.
Some feats have prerequisites. You must have the listed abilityscore, feat, skill, or Base Attack Bonus in order to select or usethat feat. A character can gain a feat at the same level at whichhe or she gains the prerequisite.If the requirement is lost due to artificial means for example, if your Strength drops below 13 because a ray of enfeeblement hitsyou, you can’t use the Exotic Weapon Bastard Sword feat.
Feat Types
Some feats are general, meaning that no special rules governthem as a group. Others are item creation feats, which allowspellcasters to create magic items of all sorts. A metamagic featlets a spellcaster prepare and cast a spell with greater effect,albeit as if the spell were a higher level than it actually is. Specialfeats are available only to the specified class.
These Feats are open to anyone that meets therequirements. They are described elsewhere as General Feats butin this book they are referred to as Combat Feats. Basically theyencompass Feats which directly effect the dice rolls made duringcombat, effecting when where and how the combat occurs.Unlike the Fighting Style Feats below they do not have arequirement for training.
Feats in this new category share a few characteristics.They all have, as a prerequisite, the ability to turn (or, in mostcases, rebuke) undead. Thus, they are open to clerics, paladins of 3
level or higher, and any prestige class that has that ability.The divine feat uses the positive or negative energy to turn orrebuke undead. Each use of a divine feat uses one or moreturn/rebuke attempt from their number of attempts per day. If there are no turn/rebuke attempts remaining, it is not possible touse the feat. Since turning or rebuking is a standard action,activating any of these feats is also a standard action.Finally, Quicken Turning can not be used to speed up the use of a divine feat.
General feats are just that, if you meet therequirements in the description, then you can have learn ordevelop the feat. They are open to all classes and at any level, aslong as you meet the requirement.
These feats are available on generation of thecharacter only, based on your racial background, yourgeographic background or your family background. Each of these feats may only be taken once, normally at the generation of the character.
These feats are available to arcane spellcasters onlyand represent a different and powerful way to manipulate thebasic magical weave. Arcane spellcasters can take these feats, if they meet the requirements, instead of metamagic feats when thebonus feats become available.These feats are different from metamagic feats in that you do nothave to give up spell slots to have the benefits of these featsactive.
There is more to a monk than just a flurry of blows, and more to a Unarmed fighter than Unarmed Strike.These feats increase the range of options available to them.
These feats are for those who want to alter theway their magic performs.
There is more to raging than simply getting angry, andsome Barbarians learn to channel their rage to perform different,but spectacular feats of prowess.
The rogue is perhaps the most skilled and flexible of combatants, and these feats enhance their abilities.
The feats in this category relate to the druids wild shapeability, and all require it as a prerequisite. Any class feature orability that has the words “wild shape” in its name counts as wildshape for meeting prerequisites. Wild feats apply to any versionof wild shape.
Gryphon’s Book of 3.5e Feats
Community 3e Downloads
Feat TemplateFeat Name
Description of what the feat does or represents in plain English.
A minimum ability score, another feat or feats, aminimum base attack, a skill, or a level that a character musthave in order to acquire this feat. This entry is absent if a feat hasno prerequisite. A feat may have more than one prerequisite.
What the feat enables you (the character) to do.
What a character who does not have this feat is limitedto or restricted from doing. Where not having this feat causes noparticular drawback this entry is absent.
Additional facts about the feat that may be helpful whenyou decide whether to acquire the feat.This however is a guide not a hard and fast rule, there may bethings in the book that differ from these guidelines, if you don’tagree with them don’t use them, if you want to modify them tobetter fit do so.
Notes on Progression
In this book there are progressive feats, i.e. normal improved andgreater feats. The attempt has been made to make theseprogressions logical, but some may seem a little strange. Featsthat duplicate spells or spell like abilities are also balanced in thefollowing manner. There may even be feats that duplicateeffects, although the majority of these have been removed.Basic Feat should offer a broad bonus of +2, a narrow situationalbonus of +3, or a bonus to abilities similar to a spell of up to 2
 level. These should be available to all character of 1-5
levelwith a reasonable prerequisite, e.g. statistic of 11+, a skill of +3or something similarImproved Feats should offer a broad bonus of up to +4 a narrowsituational bonus of +5, or a bonus to abilities similar to a spellof up to 3
level. These should be available to all character of 6
 to 10
level with a more difficult prerequisite e.g. a statistic of 13+ a skill of +5 or something similar and another feat.Greater Feats should offer a broad bonus of up to +6 or a bonusto abilities similar to a spell of up to 4
level. These should beavailable to all character of 10
+ level with a more difficultprerequisite e.g. a statistic of 15+ a skill of +8 or somethingsimilar and more than one other feat.

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