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June 6, 2013 Mount Ayr Record-News

June 6, 2013 Mount Ayr Record-News

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Published by MountAyrRecordNews
June 6, 2013 Mount Ayr Record-News
June 6, 2013 Mount Ayr Record-News

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Published by: MountAyrRecordNews on Jun 05, 2013
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Ringgold county has been of-
ficially declared a disaster areaby presidential proclamation.Wise told the council the declara-tion means federal dollars will beavailable for repairs to city streetsand sewers in the coming months.He said representatives from theFederal Emergency ManagementAgency will be in town this weekto inspect damages and potentialprojects.Susan Kinney has asked the
Mount Ayr
Volume 149, Number 14 • Thursday, June 6, 2013 • Mount Ayr, Iowa 50854 • USPS No. 365-120 •
Visit us on the web at www.mountayrnews.com
Record News
Snapshots of Ringgold County
Crossing theroad...slowly 
 As part of our commemorationof the Record-News’ 150th yearof publishing, each week wewill feature a photo of life in Ringgold County.“Snapshots of Ringgold County” photos will vary as the seasonsand events dictate. In this photo, a snapping turtleslowly crosses a county road insouthern Ringgold county, hope-
ing to avoid traffic.
This is the fourteenth of the photos in our commemorativeseries.
An update on opening day forthe city swimming pool and theopening of bids for work on Gar-field Street were two of the itemson the agenda of the Mount Ayrcity council when they met in reg-ular session Monday, June 3.
Swimming pool
Amanda Cannon, the city’s cer-tified pool operator, reported onthe delay in opening the city swim-ming pool at Judge Lewis Park. Shesaid as of Thursday, May 30, shethought everything was in order toopen the pool, but that day somepark board members met with poolmanager Daniel Showalter andtold him they wanted some itemsaddressed in the baby pool beforethe pools could open. Cannon saidthe work included some patchworkand chipping all the old paint awayand repainting the surface. “It wasso rough it could cut the bottom of a kid’s foot,” she said.The ACCO company completedpatchwork on Friday, and the life-guards chipped away the old paintand completed the repainting overthe weekend. Cannon explainedthe same filtering system operatesboth the main pool and the babypool, and in order to drain the babypool to complete the work, thepump system had to be shut down.Therefore, the main pool could notopen until work was completed onthe baby pool.
The paint on the baby pool
takes 7 to 10 days to cure, so Can-non plans to refill the baby poolMonday, June 10 after which twoadditional days should be allowedfor the filter system to regulatechemicals.In addition, Cannon had detect-ed a low chlorine level in the pool,so while the pool remains closedover the next few days, ACCO willdrain the chlorine tank and install anew batch of chlorine to bring lev-els back to acceptable standards.Cannon said she hopes to havethe pools open on June 12.
Street work
The council opened two bids forwork on Garfield street. The coun-cil accepted the low bid of $42,903from Blacktop Service Companyout of Humboldt to apply an as-phalt surface with a single chip sealon the street from Highway 2 northto Adams Street. A second bid of $54,869.50 was received from theNorris Asphalt Paving company.Work on the project has a comple-tion date of June 28.During discussion about theproject, city superintendent BrentWise recommended installinga tube at Garfield and Madisonstreets to divert a large volumeof water runoff in that area. Wiseexplained without the tube, runoff would likely continue to damageGarfield Street after the city hadgone to the expense of the resur-facing project. The council will acton the recommendation at the nextcouncil meeting.
Water system update
Jason Miller from MSA, the en-gineering firm in charge of the wa-ter system improvement project,informed the council his companyhad received two bids for the wa-ter system improvement project,but one of the bids was rejectedbecause the contractor said he hadnot received notification of an ad-dendum to the project specifica-tions. To guard against a potential
Pool opening delayed
Baby pool issues, chlorine levels push opening back to June 12
A unique piece has been added
to the Clearfield school district dis-solution plan that will allow accessfor students to use Diagonal schooltransportation to attend Diagonalschools after the 2013-14 schoolyear.After considerable discussionat a recent meeting of the Clear-field Dissolution Commission,a plan was approved that woulddesignate a specific route Diagonalbusses could follow to the town of Clearfield to pick up students.The route follows County RoadJ23 west of Diagonal to 130th Av-enue, south one mile on 130th Ave-nue to 170th Street and three mileswest on 170th Street to the Clear-field. Land 25 feet on either side of the center line on the roadways willbe designated as property assignedto the Diagonal school district fol-lowing the 2013-14 school year.The unique plan was devised
Unique route allowsDiagonal access to
Clearfield students
This map shows the route that has been designated part of the Diagonal Community schools if the Clearfield  Dissolution Plan is adopted by the Clearfield school board and approved by county voters. The route follows
County Road J23 west of Diagonal to 130th Avenue, south one mile on 130th Avenue to 170th Street and three
miles west on 170th Street to Clearfield. Land 25 feet on either side of the center line on the roadways will be
designated as property assigned to the Diagonal school district following the 2013-14 school year.
to satisfy a state law that prohib-its busses from one school districtfrom crossing into territory gov-erned by another district.As the commission asked forinput from landowners within thecurrent Clearfield district regardingtheir preference for which neighor-ing school district they would de-sire their land to be assigned, itbecame clear an unbroken seriesof land parcels reaching from theborders of the Diagonal district toClearfield would be impossible if the commission followed the stat-ed preferences of all landowners inthat area.“We tried very hard to keep ev-eryone happy,” said commissionchair Doug England, in referenceboth to land owners and to Clear-field students who want to attendDiagonal.Although districts may signagreements to allow neighboringbusses limited access to roadwayswithin their boundaries, thoseagreements can be temporary innature. The plan adopted by thecommission would allow studentsliving in Clearfield permanent ac-cess to transportation provided bythe Diagonal district.The dissolution plan will bepresented to the Clearfield schoolboard of directors June 18. Thedirectors will then hold a publichearing in July to answer patronquestions and to gather feedbackon the plan. Based upon informa-tion gathered at the public hear-ing, the school board may adoptor amend the dissolution proposal.If approved by the board, voters inthe Clearfield district will have thefinal word as they go to the pollsin September to approve or disap-prove the plan.
The newly completed bathhouse/FEMA safe room
at Judge Lewis Park was
 put on display last week in preparation for the begin-ning of the summer swim-ming season. Pictured area view of the pool from thesouth entrance (bottom),the lobby (center) and theshowers (right) in the wom-en’s rest room. Volunteersserved food and drinks toall who attended the grand opening.
