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Gluten Free Binder

Gluten Free Binder

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Published by Sara Fink

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Published by: Sara Fink on Jun 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Gluten Free basicsGet a kitchen scale. Many recipes work best when measurements are weighed.ShoppingBulk Food store for flours (my local favorite - http://www.granarybulkfoods.com/ ) Amazon.com often has the best price on gluten free floursGluten Free baking ingredients to have on handBrown Rice flourRice flourSweet rice flourCornstarchSorghum flourXanthan gumYeastApple cider vinegarGreat recipe for making gluten free cream soups - http://onceamonthmom.com/homemade-cream-of-something-soup/  Amazingly delicious muffin recipe - http://www.glutenfreelyfrugal.com/2012/09/15/cooking-with-kayla-pumpkin-chocolate-chip-muffins/  Great references
Gluten free on a shoestring (I have not found a recipe I didn’t like from her!) 
http://glutenfreeonashoestring.com/ Celias Gluten Free Grocery Guide - http://www.ceceliasmarketplace.com/gluten-free-guide/  Great recipe/info for making your own gluten free all purpose flour mixhttp://glutenfreegirl.com/2012/07/how-to-make-a-gluten-free-all-purpose-flour-mix/ My current favorite for breads and cookies:400g Brown rice flour300g Cornstarch300g Rice Flour
Gluten Free Restauraunt guide:To stay safe, make sure you ask the kitchen staff for the following:
Wash their hands and change their gloves before preparing your food
Mix any salad in a clean bowl (many restaurants reuse bowls, and they may contain crouton fragments or unsafe salad dressings)
Avoid using a grill surface that's shared with gluten-containing items (including hamburger buns, sauces and breaded items)
Use fresh water to cook gluten-free pasta or steam vegetables (some restaurants reuse pasta water for this purpose)
Place gluten-free pizzas or rolls on a pan instead of directly on an oven surface, and cover them with foil to avoid crumbs
Also, ask your server to keep your food away from the bread basket and other obvious gluten threats; it's possible tohave cross contamination introduced between the kitchen and your table.
Don’t prepare gluten
-free foods on the same surface used to prepare foods with gluten unless the surface has been thoroughly cleaned. (Inrestaurants, ask the chef to wipe down the grill before preparing your order.)
When cooking in a microwave be sure to wipe down door handle, buttons, etc. Also have a cover on the container you are cooking in.
Make sure utensils have been thoroughly cleaned after preparing gluten-containing foods. Even better, have separate sets of utensils for gluten-free food preparation.
Don’t deep
-fry gluten-free foods in the same oil used to fry breaded items. This is a particular risk in restaurants. You'll need to ask whether  breaded and unbreaded items are fried in the same oil.Avoid using gluten-containing flours in kitchens where gluten-free food is prepared. Wheat flour can stay airborne for many hours and contaminatesurfaces, utensils, and uncovered gluten-free food. In general, foods prepared in any place that is not gluten-free are at risk for contamination (for example, when equipment is inadequately cleaned after producing gluten-containing foods).

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