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Claremont COURIER 9.11.10

Claremont COURIER 9.11.10

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Published by Claremont COURIER
The Claremont Courier is the community newspaper for Claremont, CA 9.11.10
The Claremont Courier is the community newspaper for Claremont, CA 9.11.10

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Published by: Claremont COURIER on Jun 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Saturday 09-11-10
75 cents
Claremont doesn’t get any bids for solid waste collection
The opening ofhis new galleryshows why thisformer CHS artteacher excelledat his craft
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City police deal with drunk and disorderly
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      I     n     s      i      d     e      t     o      d     a     y      ’     s      p     a     p     e     r
Claremont High School freshman Alan Simpsoncompletes his stretches after a 3-mile runthrough Claremont on Thursday during crosscountry practice. Both the boys and girls teamshave high expectations as their seasons areabout to begin. Story on page 12.
our er i
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A modest mathand science whizgets the most outof his high schoolexperience
Story on page 10
COURIER photo/Christopher Guzman
Staying loose
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Starts September 15We archive every page of the newspaper
Trash talk
Dear Editor:The recent request for proposal for con-tracting out trash services, with little or nopublic input, has raised my concern aboutthe direction the city is taking. The city hasbeen well served with delivery of qualitytrash service and managed costs as a cityenterprise operation.Looking at options for city service de-livery is a good management practice. Ican envision situations when outsourcingof city services could make sense. How-ever, such a change requires a thoroughanalysis of all business aspects to be sureour residents are getting the invested valueand the quality services they expect.Claremont’s trash services are a com-plete business that includes trucks, trashbins, trained personnel, facilities, equip-ment, customer lists and contracts for dis-posal, billing and finance. Such a businesshas a capital value.In any outsourcing decision a determi-nation of the value of the business needs tobe made to assure our residents that thecity is not giving away the asset withoutgetting value for it. As far as I can find outthere has been no such evaluation of thevalue of the city trash services business.At best the [Reqeust for Proposals] RFPappears to be a hastily prepared documentwith some glaring inconsistencies. The in-complete nature of the staff work is obvi-ous by the absence of any written reportsavailable for the September 9, 2010 Com-munity Services Commission meeting.Oral reports are inadequate when such asignificant change is being proposed forcity services.Unfortunately the RFP seems obliviousto the invested value of the city trash busi-ness. The RFP approaches outsourcing asif we would be changing from, one out-side vendor to another with little or noconsideration of the value of the existingcity enterprise.In my opinion the incomplete back-ground analysis of the business case foroutsourcing and the poor quality of theRFP are glaring problems that necessitatedropping the current RFP and startingover.
Algird G. Leiga
Privatizing city trash service
Dear Editor:With the celebration of Labor Day stillringing in our ears, the Claremont citycouncil is considering privatizing our trashcollection services and depriving our localemployees of their jobs. Does this reallymake any sense to you? We have one of the most awesome and dependable trashcollection services anywhere.• The people of Claremont are happywith our current service.• They have helped us to be a city com-mitted to recycling a large percentage of our waste. Will a private service have thesame commitment?• They are very reliable. They alwaysshow up on time and have even made ac-commodations when we have screwedup. Will a private company be willing todo that?• We have not had to worry about labordisputes, as other cities with private com-panies have.• We have supplied these workers witha living wage, which in a place like Clare-mont is something to celebrate.This is an ill conceived idea. Please donot go down this road. We understand thattimes are tough and you have some toughdecisions to make, but please do not takeaway one of the most well-run entities inthe city.
Jack and Vera Caselles
Police Blotter or gossip?
Dear Editor:In the September 4 COURIER, I readin the Police Blotter about a crime al-legedly committed at a rock festival in LAby a 19-year old former Claremont resi-dent. Why is this being reported in theClaremont COURIER?I thought that the Police Blotter pro-vided an update of crimes that occurred inour city. Reporting allegations of crimescommitted elsewhere by former Clare-mont residents is just tabloid gossip.Further, providing irrelevant personaldetails of this young man’s life in the Po-lice Blotter was intrusive and inappropri-ate.I hope that the COURIERwill recon-sider their policy on what types of activi-ties are news-worthy in the Police Blotterand show some discretion in what is cov-ered.