Bath house unveiled 
bid protest, Miller recommendedthe council reject all bids and ad-vertise for the taking of new bids.He explained any time all bidson a project are rejected, the coun-cil needed to start the legal processagain with a public hearing and aseries of resolutions approving theproject specifications and seekingnew bids. To that end, the councilconducted the public hearing andpassed the resolutions at Monday’smeeting.
Superintendent’s report
Superintendent Wise reportedon a number of items under his ju-risdiction.He asked the council if theywanted to change the hours of op-eration or the phone number listedat the RV dump site. Currently thesite is open Monday through Fri-day from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. with thecity hall phone number listed at thesite. He explained those who wantto use the site on weekends haveno one to contact to open the site.The council said they wanted toleave the operation at the site as itis.The Ringgold county board of supervisors met in regular sessionon Tuesday, May 28 due to the Me-morial Day holiday on Monday.The majority of Tuesday’s ses-sion was devoted to issues con-cerning county roads.
Peru gravel
County engineer Zach Gunsol-ley reported on costs/benefits of hauling rock from Peru by contractversus hauling rock in-house fromWatterson. Hauling costs for one-inch clean rock from the Peru siteis approximately $21.28 per ton.By contrast, the same size rock atthe Watterson quarry with haulingin-house costs $20.08 per ton.However, Gunsolley explainedthe rock quality at Peru is better.The average C freeze value forPeru and Watterson is 3.5 and 8.0respectively. The average abrasionvalue for Peru and Watterson is27.5 and 31.0 respecively. In bothcases lower numbers translates tobetter quality. Gunsolley said hewould monitor how much moretime the better quality of rock willlast on the road, but he added the$1.20/ton extra is worth investigat-ing given the quality difference.Supervisor David Inloes askedwhen will it be known if the Perurock worked on the Wishard Cha-pel road. Gunsolley said a betterevaluation would be possible nextyear after the road had endured awinter.
Road striping/lighting
Gunsolley presented a recom-mendation to suspend stripingcounty highways and lighting of intersections until such time asstate and/or local funding to thesecondary roads department in-creases enough to result in signifi-cant improvements in safety to thecounty’s road users by restoringthe road surfaces to an acceptablecondition.To support his recommenda-tion, Gunsolley presented the fol-lowing rationale:• The board of supervisors hasinstructed the county engineer tomake cuts in the FY 2014 budget.• The board of supervisors hasdirected the secondary roads de-partment to make sealcoating rockpatches on sealcoat roads and morerock on rock roads department pri-orities.• The grassroots public initia-tive for bringing a second bondquestion before voters to improvecounty roads appears to havestalled.• The board of supervisors hadplanned to provide the secondaryroads department nearly $500,000of additional funding by raisingproperty taxes to be used on coun-
This little Raider/Raiderette fan is all decked out to support her favoriteteams. Darsey Dredge is the daughter of Kasey and Derrick Dredge of  Mount Ayr.
Supervisors continuecounty road discussions
ty roads. After that plan was metwith opposition by taxpayers atthe budget hearing, the supervisorsdecided to leave property taxes attheir current levels.• The secondary roads depart-ment has cataloged approximately$1 million of flood damage fromthis spring’s flooding.• The Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT) funding toRinggold county for state roads thestate transferred to county mainte-nance is ending June 30. That poolof money will now be redistributedto all counties and cities, regard-less if they took over the mainte-nance of state roads or not.• IDOT officials confirmedGunsolley’s research that Manualon Uniform Traffic Control Devic-es (MUTCD) standards from thefederal government do not requireany striping for rural highwayswith Ringgold county traffic lev-els. MUTCD does provide guid-ance that centerline striping shouldbe provided for rural collectorswith average daily traffic count of at least 3000, but most Ringgoldcounty roads have traffic countsonly 10-20 percent of that amount.• Gunsolley has used engineer-ing judgment to conclude that thecurrent condition of rock, sealcoat
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Continued on page 2
Mount Ayr Record-News Thursday, June 6, 2013
Ringgold County’s Newsand Advertising SourceSince 1864Published byParagon Publications,Inc.122 W. Madison St.P. O. Box 346Mount Ayr, IA 50854Telephone(641) 464-2440Fax (641) 464-2229e-mail:recnews@iowatelecom.
A Consolidation of The Ringgold Record(Established 1864)Twice-A-Week News(Established 1892)MEMBER
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Editor and PublisherDarrell Dodge -- News EditorSandy Main - Office Manag-er, Classifieds, CirculationLuAnn Jackson -- Ad/ PhotoDesigner, InternetLisa Wilson -- Society Editor,Reporter
Published weekly at 122 W. Madi-son St., Mount Ayr, IA 50854-0346.USPS No. 365-120. Mail subscrip-tions for one year: $30.00 forthose with addresses in Ringgoldor surrounding counties includingDecatur, Clarke, Taylor, Adamsand Union counties in Iowa andHarrison and Worth counties inMissouri. $41.00 in other partsof Iowa and Missouri. $44.00 inother areas of the United Statesexcept Alaska, Hawaii and PuertoRico, where price is $60.00. $8.00additional postage and forward-ing charge from Ringgold andsurrounding counties when go-ing south for the winter. $6.00additional postage and handlingcharge for sending papers fromRinggold and surrounding coun-ties to other areas in the rest of Iowa and Missouri for summer orwinter. $4.00 additional postagefor forwarding paper from restof Iowa or Missouri to south forwinter. Six month subscriptionsavailable at half yearly rate. Pe-riodicals postage paid at MountAyr, Iowa 50854.Postmaster: Send address changesto Mount Ayr Record-News, P. O.Box 346, Mount Ayr, IA 50854-0346.
Record News
Mount Ayr
in the Early Files
A night of bingedrinking can staywith you longer thanthe morning after.Make sure we don'tsee your Video. Stayclassy, especiallywhen you drink.
1610 Townline Street • Suite 115 • Creston, Iowa 50801Ph. 641-782-7619 • 1-800-525-1665 • www.crestonvision.com
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On-Site Surgical Consultation With: Bradley D. Hammer, M.D.
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Donald E. McKim, O.D.Kenneth D. Stults, O.D.
