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Bi-National Love + Baby = Family

Bi-National Love + Baby = Family

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Published by Amos Lim
Our story as featured on Our Family Coalition's Spring 2013 Newsletter
Our story as featured on Our Family Coalition's Spring 2013 Newsletter

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Published by: Amos Lim on Jun 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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4 Our Family COalitiOn
still remember every detail o my arrivalto San Francisco on May 31, 1999. Mickey,now my husband, and I had survivedour years o a tortuous long distancerelationship—spending all o our resources andenergy trying to fnd ways or us to embark on alie journey together in the United States.As a gay U.S. citizen, Mickey does not havethe same right as our heterosexual riendsto sponsor me or permanent residency (agreen card) by marrying the person he loves. We searched andresearched everywhere or other opportunities that would allow us,a committed loving couple, to be united here in the United States.In 1997, was able to secure an F-1 visa, so I would come into theU.S. as an international student. You can imagine how thrilled wewere to hear that all the MBA paperwork had been approved andwe would fnally be together… orever!Mickey and I had discussed having children, and as gay men, wehad to do lots o planning. We also realized that the world had lotso plans or us beore we would be at a stable place where we eltwe could raise a child.Ater successully earning an MBA, I was hired by a transportationcompany that was willing to sponsor a workingvisa that would have allowed me to apply ora green card. Then 9/11 happened and thecompany changed their mind, deciding they would no longer sponsor any H1-B/green cardapplications in the wake o the attacks. My beloved and I were once again reminded thatthe uture o our amily was in the hands o theU.S. ederal government and deeply tied to thewhims o related corporate interests.To stay with Mickey, I had to scramble to fnd either another jobor another type o visa. We also started planning or contingencies.Mickey, who is a registered pharmacist, passed his licensure inVancouver because Canada allows or same-sex recognition o common law partners. Where he couldn’t in the US, he would beable to sponsor my Canadian residency as soon as his Canadianwork visa was granted. How unair is that? A hard workingdedicated American, who served in the Air Force, was being orcedto choose between love and country just because he is gay!It was surreal. Our lives were essentially again at a standstill,consumed by immigration concerns. I come rom a big Chineseamily and I am the eldest son o the eldest son, which means thatI was expected to marry and have children. Mickey and I wantedto have kids, but we needed to know we had enough stability thatour amily would not be torn apart. So our plan to start a amily was once again put on the back burner.As luck would have it, one week beore my visa expired, Mickey received an oer rom a local pharmacy in SF that also oered mea Business Development position to help us stay together. Despite years o hellish apprehension eeling like we could be ripped apartat any second, we ound an employer that would help us securea green card in relatively a short time. While we were relieved, wealso know that the“immigration pipeline” tends to be shorter orcitizens rom Singapore than rom many other countries.What a joy! We could fnally start a amily! Even though we knew we would still have no ederal rights, we had a wedding with all o our close riends and amily members to ofcially recognize andprotect our amily. We started researching adoption options rightaway, and eventually ound AdoptionSF, where we began the work to become certifed to oster/adopt. The entire process took aboutnine months and on August 29, 2008, a pretty little eight-month-old girl named Alicia came into our lives, reminding us yet againo the unknowns ahead.We made the early decision to be open with our daughter abouther birth story. Since her birthday is so close to Christmas, we
Bi-Nationa love + Baby = Famiy
By Amos Lim, OFC Member 
(continued on page 10)
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