Kathy Pezdek
Longing for the days whenwe didn’t care
Dear Editor:I abhor the thought of someone burn-ing, with forethought and malice, an arti-fact held holy by any religion. As revoltingas this image is, we must remind ourselvesthat we are fortunate to live in a nationwhere our rights (to do sometimes poorlyconceived acts) are protected by our Con-stitution.Throughout our history, the proudlegacy of being a haven for immigrantsfleeing religious persecution has co-existedwith flagrant acts of bigotry and prejudice.So, on the occasion of a Quran-burningin Florida, I would like to take this time tohonor the Americans of many religiousand ethnic persuasions who have sufferedthoughtless abuse over the decades.To mention a few throughout historymy help us put this in perspective: thosewho sat at the back of the bus, those whowent to internment camps in the U.S. dur-ing WWII, those who have had workplaceissues because of headdresses.This letter is a show of support for thoseMuslims in our community who practicetheir religion, but also for those who don’thappen to practice their religion.Many leaders of the community, patri-otic immigrants, particularly in the health-care field, are the same as they have beenlong before September 11, 2001, when no-body cared if they were of Muslim de-scent. In that sense, I hope we can get backto “not caring” what religion our ancestorspracticed.
Janice Hoffmann
Claremont COURIER/Saturday, September 11, 2010
The Claremont Courier (United States Postal Service 115-180) is published twice weekly by the Courier Graphics Corporationat 1420 N. Claremont Blvd., Suite 205B, Claremont, California 91711-5003. The Courier is a newspaper of general circulationas defined by the political code of the state of California, entered as periodicals matter September 17, 1908 at the post officeat Claremont, California under the act of March 3, 1879. Periodicals postage is paid at Claremont, California 91711-5003. Sin-gle copy: 75 cents. Annual subscription: $52.00. Send all remittances and correspondence about subscriptions, undeliveredcopies and changes of address to the Courier, 1420 N. Claremont Blvd., Suite 205B, Claremont, California 91711-5003. Tele-phone: 909-621-4761. Copyright © 2010 Claremont Courier
one hundred and second year, number 73
420 N. Claremont Blvd., Ste. 205BClaremont, CA 91711
(909) 621-4761Office hours: Monday-Friday9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Martin and Janis Weinberger
Editor and Publisher
Peter Weinberger
Managing Editor
Kathryn Dunn
City Reporter
Tony Krickl
Education and Sports Reporter
Landus Rigsby
Features Reporter/Obituaries
Brenda Bolinger
Photo Editor/Staff Photographer
Steven Felschundneff
Reporter At Large
Pat Yarborough
Calendar Editor
Jenelle Renschcalendar@claremont-courier.com
Back Page
Copy Editor
Grace Felschundneff
Graphic Design
Jenelle Rensch
Page Design
Kathryn Dunn
Advertising Director
Mary Rose
Classified Editor
Aimee Ripley
Business Administration
Marketing ManagerLegal Notices
Vickie Rosenberg
Billing/Accounting Manager
Dee Proffitt
Tom Smith
Jim Citizen Sprinkle
Chris Guzman, PhotographerJustin Hazelton, Reporter
EDITOR’S NOTECity reporter Tony Krickl is on vaca-tion until Tuesday, September 14. PatYarborough is filling in.Photographer Steven Felschundneff isalso on vacation, and will return Wednes-day, September 15. Chris Guzman willserve as staff photographer this week.
Police arrest severalpeople under theinfluence
Friday, September 3
A 34-year-old Claremont resident wasarrested for public intoxication aftercausing a disturbance during an outdoormusic performance at the Old SchoolHouse.Police received a call at approximately9 p.m. regarding the intoxicated person,who was reported to have been pushingpeople in the courtyard. When officersarrived to the scene, the man was founddancing and stumbling from side to side.He also rolled on the ground holding asmall child.Officers determined that the man wasunder the influence of alcohol and askedhim to come off the dance floor. Initially,the intoxicated man refused and pulledhis arm away from the officer who wastrying to lead him away.After police took him into custody,Kirk Barnes was released hours laterafter sobering up.
Saturday, September 4
Claremont police spotted a 19-year-old Claremont resident stumbling as hewalked on Bonita Avenue at 12:45 a.m.According to the report, the male pedes-trian almost fell into the street on severaloccasions.Police approached the man and askedhim where he was headed. The 19-year-old stated he was going to Pomona Col-lege. When asked about how much hehad to drink, he responded by saying,“too much.”The report also indicated the intoxi-cated man had dirt and leaves on his shirtand shorts as well as minor abrasions onhis feet and ankles.Carter Ruff was arrested for public in-toxication and was later released.*****Officers arrested a Palos Verdes resi-dent for driving under the influencearound 1 a.m. when they noticed a vehi-cle heading east on Foothill Boulevardwithout its lights on.After making a traffic stop, police tookSteven Fox, 22, into custody. He waslater released.*****A 31-year-old man was taken into cus-tody after being deemed under the influ-ence by police around 4 a.m.According to the report, an officer ob-served a vehicle on Foothill Boulevardswerving from side to side. After mak-ing a traffic stop, the officer arrested Up-land resident Sungphil Cho.*****Claremont Colleges campus safety en-listed the help of Claremont police afterencountering a hostile 19-year-old manthat was escorted from a party held nearthe intersection of Ninth Street and MillsAvenue. The disturbance occurredaround 10:40 p.m.Once police arrived on the scene, offi-cers deemed the man to be intoxicated.The 19-year-old used expletives in de-scribing his hatred for police and alsothreatened to kill the officers.After pushing a female bystanderaway, he ran toward an officer and struckhim in the chest and attempted to kickthe officer. The officer detained the hos-tile man, bringing him to the ground.Still resisting arrest by hitting andkicking the officers, police then used ataser to bring the subject under controland put him in handcuffs.Claremont resident Walker Adamswas arrested for resisting arrest, publicintoxication and battery on a police offi-cer. Mr. Adams was later released with acitation.