Bill Sorden, ABOM
Shafer Insurance Agency 
100 E. Madison e-mail: rshafer@iowatelecom.netMount Ayr, Iowa 50854www.shaferinsuranceagency.comPhone: 641-464-2756 Fax: 641-464-2756
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Mount Ayr
DiagonalPh. 641-464-3413
Phone Day or Night Licensed in Iowa and Missouri
119 South Fillmore Street, Mount Ayr • Ph.
Please visit our website at: www.rcph.net
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Mount Ayr
 June 5
19 and 26 June 5
19 and 26
801 E. Van Buren Street801 E. Van Buren Street803 E. Van Buren Street803 E. Van Buren Street
All above dates open for viewing. All above dates open for viewing. 2:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. 2:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. 
Ph. 641-234-0077
& other things
Forty years of marriage celebrated
June 2 is a big day of celebration in our families.Two years ago our granddaughter Esther was born.Eighty-nine years ago Valle’s mother Betty was born.Twelve years ago Peter and Erin were married. And 40years ago Valle and I were married.Since it was one of those “end in zero” anniversa-ries for us, our children put together a weekend trip toNauvoo, IL, for family members and friends from bothsides of the family who could go along.I think I counted 28 in the whole group who spentthe weekend together in celebration.We gathered at a church camp grounds Friday nightfor supper, a campfire and games. I shared the nowfamiliar story about how we met and how we felt soblessed in the 40 years we have had together -- withfamily being one of the major blessings.Saturday morning after breakfast of oatmeal andwhole wheat cinnamon rolls, we spent the morningtouring Nauvoo. The city on the Mississippi Riverholds a lot of interesting history with our church back-ground, but some family history too. My mom and dadspent their honeymoon in Nauvoo, and we toured theroom in the Mansion House where they spent theirhoneymoon.We had a special tour of the Joseph Smith HistoricProperties led by a great-great-grandson of JosephSmith, who is also a shirt-tale relative on the Lovingside. We had our own special concert from the Nau-voo Brass Band which tours the historic sites area in awagon.After finding lunch on our own in town, we didmore sightseeing in the afternoon, then we did somemore touring before heading back to camp.There my brother Steve cracked a bucket of geodeshe had collected as the youngsters watched in amaze-ment.Then it was time for the actual anniversary celebra-tion. The kids had put together a meal of grilled salm-on, spinach salad, broccoli, homemade whole wheatbread and apple pie and ice cream. What a feast.After the meal, we watched the video they madefor our 30th anniversary, with an extension of 10 yearsadded on for our 40th. It was fun reliving many oldmemories. We shared some more memories, thenplayed a panel game of guess that year. Nathan hadput together a presentation of many interesting thingsthat had happened on June 2 from family events tothe coronation of Queen Elizabeth and the weddingof President Grover Cleaveland in the White Houseand we had to guess the year of the event.The celebration was highlighted when Nathan,Erin and Cara sang an anniversary song that Nathancomposed for the occasion. It was beautiful and ic-ing on an already wonderful celebration of spendingtime together. “I’ll Walk This Path With You” willbe another classic family treasure. We even tooktime to share a video of the song with Facebookfriends once we got home.When the kids went to bed, the rest of us playedboard games and visited away the rest of the eve-ning.We had to be up and out of the lodge in which westayed by 8 a.m., so we got everything cleaned upand went to David’s Chamber park for breakfast andexploring of the creek and water fall over limestonethat is very picturesque.The whole group gathered there for a church ser-vice, led by son-in-law Peter, where more stories of God’s many blessings to the family were shared.Then we found a shelter in the state park forlunch, where we celebrated the birthdays of Estherand Nana and sang for Peter and Erin. After anotherbig meal, we loaded up for the long trip back to ourhomes. Many of the groups had to change driversa few times to find someone who could stay awakeafter the big weekend, but we all arrived home safe-ly.I don’t know of any greater gift than to be ableto spend a weekend together to celebrate 40 years of marriage. It was truly another of the many blessingswe have been privileged to share over the 44 yearsValle and I have been friends and much more.
Fifty Years Ago
(From the Mount Ayr Record-News, Thursday, May 30, 1963.)The board of directors of theIowa Southern Utilities companytoday authorized a two-for-one splitof the company’s common stock,subject to approval by its stock-holders and by the Federal PowerCommission. Pursuant to the plan,stockholders would receive twoshares of common stock of $10 parvalue, or a total of $20 of par value,for each share of $15 par valuecommon stock held. The authorizednumber of shares of common stockwould be increased from 1,100,000to 2,500,000.The Mount Ayr residence prop-erty of the late Lulu Jean Whitmore,located at 502 S. Taylor Street, wassold Saturday afternoon at publicauction to C. Arthur Hansen for$7,100. The sale was conductedby Lois Jean Walters, administra-trix; Dennis Owens and RaymondHutchinson, auctioneers, and GrantL. Hayes, attorney.James Markley, who submittedthe highest bid of $2,900, purchasedthe residence at 605 West Madison,which was offered for sale Fridayafternoon to settle the estate of AltaShepherd. The sale was conductedby Ora Payne, administrator; Jackand Raymond Hutchinson, auc-tioneers, and Frank F. Wilson, at-torney.Many outstanding varsity pros-pects are among the members of thefreshman track squad of the MountAyr Community high school. Theseyoung athletes finished first in thefreshman division of the Raiderrelays. Members included JohnMcFarland, Billie Thompson, BruceHenderson, Jerry Monday, IvanGerard, Mike Combs, Duane Miller,manager Bob Clark, Monte Dailey,Gary Sefrit, Gary Son, Dick Rothert,Steve Johnston, Mike Duckworth,Craig Elliott, Jim Brand and coachChet Roed.With a better than an A minusaverage for his four years’ scholasticrecord, Paul Lay is valedictorianof the 1963 graduating class of theMount Ayr Community high school.Donna Walters and Jerry Waugh rep-resent the class as salutatorians, bothhaving maintained approximately Aminus averages.Rick Defenbaugh placed thirdin the high and low hurdles in theClass A division of the state trackmeet held Saturday in Iowa City. Heset new Mount Ayr school records inboth as he ran 15.2 in the highs and20.5 seconds in the lows. Adams,of Missouri Valley, placed first andAshland of Clear Lake was secondin the two events. Both are seniors,while Defenbaugh has another yearof competition. Eugene Ricker ran10.3 to qualify for the finals in the100-yard dash, but failed to placein the finals. The drawing for pre-liminary heats hurt Ricker in the220. He placed third in his heat in23.3, the third fastest time run in the200 preliminaries. Since only thefirst two qualified in each heat, helost his chance to participate in thefinals, in which he probably wouldhave placed.James M. Richards, assistantassociate warden at the Iowa StatePenitentiary in Fort Madison since1958, will retire June 30, after morethan 17 years of service. Mr. Rich-ards, son of the late Mr. and Mrs.Samuel Richards of Tingley, beganhis employment at the state penalinstitution on February 1, 1946.Births reported at RinggoldCounty Hospital this week were adaughter, born May 23, to Mr. andMrs. Ted McWilliams of Kellertonand twin daughters, born May 27,to Mr. and Mrs. Terry Constant of Saint Joseph, MO.The obituary this week was LenaMaxine Gebhardt Rychnovsky.
