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how i was forced in to incest

how i was forced in to incest

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Published by goudtsri

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Published by: goudtsri on Jun 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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how i was forced in to incest.Hello to every body, friends this is my first story (writing and narration experience) so I don’t knowweather I vll reach to your standards or not…but what so ever I am going to tell u is cent percenttrue and original. Hoping you enjoy this……..its a long one (may be in starting bit boring too but itvll b exciting)This story happens around 7 years back between me my elder sister and with my cousion sonu,when I was 20yrs old. We are the family of 4 people my father business man(49), my mom(house maker42), my elder sister sonia (22) and last me sandy or raju(20). Here is one more mycousin sonu, who is also equivalent of my sis age and living alone in rented accommodation andwas doing job in Delhi.We are from upper middle class in Delhi n lives in apartments where my parents have occupiedone room, one is occupied my sis one by me. I didn’t have the bathroom in my room so I wasused to share my sis room bathroom. As we are Punjabi family so we all were quite friendly witheach otherbut not that much open, but I was used to afraid of my sister as she was stick with mefor studies. and my cousin bro.. sonu used to come to my places on Saturdays and Sundays andon other offs.Me and my cousin were quite frank with each other and used to sleep in same room. N used totalk hot n watch porn movies as like all young guys do at our age.one night we were taking something hot and our topic diverted to the ladies of our relatives, we start taking hot about ours cousinbhabi’s and cousin sister. N in mean time we both got so hot that very first time we masturbatedin front of each other, then we both brothers start masrtbating very often vth each other and to beloyal he has very big penis but was bit turned. One night we were taking about bhabi, suddenlyhe asked had I seen any body in my family. (I got what he mean but try to b innocent) I asked himwhat does he mean? He got bit afraid (he though I might get angry over this) but then he askedme weather I have seen my sister sonia nude or cleavage or of my mom, it was bit expected or unexpected question I don’t know, but this question made me bit excited thinking of my sis. I toldhim truly that I didn’t try that even more I never think of that, but now I was thinking about mysweet elder sister,(Sorry I didn’t told u about my sister and about me. My sister is 22 5’2 height and very milky fair,with gr8 n tight body her figure that time was 34-28-32 I know this coz she goes with me toboutique to stich her dresses. I am exact 6 feet tall and as fair as my sis, and my cousion is also 6feet but ws dark browinish)now on to main track……..after I answered his question, he got stop may be hesitating to talkfurther, but I ask him why u ask this question and what you thinks about her. Then he says don’t uthink she is hotter then our bhabi. I was trying to innocent with him, I replied I never noticed that,then he came close to me as we were lying on bed, and said ok just notice her 2mrw and we wiltalk abt that.Next morning I had different thoughts and feelings for my sister, and as usual when I went tobathroom for brushing teeth, my sis ws there already, but this time I was not looking at my sister but it was a very beautiful and sexy girl wearing light green color nighty with a chain on back sideand from her back her white color bra laces were visible which I had never notice earlier. And asshe was brushing her teeth and making hands too and fro.. her tight breast was frequently goingup and down which I was seeing through mirror as I was facing her back,it was the first time Inotice that she really has very beautiful pairs of breast which are big and shaped and I was hardand very hard this time which I think I never get such hardness in life. After she did I brush myself and went for masturbation and by this time my cousion has left for office when I was sleeping.This is the first time I masturbated on the name of my sister that’s too real elder sister. After that I got some guilt that what I m thinking off and what I did and was shamefull for a longtime on that day, then in the noon I was watching some hindi serial along with my mother andsister. There I found that my sister’s duppatta was not on the position and her breast shape wastotally visible to me. This scene again makes me a too look at her like a boy not like a younger brother, I didn’t saw tv but just was watching her breast and now was now looking a chance tosee her cleavage and very that movement she got up for something and when she came back nws trying to sit I saw the wonderful movement of my life as she bents down her her large whitecleavage were there and I got mad over this. And I immediately mastrubatd in my room. And my
mind ws change for ever for my sister. Now she was my sexy didi.need some remarks from all you guys to continue further, i have written the full story ........butneeds your appereciation so as to gain courage to give you my full story.Part 2Part 2Later in the evening my cousin came to our place and we all were chatting me my cousin and mysister, but my eyes were on my sister’s breast. In between I found that my cousion was too seeingher breast in between chatting. After dinner we both brother were silent in the room as nobdy hadcourage to start topic of my sister. Then I took initative n and start topic of my bhabi to get hot nmake chat some comfortable…as we both get comfortable thn I ask him wht u were asking aboutdidi (my sis Sonia). Then he said have u ever think of sonia as a beautiful girl, this time I want himto be more open so I tell him yeah she is smart after all she is my sister, he got silent then I askhim what you think about her, he said I will tell u if u (means me) don’t mind that. I said him to becomfortable, then he said she has a really beautiful body,I said: yeah,Cousion: don’t mind but she is best of all the females in our family and asked: wht you About her Me: silent for some time……may be but I never compare her with other ..moreover I never thinklike that.Cousin: your sister is fairer, younger and taller then all..by saying this he slowly put his hand onmy hard penis…..and ask me..dont you feel she is hot…….n he ws rubbing my penis.