Sunday, September 5
A man and woman avoided an at-tempted robbery while sitting in their ve-hicle in the parking lot of HowardJohnsons on Indian Hill Boulevard.At approximately midnight, 2 blackmen dressed in matching black hoodedsweatshirts and black pants approachedtheir car. One of the suspects walked tothe driver’s side window and pointed theblade of a short handled knife at the maledriver while demanding money and jew-elry.The victims noticed the second manstanding near the vehicle holding a hand-gun. After the victims told the men theydidn’t have money or jewelry, the sus-pects ran off.According to the report, the faces of the suspects could not be described be-cause they were partially covered bytheir sweatshirts. Police received no fur-ther reports on the suspects.
Tuesday, September 7
A 20-year-old white male nearly madeoff with more than $900 worth of razorrefill cartridges during an attempted theftfrom Vons on Base Line Road at 11:30p.m.The suspect entered the grocery storeand walked to the check stand to grab abag before heading to the aisle withmen’s grooming products. After grab-bing 45 boxes of razors, he attempted toleave the store.A clerk on duty observed what wastaking place and confronted the suspect.Seconds later, the suspect dropped thebag and fled the store.The suspect was described as 5-feet,8-inches tall, weighting 170 pounds andwearing a black hooded sweatshirt witha red hat. Police are currently reviewingsurveillance video to try to determine theidentity of the suspect.
Claremont COURIER/Saturday, September 11, 2010
hat if you gave a party and no-body came? That seems to bethe way things are, at least fornow, for the city’s request for proposals in-volving possible privatization of the solidwaste collection, recycling and disposalservices.
Community Services department head Pat Malloysaid because no bids have come from those involved inthe process, any action on the possible switch of serv-ices would not be considered until proposals have beensubmitted. The new deadline has been extended to Sep-tember 14.Communications described as “invitations to bid”were sent to the Burrtec Corporation, a mega-firm inSan Bernardino county, Waste Management Inc. inBaldwin Park, to Valley Vista and Republic services,both in the City of Industry, and Republic Services of Anaheim.Also involved in the process is the city’s present san-itation services department, which, Mr. Malloy ex-plained, is in the process of submitting a proposal ontheir own.After bids have been submitted to the CommunityServices Commission, an “evaluation team” will look atthe proposals and make recommendations to city staff and/or the Commission and the City Council. Themakeup of the evaluation team has not been explained.The matter was originally thought to be on the Com-mission’s agenda for its September 9 meeting. Thewhole question of privatizing sanitation services hasgarnered considerable attention and a bit of controversyon its actual money-saving values.
— Pat Yarborough
Does anyone want to deal with Claremont’s trash?
Pedestrians hit by car after leaving church
wo pedestrians suffered moderate injuries afterbeing struck by a vehicle Thursday evening.Around 6:15 p.m., the pedestrians were walking ina crosswalk at Bonita and Cambridge Avenues. Anelderly driver was leaving a church service at OurLady of the Assumption Catholic Church when he hitthe pedestrians.“The driver said the sun was right in his eyes fromthe sunset and he could not see the pedestrians,”Claremont Police Lieutenant Dennis Smith said.The vehicle was not moving very fast, but thepedestrians were both knocked to the ground, Lt.Smith said. They were transported to a local hospital,suffering from non-life threatening injuries.No further information was immediately available.In November 2009, a Claremont resident died afterbeing struck by a car in the same intersection. The 88-year-old man was crossing the street in a motorizedscooter when the accident occurred. He died 13 daysafter the accident in the hospital.
—Tony KricklCOURIER photo/Jenelle RenschA worker unloads discarded items hauled fromClaremont at the West Valley Material Recovery Fa-cility and Transfer Station in Fontana.

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