Twenty-five Years Ago
(From the Mount Ayr Record-News, Thursday, June 9, 1988.)A Madison county girl wascrowned queen and a Ringgoldcounty girl was named princess inthe District 10 Pork Queen contestheld in Mount Ayr Saturday as partof the District 10 meeting held atthe American Legion building.Janis Brownlee of Saint Charleswas crowned as the District 10 PorkQueen and Tracy Ford of Ellstonwas crowned as the district 10 PorkPrincess as part of the meeting. Fordis the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Ford of Ellston.Eight Mount Ayr Community
high school band students have been
chosen to participate in the South-west Iowa Honor Marching Bandwhich will march in the Cotton Bowlparade in Dallas January 1. The eightwill be part of a 220-member bandmade up of students from acrosssouthwest Iowa chosen by auditionrecently. Members of the band willinclude Andrea Mekus, drum major;Nichole Landphair, flag corps; KellyMason, tenor saxophone; JeremyCulbertson, tenor saxophone; RonSchafer, trombone; Shonn Mapes,tuba; Brian Schafer, tuba, and RyanSmith, snare drum.
It took almost a month but the firstbaby born at Ringgold County Hos-pital since Mother’s Day made hisdebut here June 3 and the RinggoldCounty Cattle Women presented theparents a beef certificate to celebratethe event. Ringgold County Beef Queen Racinda Jackson presentedthe certificate to Brenda Hoffman of Shannon City, who with her husband,Scott Hoffman, are parents of newson, Caleb. Caleb was born June 3 at12:35 p.m., weighing in at 10 pounds,3 3/4 ounces and 22 1/2 inches long.He is welcomed at home by a sister,Naomi, eight, and brother, Eli, five.
A Mount Ayr Community highschool senior will be featured ona public service announcement onWHO-TV in Des Moines on Thurs-day, June 16. Brenda Bickel willrepresent MACHS in a five-secondspot saying “Make 1988 a class act- Please don’t drink and drive.”A tie meant that there were 11top students given special recogni-tion from the Mount Ayr Com-munity junior high school wheneighth graders were promoted at anawards ceremony where junior highstudents were honored for activitiesduring the year. Students receivingthe academic recognition includedErin Barker, Bryan Campbell,Dan Cormeny, Russell Hensley,Andrea Jackson, Craig McClure,Marty Moe, Russell Shields, AndreaStill, Janelle Walters and AngelaWimer.Two Mount Ayr Tae Kwon Do
students have been selected to attend
the national Junior Olympic TaeKwon Do tournament in Naples,FL later this summer. They are BillyHightshoe and Dustin Wiley.Three Mount Ayr residentspicked up medals or ribbons incompetition at the state SpecialOlympic meet in Ames recently.Steve Gilbert received a medal forplacing second in the 800 meterrace walk and received a sixthplace ribbon in the softball throw;Sharon Lesan received a medal forsecond place in the 800 meter racewalk and Ralph Hampton receiveda sixth place ribbon in the softballthrow. The three qualified for thestate track meet with their placings inthe district meet held in Creston.The birth reported this weekwas a son, born June 3, to Scott andBrenda Hoffman of Shannon City.Obituaries this week wereWilbur Everett Faris, Jessie VioletDoty Fouser, Mildred Pauline Vos-ler, Mary Catherine Stuck Baird,Clifford Lyle Webster, Helen MarieSmyth and Carolyn U. Brandon.
Ten Years
(From the Mount Ayr Record-News, Thursday, May 29, 2003.)Mount Ayr Community schoolsuperintendent Tyler Williamshas accepted a position as super-intendent of the Garner-HayfieldCommunity school district in northcentral Iowa with June 30 being hislast day in the district. Also resign-ing just before the June 1 deadlinewhen penalties kick in for certifiedstaff in terms of helping pay for areplacement search is Jan Williams,who has taught in the elementaryschool for two years.A Ringgold county resident diedas the result of an apparent suicideWednesday, May 21, accordingto the Ringgold county Sheriff’sDepartment. Roxie Ann Deutsch,53, of Mount Ayr was found at herhome at 2172 250th Avenue byher husband, Jim Deutsch, at ap-proximately 6 p.m. Wednesday. JimDeutsch is manager of the Hy-Veestore in Mount Ayr.Academic top 10 were namedwhen the Mount Ayr Communityeighth grade promotion ceremonyand junior high awards day was heldFriday. Top 10 included StephanieMcDonnell, Wendy Doolittle, KatiKemery, Joe Catanzareti, ZachLynch, Brian Inloes, Ben Graham,Chad Bailey, Lucas Smith andDanielle Chapman.Among the Raiders who will begoing to the state boys track meetin Des Moines Friday and Saturdayare Luke Larsen, Jesse Mason, LukeStill, Lyndon Hawkins, NathanWeeda and Brad Wilson.Senior members of the MountAyr Community Raiderette girlssoftball team this summer includeAmber Schuster, Jacque Baker, JanaJohnson and Nicole Hogue.Obituaries this week wereTheola Aretta Moon Akers, VenaJuanita Padgitt Bonebrake, RoxieAnn Creek Deutsch, Lloyd H.Hudson, Florence W. Jessup, GeraldWilliam Keller and Mildred ClaytonReynolds.city what she must do in order tosell a lot on property she owns onthe north edge of Mount Ayr thatis not platted in her original sub-division plan. Based on the recom-mendation of city attorney RichardWilson, Kinney will be told sheneeds to comply to all facets of the
subdivision plan including place-
ment of utilities and the laying outof streets before lots in that part of the subdivision may be sold.A member of the city crew hasasked if he may wear shorts onthe job. Wise said he had checkedOSHA regulations that simplystated employees must wear suffi-cient clothing to protect them fromhazards on a jobsite. Wise said hewould have no problem with shortsbeing worn on days when metersare being read if employees have
long pants available in case of an
emergency. On all other days hesaid he would prefer all membersof the city crew to wear clothingpurchased through the city’s cloth-ing allowance.
