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Published by Ana Nana Yuliyana
english for nurse
english for nurse

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Ana Nana Yuliyana on Jun 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Describing blood glucose levels
Completing a personal diabetes care plan
After studying this chapter, student should be able to:
Describe and explain about blood glucose levels
Mention different result about blood glucose test
Make a diabetes care plan for a patientsLook at the following blood glucose chart and complete the information aboutblood glucose results below.Normal blood glucose results are between (1) ____________ and (2) ______________ mmol/L. (3) ____________, blood glucose level should be between 4 and 7 mmol/L.Ninety minutes after meals, blood glucose level should be less than (4) __________.When going to bed for the night, blood glucose level should be about (5) ______________. (6) ______________ blood glucose or hypoglyceaemia, is less than 4mmol/L. Hyperglycaemia or (7) __________ blood glucose, is greater than (8) ___________________.
Learning ObjectivesReading 1
Nurses write the blood glucose levels (bgl) for diabetis patients on a scrap of paper before they chart them. Look at the hospital mealtimes and result below and tellabout the patients blood glucose results. Say wheter the patients blood glucosewas to low, normal or too high using the chart in Reading 1.
Look at the personal Diabetes Care Plan below answers the following question.1.Is Mr. Bhaskar taking insulin ?2.How often does Ms. Bhaskar test her own blood glucose level ?3.How often does Ms. Bhaskar visit the diabetes clinic ?Personal diabetes care plan: Ms. Rita BhaskarDOB : 15/09/1963Insulin management: Lantus dailyBlood glucose testing: Before breakfast andin the evening
Normalresults YourresultsDate :11/12/2008 YourresultsDate :12/03/2009 YourresultsDate :18/06/2009 YourresultsDate :14/09/2009Glycatedhaemoglobin<7%7%7%8%Weight 92 kg93 kg90 kgHeight 162 cm162 cm162 cm162 cmBlood pressure<140/80142/83145/85130/70 Total cholesterol<5,0mmol/L5,1 mmo/L5,3mmol/L6,2mmol/L
 Joan, the Diabetes Nurse is discussing lab results with Ms. Bhaskar. Listen to theconversation and complete Ms. Bhaskar’s results for 
14 September 
in her  personal diabetes care plan.
Complete the extracts from the conversation. Listen and checks your answer.1.How are the results ?Overall, _________________ than last time2.Is that good ?
Speaking 1
Patients name : Mr. Albert Notosuryo
28/02/20134,310.4612,201/03/20137,29,33,28,402/03/20132,112,56,4803/03/20134,57,56,27,4Breakfast07.00 08.30Lunch12.00 13.15Dinner17.30 18.30
Reading 2Listening
Mm, it should be _____________7%3.What about my cholesterol ?Its, 5,0 which is ______________ last time4.What’s normal ?It should be ________________ five5.What was it last time ?A hundred and thirty over seventy, so it’s _____________________ 6.Do you thinknI’ve lost weight ?We’ll see. Thats ________________. Your weight 85 kg, so you’ve___________ 5 kg7.What have you been doing to lose weight ?I’ve been exercising ___________. I swim three times aweek now.8.How do you find the new diet ?I’m certainly eating _____________ Practice discussing results at the Diabetic clinic with your instructure. Use thepersonal diabetes care plan below and the words and phrases from this section tohelp you.Personal diabetes care plan: Mr. Mark SubrotoDOB :27/08/1964Insulin management: Lantus dailyBlood glucose testing: Before breakfast and in theevening
Normalresults Your resultsDate :11/12/2008 Your resultsDate :12/03/2009 Your resultsDate :18/06/2009Glycatedhaemoglobin<7%5%6%6,8%Weight 76 kg80 kg78 kgHeight 170 cm170 cm170 cmBlood pressure<140/80125/70130/75120/68 Total cholesterol<5,0mmol/L5,4 mmo/L5,3 mmol/L6,2 mmol/L
Speaking 2

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