( I was very hot and ws not able to control my emotions)Me: yaar may be you are true, but I know even today you was staring at Sonia(my sister’s) breastwhen we were taking.Couson: got silence…………did u mind thatMe: its fine yaar….why should I mind it..if I would have mind it I would not talk about her fromu……..He got courage from this.n he start rubbing my penis strongly over my lowers.Cousin: isn’t she is hott yaar.,e: very much yaar cousion asks me: tell me what u like in her I simply said ….her breast they are very beautiful..n after that we start taking about her body…..and masrtubate on her name..n start making plans to see her nude firstthen whenever we got chance to see her cleavage we never miss them,. N masturbated for her name. Slowly n slowly we start making fantasy about her……how she vll b in bed with us……thn one day we struck an idea to make a hole in bathroom door with a nail and so small thatcannot b visible ordinarily.N we were successful n making thatNext morning when she goes to bath, I ran towards our bathroom to see her…….n that time myheart was on my mouth..First she on the tap.then she unzip the chain of her nighty..(it was the first time I was seeing myreal sister naked back …..n then she remove her nighty…..ohh my god……..she was there inonly bra and panty….her big cleavage made me crazy, she naval as looking soo cute………...ncleaned milky legs made me crazy……(actually I was facing her back…..but she was standing infront of big mirror, which was making me comfortable to see her both back and front) then sheunhook her bra buttons from back ..n in moments she was topless and I was dying……..my sister had rally large pair of breast then my expectation…it was so beautifull ..her pink nipples and smallreddish area around it….she looke dat her breast n touched her nipples for a while n then removeher panty..n it as hairy but I was loving it…….then she sat down for bath which I was unable tosee as hole was in some height .but I very soon masturbated n that day I masturbated for 4 times.In the evening as usual sonu comes home, as he came we both went for smoke, there I told himfull story of my sister, n we both were rock hard…….after reaching home we all took dinner andboth of us comes to our room, n start discussing about her….he was feeling more horny thenme……then we decided to see er tommarow also and this time we both………Next morning as usual my mom was busy in kitchen, father had left for office, now we were
waiting when she goes for bath, after long time we heard the noise of bathroom door closing, nafter getting satisfies that mom vll no come out of kitchen we ran towards bathroom door, there Isaid he vll look first and I gave him lucky chance to see my sexy sweet elder sister nude………itwas the biggest gift to cousion brother from me……..as he peeped in…….his mouth was wideopen….he says randi kitni sexy hain ………I was excited, she was tottaly nude standing in frontof her brothers, and her brothers were deying on her, but till that time she was innocent. Heslowly says yaar mome kitne tight hain bhai……..( her breast is so tight n in shape)We were watching her till she completed her bath n hooked her bra..then we ran to living room asnothing happen. Then she came from bathroom and was giving very fresh air,and looked at ussaid kya hua(what happen)…go n take bath, she was really looking gorgeous in white t shirt and jeans, but she didn’t know that we were still looking at her nude body…which has captured our mind.We both masturbated and went to our work.please reply me if u like and doesnt like it................incourage me.. 08-26-2008, 03:23 PMThis evening my cousion comes late due to office work. We took dinner and comes to our roomstraight forward cozz we had to talks many things. We both start taking about morning incidenceand bring out our penis, n start rubbing it, as we were taking about sonia’s breasts her pinknipples his hand start rubbing my chest, n he says yaar kash yeah sonia ki breast hoti, abhieekhaa jaata(I wish ur cheast would b sonia’s beast I would have eaten it) I asked how, n slowly hegoes down n sucking my nipples, it was giving me excitement and taking me to world of newadventures. He was biting my nipples n rubbing my penis and I was slowly gng on 9 cloud ……slowly I too start kissing his neck and rubbing his penis…….with this s=he says sonia I m going tomake u crazy like this ranndi… after doing that he get up and came near to my laps.and byholding my penis he slowly brought his lips near to my penis and kissed it slowly..it gave a bigsensation to me…….oh my god…and was thinking I was planning to fuck my sister whearas Iwas slowly being turnes out to gay that too vth my own brother….then he asked me to kiss histool, which ws slightly bigger then mine…. First time I brought my mouth towards him..it wassmelly but we were on journey of dreams..i kissed him…then he asked me to kiss his top of tool,and rub toungh there…….it was tough but this time nothing ws stopping me and him, I kissed thetop of his tool which ws very wet, but I didn’t taste that at all……..then he asked me to rotate mylips over my brother tool…..i did that I don’t know why.When I ws licking him he smoothly press my face on his penis and sayss. plzz try to take ityaar……I slowly open my mouth and put it inside my mouth oh godd it totally block mmouth..after doing it for 2-3 minutes, I feel suffocated and remove myself from him…….after trying many such things, we both ejected large amt of sperm on air, and feeled relax. Then againwe both came on the main topic how to fuck her, after many ideas it ws dicided that my cousion isgoing to propose her and try to b open with her first and then propose her an after that I will comein to the scene, but one thing is made sure that he is not going to fuck her before me.Part 4speciall thanx to every one who like my post..........part 4Part 4So from next day his main aim was to be friendly vth my real sister sonia, it was decided that heis going to come early in the evening around 5 pm when she is alone at home and tries to friendlywith her ( which was not very easy), so he start doing that and slowly they both start chatting veryfrequently and my sister was getting quite comfortable with him as earlier she tries not to sit on asame room when they are alone, now when sonu comes to our place at the time when sonia wasalone at home they start sharing topics of movies , songs and like that,Now our first step was accomplished to be friendly with sonia, now his second mission was to flirt

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