Other business
In other business the council:• approved three appointmentsto the library board: RosemaryHullinger, Cheryl Taylor and Dar-rell Dodge.• set June 17 as the publichearing date for a proposal to en-ter into a general obligation solidwaste disposal and refunding loanagreement and borrow money ina principal amount not to exceed$850,000. The funds not only willrefinance the current bonds for thewater system improvement projectat a lower interest rate but also willbe used as start-up money for thecity’s residential garbage service.• passed a resolution adopt-ing and approving tax complianceprocedures relating to tax exemptbonds.• approved the final drawdownon the bathhouse/FEMA safe roomproject from Oakview Construc-tion for $91,047.86. An earlier finaldrawdown request for $119,202.60had already been approved by thecouncil, but it had been amendedto the lower amount after final ex-penses had been reconciled.• established a committee of two council members and twomembers of the Sportsmen’s Clubto review issues brought up at thelast council meeting about LochAyr, including the waiting lists,liability insurance and electricalhookups. The committee will bringrecommendations for any changesto the existing regulations pertain-ing to the lake at the next councilmeeting.
More on city council meeting
Continued from front page
and paved road surfaces in thecounty have immediate safety haz-ards on the road such as ruts andlack of rock on rock roads, pot-holes and rutting and rock patcheson sealcoat roads and road bucklesand potholes on paved roads thatpose greater and more immediatesafety hazards to the traveling pub-lic than lack of striping on pavedroads.• Gunsolley has stated that somesealcoat roads have higher trafficcounts than some paved roads. Thesealcoat roads have never beenstriped, even though sealcoat roadsare generally more dangerous thanpaved roads because of charac-teristics such as their narrow roadtops and generally less passingsight distance.• Gunsolley has stated concernsof possible liability exposure forthe county taxpayer since only twointersections in the entire countyhave lighting, even though someother intersections throughout thecounty have higher traffic counts,higher density of poorly visiblehorse drawn carriages, poor stop-ping sight distance or location oncurves.
Other road discussion
Gunsolley reported the Denkocrack filling project is complete,and the supervisors were pleasedthe project came in under budget.The original quote for the proj-ect was $205,254.54 with trafficcontrol provided. With negotiatedtraffic control by the county crew,the cost came to $189,720.77. Thefinal invoice paid this week was$173,863.14. Gunsolley noted heand Steve Trullinger will look atroads prior to contractors comingin June.The supervisors discussed safe-ty concerns with 310th Street. Theboard agreed to turn the east mile of seal coat back to gravel and askedGunsolley to notify the two hom-eowners within this mile. Inloesasked if the remaining mile of sealcoat near Redding on 310th Streetalso needs to be turned to gravel.Gunsolley said he felt that portionof the road is in better shape andmay last through winter.Gunsolley reported he hadhired three seasonal employees toassist the road crew: John Parrott,Tracy Freihage and Curt Jackson.Parrott and Freihage started May28 and Jackson started June 3.Jackson will obtain a license tospray weeds throughout the sum-mer.Josh Rusk from the Iowa De-partment of Natural Resourcesmet with the board to discuss thecounty’s plans to repair the bridgenear the prairie chicken viewingsite west of Kellerton. The super-visors said a culvert will replacethe bridge after work is completedon the Lil Rinehart bridge. Gunsol-ley estimated the crew will beginwork on the prairie chicken bridgein July or August.The board also discussed a pos-sible amount for a FY14 budgetamendment for chips and oil topatch sealcoat roads. They sug-gested $150,000 be taken fromreserves to pay for sealcoat patch-work.
Other business
In other business the supervi-sors:• discussed and approved re-visions to the county employeehandbook. County auditor AmandaWaske will distribute a copy of thehandbook to each employee.• reviewed applications for theVeterans Affairs Director positionand forwarded them to the Veter-ans Affairs Commission for theirrecommendation.• approved a Memorandum of Understanding with the RinggoldCounty Fair Board and a liquor li-cense permit for the Eagles Nest.
June 3 meeting
In their regular meeting Mon-day, June 3, the supervisors passeda resolution to suspend stripingof county highways and the light-ing of intersections in response toGunsolley’s recommendation atthe May28 meeting.Gunsolley also told the boardhe had been notified that Ringgoldcounty had been proclaimed a di-aster relief area. The declarationwill provide funds for repairs tocounty infrastructure.Gunsolley and the supervisors
also discussed the possibility of 
hiring a roads superintendent. Theconsensus was by creating this po-sition, assistance will be providedfor Gunsolley and allow for moreefficiency in the field. Further dis-cussion will take place at a latermeeting.Vicki Hodge with the RuralIowa Crisis Center (RICC) metwith the board to discuss fundingfor fiscal year 2014. Hodge report-ed the Rural Iowa Crisis Centerwill close sometime late this sum-mer. She thought Ringgold countywould be served by the Adel Pro-gram. The Council Bluffs Pro-gram will provide shelter services,Hodge added.The county allocated $2,000 forthis program for fiscal year 2014.Hodge is requesting the amount beprovided even though the programwill be dissolved. She said thesefunds are necessary for staff wagesas services still have to be pro-vided through the end of June. Thesupervisors approved a resolutionallocating the funds with the intentthose funds will be repaid througha transition grant.
More on county supervisors
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Thursday, June 6, 2013
Mount Ayr Record-News
Courthouse News
Ringgold CountyCourthouse
News &
306 S. Garfield, Mount Ayr • Ph. 641-464-3703306 S. Garfield, Mount Ayr • Ph. 641-464-3703
Relaxation for Dad is just a recliner away…
off in-stock 
now through 
Father’s Day 
3076 130th Street, Ellston, Iowa
Garage Bar 
in TheEagle’s Nest
*Bands subject to change
11 a.m.
