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Published by Abel Galvez Elt

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Published by: Abel Galvez Elt on Jun 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ENGLISH TEST DIGITAL TEXT UNITS 7+8 NAME:COURSE: DATE: PREP.TIME:1- Read the texts and answer the questions. Write complete answers.
A father has been auctioned on eBay by his two daughters to help raise money for a charity. Vickyand Sophie Ralls offered a date with single father Eric. They described him as 'a funny 50-year-old witha big sense of adventure and a brilliant mind'. Somebody has offered £203 for the date with Eric, andthe money raised will go to Save The Children, a charity which helps children. Eric hasn't met thewinner yet. He hasn't decided where to take her for the date either.
More than five thousand homes have been left without electricity after winds of up to 100mphbrought down power lines in north-east Scotland. A spokesman for Scottish Electricity said work to getpower back would begin as soon as possible. 'We have got helicopters ready to take engineers torepair the lines,' he said. 'We are asking customers to be patient. We are doing everything that wepossibly can.' Motorists cannot travel on some roads because of fallen trees.
The government should do more to protect children on or near roads according to parents. Thisweek is National Road Safety Week, and parents are asking for speed cameras and 20mph zonesoutside all schools. Last year over a hundred children under 16 were killed while walking or cycling.According to a survey of 10,200 children aged between five and fourteen, 43% have been hit or nearly hit while walking or cycling. Seven out of every ten children do not walk or cycle because offast traffic. Parents also want tougher penalties for drivers who kill or hurt children.
1 What do some parents want outside schools?2 How do Eric's children describe him?3 Why did the daughters auction their father on eBay?4 Why can't car drivers travel along some roads in Scotland?5 How many children were killed last year while walking or cycling?6 Where is Eric going to take his date?7 Why were many homes in Scotland left without electricity?8 What percentage of children have been hit or nearly hit while walking or cycling?
Write about what you would do if you won five million euros in the lottery.
 Write about: – who you would give money to and how much you would give them – if you would give money to charity – what you would buy – where you would travel – how it would change your life
Complete the dialogue.
 A: What _______________ (going / give) your boyfriend for his birthday?B: There's a big music festival next Saturday in the sports centre. I _______________ (buy) him a ticket lastnight on the Net.A: How much was it?B: Only 10 euros. Lots of different groups _______________ (play). Why don't you come too?A: I can't. I have to study. I've got an important exam on Monday. If I _______________(not pass), I won'tbe able to go on holiday.B: OK. Well, good luck. I _______________ (not start) my exams yet. My first one is in two weeks.4
Write first conditionals. Don't forget to use a comma.
 1 if / he / get / a job / he / not / go to university ______________________________ 2 if / we / have / a problem / we / send you a text message ______________________________ 3 if / I / fail the exam / I / not / be happy ______________________________ 4 if / you / not / run / you / miss the bus ______________________________ 5
Put the words in the correct order.
 1 I / my / stole / be / angry / would / if someone / bicycle / very / .2 phone / I / call her / my / would / if I / mobile / had /3 what / if you / you / would / the / lottery / won / do / ?4 where I / is / meet / used / the coffee bar / to / this / ex-girlfriend / my / .5. would / if / you, / I / ask her / were / out / I / .6
Write sentences in the second conditional. Don't forget to use a comma.
 1 if / you / tell / the teacher / she / not / be angry ______________________________ 2 if / you / go out / more / you / not / be depressed ______________________________ 3 if / I / have / more money / I / buy a laptop ______________________________ 4 if / I / see / a ghost / I / not / be afraid ______________________________ 
7 Listen and answer the questions. Underline the correct answer.
1 What percentage of the population in the UK will be over 60 in 2020
?A) 13% B) 14% C) 30% D) 40%
2 What does Professor Smith say about retirement?
 A)People will retire when they are younger.B)People will never retire.C)Very few people will work after they are 70 years old.D)People will have to work until they are older.
3 What does he say about unemployment?
 A)It will be very low.B)It will be very high.C)It will be a big problem in some countries.D)It won't be easy to find a job.
4 What will people spend their money on in 2020?
 A)leisure activities B)computers C)things from supermarkets D)watching sports
5 Where will workers spend most of their time?
A)at health clubs B)in front of computers C)in offices D)at home
8- VOCABULARY- Write the correct vocabulary item of the images or definitions.

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