2 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.Cover Charge $7
Jim George and the Country Swingers with specialguest Roxanne Gregg
Wayne Hoover and the Countrysiderswith special guest Cindy Roberts
Fair Queen Candidates
Young Ladies Age 16 - 21 Years Old
Fair Princess Candidates
Girls Age 6 - 7 Years Old(Limit 15 candidates)
If you are interested, please contactIf you are interested, please contact
Sarah McAlexander • 641-782-0734Sarah McAlexander • 641-782-0734
by the deadline – Saturday, June 8, 2013by the deadline – Saturday, June 8, 2013
Ringgold County Fair Ringgold County Fair 
Queen and Princess ContestQueen and Princess Contest
Judging Sunday, June 23, 2013Judging Sunday, June 23, 2013
2 p.m. at the Ringgold County Courthouse with the crowning2 p.m. at the Ringgold County Courthouse with the crowningduring fair week on Wednesday, July 10, 2013, 7:30 p.m.during fair week on Wednesday, July 10, 2013, 7:30 p.m.
May 16 - 22, 2013
William Jared Munyon, Keller-ton, $566.25, violation of financialliability coverage.Larry Charles Clark, Pleas-antville, $114.00, speeding 6-10m.p.h. over the speed limit.Justin Michael Liesener, Diago-nal, $168.00, speeding 6-10 m.p.h.over the speed limit.Taylor Sue Schaffer, Kent,$335.00, open container driverover 21.Curtis Ray Brooks, PleasantHill, $114.00, speeding 6-10 m.p.h.over the speed limit.Howard Harrison, Pine Bluff,AR, $114.00, speeding 6-10 m.p.h.over the speed limit.Adrian Dornall Richardson,Mount Ayr, $465.00, no valid driv-er’s license.Nathan Wade Nickle, Clear-field, $127.50, seat belt violation.Neil Richard Weehler, Maloy,$127.50, seat belt violation.Darrell W. Adams, Kellerton,$114.00, speeding 6-10 m.p.h.over the speed limit.Benjamin Holt Saville, Del-phos, $127.50, seat belt violation.
• May 29 - A judgment was filedin magistrate’s court finding NicoleDawn Supinger of Mount Ayr guiltyof simple assault.Supinger was ordered to be con-fined in the Ringgold County Jail fortwo days and was given credit fortwo days served. Defendant shallpay restitution. A no contact orderwas cancelled. Court-appointed at-torney fees are to be determined.Supinger was ordered to paycourt costs of $60 and jail fees fortwo days at $40 per day for $80for a total of $140. Cash bond wasforfeited with balance to poster. Allfines, surcharges, cots and restitu-tion are payable to the clerk of courtand must be paid by May 29, 2013.
• May 29 - Trial informationwas filed in district court chargingThomas Pierce Holland of Clarindawith count 1 illegal carrying of aweapon and count 2 possession of acontrolled substance/marijuana.Bond set previously continuesand a preliminary hearing was can-celled. Holland was ordered to ap-pear for arraignment on Monday,June 17, 2013, at the Ringgoldcounty courthouse.
(Call Origination Code: MA= Mount Ayr; KE = Keller-ton; EL = Ellston; TI = Tingley; DI = Diagonal; DE =Delphos; MO = Maloy; BE = Beaconsfield; BO = Benton;SC = Shannon City; BL = Blockton; RE = Redding; SV= Sun Valley; CO = In County; OC = Out of County; OS= Out of State)
May 23-29, 2013Thursday, May 23
14:13 p.m., call for jail. (OC)3:45 p.m., call for jail. (OC)3:50 p.m., report of kid in themail box. (MA)4:31 p.m., call for jail. (OC)6:59 p.m., call for jail. (OC)7:20 p.m., caller looking for in-formation. (OC)7:56 p.m., call for jail. (MA)
Friday, May 24
9:41 a.m., call for jail. (OC)10:54 a.m., report of suspiciousvehicle. (MA)11:19 a.m., call for sheriff.(OC)12:03 p.m., 911 call, no onethere.12:12 p.m., call for clerk.(MA)12:32 p.m., call for clerk of court. (MA)12:34 p.m., officer checking in.(MA)1:12 p.m., call for officer. (OC)1:52 p.m., call about sheriff’ssale. (OC)2:01 p.m., call for sheriff.(MA)2:38 p.m., call for officer.(MA)3:10 p.m., report of cows out.(CO)4:05 p.m., call for jail. (OC)4:58 p.m., call for officer. (CO)5:46 p.m., report of power out-ages. (CO)5:56 p.m., caller reporting ascam. (MA)6:34 p.m., call for officer. (OC)6:57 p.m., call for jail. (OC)7 p.m., call for jail. (OC)7:33 p.m., report of a suspiciousvehicle. (MA)8:16 p.m., caller with messagefor dispatch. (MA)8:20 p.m., caller reported hit-ting a deer. (CO)8:23 p.m., passerby concernedregarding the deer accident. (CO)8:50 p.m., REC call.9:07 p.m., caller with inmateinformation. (OC)9:22 p.m., caller reporting theyhad hit a deer. (CO)9:31 p.m., caller with informa-tion regarding a stolen tailer. (OC)11:06 p.m., officer reportingthey had a flat tire. (CO)
Saturday, May 25
12:39 a.m., caller advising theywere coming to the jail to bond outan inmate. (OC)4:19 a.m., 911 call, caller re-ported their car quit working.(CO)9:56 a.m., vehicle lockout.(CO)10:14 a.m., call for sheriff.(MA)6:11 p.m., caller reporting asuspicious driver. (TI)8:18 p.m., Worth county MOadvising they were bringing in afemale prisoner. (OC)9:13 p.m., sheriff checking in.(CO)9:20 p.m., 911 call, caller re-porting a car/deer accident. (OC)9:26 p.m., call for officer. (CO)
Sunday, May 26
12:17 a.m., Decatur county ad-vising they were bringing in a maleprisoner. (OC)1:47 a.m., caller reporting aherd of horses hightailing it out of Kellerton. (KE)2:01 a.m., caller with informa-tion on horse herd hideout. (KE)6:45 a.m., 911 calls, severalfrom Missouri. (OC)8:05 a.m., 911 call, request foran ambulance. (MA)11:01 a.m., REC call, report of power line down. (CO)12 p.m., caller with informationon inmate. (OC)2;13 p.m., caller with informa-tion on inmate. (OC)2:58 p.m., caller with a roadcomplaint --- really big hole. (TI)3:32 p.m., caller with informa-tion regarding an inmate. (MA)4:38 p.m., caller with informa-tion regarding an inmate. (MA)4:44 p.m., bondman callingabout an inmate. (OC)6:05 p.m., caller reporting acontrolled burn. (RE)7:29 p.m., REC calls, severalcalls reporting storm related out-ages. (CO)8:17 p.m., 911 call, hang up -phantom dial due to weather. (DI)8:55 p.m., 911 call, request foran ambulance. (MA)9:27 p.m., report of a car in theditch. (KE)7:06 p.m., National WeatherService calling with storm infor-mation. (OC)7:20 p.m., caller inquiring aboutmessages for inmates. (OC)7:30 p.m., National WeatherService requesting an update.(OC)7:32 p.m., state radio with ques-tions regarding the weather. (OC)7:35 p.m., caller with questionsabout the sirens. (MA)7:41 p.m., caller with questionsabout the storm. (MA)8:02 p.m., caller with questionsabout the sirens. (MA)8:03 p.m., Des Moines Registerinquiring about the storm. (OC)8:06 p.m., caller with questionsabout bonding a prisoner out dur-ing the storm. (OC)8:08 p.m., caller with questionsabout the weather. (KE)8:13 p.m., Emergency Manage-ment with questions regarding theweather. (OC)8:18 p.m., caller with questionsabout the sirens. (MA)8:27 p.m., Worth county MOwith questions about the weather.(OC)8:46 p.m., Southern Iowa Trol-ley offering to help. (OC)8:50 p.m., sheriff checking in.(CO)8:58 p.m., Channel 5 requestinginformation regarding the weather.(OC)9:17 p.m., National WeatherService requesting an update.(OC)11:30 p.m., caller complainingabout fireworks. (EL)
Monday, May 27
3:40 a.m., Emergency Man-agement checking on the weather.(MA)4:15 a.m., Emergency Manage-ment checking in. (MA)8:15 a.m., caller setting up visi-tation with inmate. (OC)9:04 a.m., call for jail. (MA)9:32 a.m., caller setting up visi-tation with inmate. (OC)10:40 a.m., caller asking aboutstorm damage. (OC)11:58 a.m., call for dispatch.(MA)12:14 p.m., REC call, report of power outage. (KE)12:39 p.m., caller reporting avehicle in the road. (DI)12:50 p.m., officer checkingin - transporting a prisoner to jailfrom another county. (OC)1:20 p.m., caller reporting adisabled vehicle along the road.(MA)2:13 p.m., attorney calling tospeak to inmate. (OC)4:45 p.m., caller reporting astolen grave marker/stone. (DI)5:16 p.m., caller with questionsabout how to get information to in-mate. (OC)6:27 p.m., 911 call, hang up.7 p.m., cattle complaint. (OC)11:44 p.m., courthouse open forshelter. (MA)10:58 p.m., caller wanting tospeak with inmate. (OC)11:14 p.m., caller needing in-formation. (MA)
Tuesday, May 28
1:01 a.m., REC call, report of power outage. (KE)4:49 a.m., 911 call - out of county. (OC)8:44 a.m., call for sheriff. (OC)8:57 a.m., call for jail. (OC)9:44 a.m., call for siren test.(SV)10:26 a.m., report of a break-in.(CO)10:36 a.m., caller wanting aroad report. Dispatch suggests theycall 511. (OC)10:47 a.m., call for jail. (OC)10:50 a.m., call for dispatch.(MA)11:29 a.m., call for clerk. (OC)11:50 a.m., call for chief depu-ty. (OC)12:42 p.m., caller needing jailinformation. (OC)1 p.m., caller returning sheriff’scall. (MA)1:25 p.m., caller wanting tospeak to officer. (MA)2:25 p.m., 911 call, dive teamneeded. (OC)2:49 p.m., call for chief deputy.(KE)3:29 p.m., call back requestedfrom chief deputy. (MA)3:44 p.m., 911 call, request foran ambulance. (RE)3:51 p.m. 911 call.3:53 p.m., call for officer.(MA)4 p.m., call back requested foradvice. (MA)4:11 p.m., report of a recklessdriver. (KE)4:14 p.m., caller reporting ascam. (MA)4:28 p.m., 911 call, request foran ambulance. (MA)4:40 p.m., call for officer.(MA)4:53 p.m., call for sheriff.(MA)5:11 p.m., caller with jail/in-mate information. (OC)5:23 p.m., caller with jail/in-mate information. (OC)5:51 p.m., REC call, (OC)6:20 p.m., caller with jail infor-mation. (OC)6:41 p.m., call back from offi-cer requested. (MA)6:44 p.m., weather service call-ing. (OC)6:49 p.m., 911 call. (MA)8:27 p.m., vehicle lockout.(MA08:38 p.m., weather update.(OC)9:19 p.m., caller wanting tospeak to an officer. (CO)9:43 p.m., weather update.(CO)
Wednesday, May 29
6:36 a.m., caller checking aboutstorm damage. (OC)7:55 a.m., caller with civil is-sue. (CO)8:03 a.m., call for jailer. (MA)8:12 a.m., call for sheriff.(MA08:17 a.m., call for jail. (OC)8:34 a.m., call for dispatch and jail. (MA)8:59 a.m., call for sheriff orchief deputy. (MA)9:22 a.m., call for dispatch.(MA09:42 a.m., call about jail fees.(OC)9:43 a.m., call for chief deputy.(MA010:11 a.m., caller needing assis-tance. (OC)10:18 a.m., call for dispatch.(OC)10:27 a.m., call for jail. (OC)10:48 a.m., caller with civil is-sue. (OC)1:22 p.m., caller reporting cowsout. (OC)1:36 p.m., call for chief deputy.(KE)
Ringgold County Courthousehours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.to 4 p.m. unless noted otherwise.Ringgold county now has awebsite at www.ringgoldcounty.us.
• Assessor:
Neil Morgan, 464-3233.
Amanda Waske,464-3239.
Board of Supervisors:
DavidInloes, chairman, Royce Dredgeand Kraig Pennington, members,464-3244.Supervisors meetings are opento the public and are held in the su-pervisors conference room locatedon the second floor between theclerk of court and auditor’s office.On days the board is not sched-uled to be in office, please directall inquiries to the auditor’s office.To schedule a meeting time withthe supervisors, contact the audi-tor’s office.Regular board meetings areheld on Mondays with officialpublic notice of the meeting agen-
das posted at the Ringgold county
courthouse, Mount Ayr RecordNews, Sun Valley Lake and Diago-nal city hall the day before.
Clerk of Court (a state of-
Jackie Saville,
464-3234; fax:464-2478. Office hours: Mondays,Wednesdays and Fridays, 8 a.m. tonoon and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. andTuesdays and Thursdays, 8 a.m. -noon and 1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.The clerk’s office handles ali-mony and child support payments,probates, civil and criminal filings,magistrate’s court and records andservices of adoptions, conservator-ships, court proceedings, divorces,estates, grand jury, guardianships, judgments, juvenile proceedings,mechanic’s liens, mental healthadmissions, petit jury, suretycompany certificates, state hospi-tal, traffic violations, trust funds,trusteeships. Certified copies canbe made of above listed records.Court records are also available atwww.iowacourts.gov.
• County ConservationBoard:
Kate Zimmerman, phone:464-2787, email: rangerkate@io-watelecom.net.Please contact for informationon rules and regulations, parks,trail ways, camping, shelter reser-vations, environmental educationand more. Parks are open March15 - November 15. Walk-in trafficis allowed year round.
• County Weed Commission-er:
Brenda Adams, 641-783-2348.
Development and Tourism:
Karen Bender, Coordinator, 464-3704. If anyone has any calendarevents, please contact the develop-ment office at 641-464-3704.
• E-911 Service Board:
MerleWalter, 307 N. Webster St., MountAyr, 464-3311.
Emergency Management
Teresa Jackson, Coordi-nator, 109 W. Madison St., Suite105, cell: 641-202-9671; phone:464-3344; fax: 464-0663, email:tjackson@iowatelecom.net. Hours:Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30p.m.The tornado sirens in MountAyr will be tested the first Tuesdayof each month unless there is se-vere weather.
Zach Gunsolley,P.E., 464-3232. 707 South Hender-son Drive. Office hours: Monday -Friday, 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
General Relief:
Gary Smith,109 W. Madison St., 464-2397.Mondays and Thursdays, 7:30a.m. - 4 p.m.; Tuesdays, 7:30 a.m.- 10:30 a.m.; Closed Wednesdaysand Fridays. In case of emergency641-464-2397 or 641-202-1199.
Karen Schaefer,464-3231. Passport applicationsare taken daily from 8 a.m. - 11a.m. and noon - 4 p.m. Certifiedvital records can be obtained from8 a.m. - noon and 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.The recorder’s office serves asa passport agent. Items needed toapply are: certified copy of birthcertificate, driver’s license or stateissued ID, two-inch square pass-port photos and passport applica-tion (both available at recorder’soffice) and fees. Allow four to sixweeks from date of application toreceive passport book or card fromthe passport agency. Expeditedservice is available for an addi-tional fee.Individuals with recent namechanges can get their passportbook/card updated without a feewithin one year of issue. Formsmay be obtained at the recorder’soffice. For additional informationcall the recorder’s office or go towww.travel.state.gov/passport.
Ringgold CountyPublic Health Agency, 464-0691.Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to4:30 p.m.
• Public Health Agency:
119 S.Fillmore, 464-0691. Hours: Mon-day - Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Mike Sobotka,
 Emer-gency Only 911,
Non-Emergency(Available 24/7) 464-3921 or 464-2911.
 New location at the Ringgold 
County Law Enforcement Center,
801 West South Street.
Hours are8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Road Conditions- dial 511 or online at www.Io-waRoadConditions. org.
Debbie Cannon,464-3230.Property taxes can be paid on-line at www.iowatreasurers.orgwith Visa, Master Card and Dis-cover credit cards or e-checks.Payments made in the office maybe with cash, checks or with a Mas-ter Card, Visa or Discover credit ordebit card.All documents conveying realestate need to have the name andaddress of the person to whomthe property tax statement is tobe mailed. Please check renewalnotices and tax statements for thecorrect information. If the infor-mation is wrong, contact the trea-surer’s office.Motorists can now renew mo-tor vehicle registrations online atwww.iowatreasurers.org if a re-newal notice is received throughthe United States Postal Servicethat contains a personal identifica-tion number (PIN). Please be awarethat the PIN can only be used onetime. Contact the treasurer’s officefor more information.Those with June birth dates arereminded to register their motorvehicles by July 31, 2013. Bring inthe renewal statement received inthe mail so renewals can be quick-ly processed.
• Driver’s License Office:
Lo-cated in the Treasurer’s Office.
Driver’s licenses may be re-newed any time during the period of 30 calendar days before and up to 60 calendar days after thedriver’s birth date.
The driver’s license stationhours are Monday - Friday, 8:30a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 3:30p.m. Phone 464-3230 with ques-tions.
Veterans Affairs:
Gary Smith,109 W. Madison St., 464-2397.Mondays and Thursdays, 7:30a.m. - 4 p.m.; Tuesdays, 7:30 a.m.- 10:30 a.m.; Closed Wednesdaysand Fridays. In case of emergency641-464-2397 or 641-202-1199.
 Anna Shervheim of Redding (above) and her brother Nathan Shervheim
(below) are shown receiving their awards for first place in the Christo-
 pher Columbus High School Essay Contest and American History SixthGrade Essay Contest, respectively. The contests are sponsored annuallyby the Daughters of the American Revolution. The awards were presented at the DAR state convention by JoAnn Peterson, state DAR chairman(left) and DAR state regent Barbara Halpin. In addition, James Hardy,history teacher at East Union, was named state Amercian history teacherof the year at the convention.
Your local residential and commercial waste services provider.
Ph. 641-464-2143
The City Council of the City of Mount Ayr, Iowa will meeton the 17th day of June, 2013, at the City Hall, Mount Ayr,Iowa at 6 o’clock p.m., for the purpose of institutingproceedings and taking action to enter into a loan agreement(the “loan Agreement”) and borrow money in a principalamount not to exceed $850,000 for the purpose of paying thecost, to that extent of (1) acquiring a vehicle and bins for theCity’s solid waste disposal program and (2) current refundingthe G.O. Sewer Improvement Bonds, Series 2006.The Loan Agreement is proposed to be entered intopursuant to authority contained in Section 384.24A of theCode of Iowa and will constitute a general obligation of theCity.At that time and place, oral or written objections may befiled or made to the proposal to enter into the Loan Agreement.After receiving objections, the City may determine to enterinto the Loan Agreement, in which case, the decision will befinal unless appealed to the District Court within fifteen (15)days thereafter.By order of the City Council of the city of Mount Ayr, Iowa.PAMELA POORECity Clerk
Ad paid for by Divine Waste, Inc.

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