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Published by spiritualbeing

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Published by: spiritualbeing on Jun 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Live Kryon ChannellingSASKATCHEWAN and ALBERTA, CANADAFebruary 23-24, 2013
As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon
The information below is free and available for you to print out, copy anddistribute as you wish. The Copyright, however, prohibits sale in anyform except by the publisher
 This live channelling was Given in both Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,and Calbary, Alberta, Canada.February 23-24, 2013To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee andKryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens livehas implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication thatthe printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given inwestern Canada.
Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. So the time between whenI last spoke to you and now doesn't even exist for me. It is difficult to explain to alinear Human Being what it is like not to have time. All things occur at once, soit's an odd thing to talk about, for in your minds your future to you is not knownand your past cannot be revisited. So to you, your existence is always in thepresent. However on my side we are in all three realities, but we call it the
.These concepts are only energies, but you assign a 3D time location to each of them.For instance, THE PAST: Past actions in 3D cannot be changed, but the memoriesof them can. So, therefore, if you rewrite your reaction to something thathappened in the past and it changes YOU in the present, then what have youdone? You just visited the past and have rewritten it!THE FUTURE: You say your future is not known to you, yet the potentials of whatyou might do are indeed known. As you change your mind today, in a certain wayyou are then changing the potentials of what you may do tomorrow. Therefore,rewriting the future is doable today. When you make an appointment to gosomewhere tomorrow, does that make you a fortune teller when you arrive at the
scheduled event? If you cancel the appointment at the last moment, did youchange your future?
"Wait a minute, Kryon. These are things we have control over, so it's not the same as a future that is a mystery to us." 
What If I told youthat to us, there is no difference. "Appointments" are scheduled and unscheduledin a reality that you can't easily see in 3D, but they are still potentials you createfor yourself. We see it all as one thing, and it helps us to give you the kind of channel we're going to give you in this transcription. We're going to call thechannel
The Three Winds.
Much of this information has been given in pieces and parts over many years.However, now we put it together. You've heard some of the terminology and wehave alluded to it before, and now we wish to lay it all out as a carpet that willcontain many answers and perhaps some controversies. Some of these thingsmay not agree with what you might have heard from others, and this is whereyour divine discernment comes into play, for your intuitive sense should now beused to see if these things I'm going to tell you make sense or not. You can startto use what I would now call
spiritual logic 
The Human Soul
First of all, the Human Being and the Human Being's soul are seen as one item tous. It is never split up in our reality and is in many places at once. But for yourunderstanding and for this lesson, we have the soul in only four places at once.The three winds are three of the four, and the other place your soul residesis
. That's where I am, dear ones, and we don't call it a
because thereis no wind when you're at home. There is no action for or against, and there isnothing pushing or pulling. It is so difficult, if not impossible, to describesomething to you that is so close to you, yet so hidden.
is not one of thewinds, for it is where you always are.A piece of God is in you, yet what it is like to be on my side of the veil will remainhidden as long as you are a Human. It has to, for the test of energy that you areworking on as a Human must remain in a certain kind of reality and consciousnessfor you to exist on the planet and work the puzzle. But there's no
whenyou're home. Home is the place you are when you are not in one of the winds.Home is your natural "God state".
How Humans "See" God
You're a piece of the
soup of God,
which is measured in innumerable parts, yet allis one. The very essence of 
[a physics term describing a quantumattribute where things are locked into one reality regardless of distance] are theattributes of God. When you are in touch with your Higher-Self, you are in touchwith all the parts of you. Sometimes Humans think that they're getting messagesfrom angels, and these angels are given messages from other angels, and so onand so forth. Humans see a hierarchy of authority in everything, since it exists in
their own reality. But with God, there's no such thing, for the wisdom of God is asingular wisdom, which is always the same wisdom and is fully present all thetime, everywhere. The truth is the truth, and because you have a piece of God inyou, you become aware of an absolute truth as you awaken spiritually. This iswhy you can take an awakened Human Being from another part of the world thatis foreign to you, speaking another language that is not yours, and find the sametruth. The God inside you is the same as the one inside them.So as we give this lesson, honor your intuition, that part of your mind thatdiscerns using spiritual logic. Some of you may actually have a revelation of whatwe are speaking of as we discuss the Three Winds.
The Three Winds
Human Being, there is nothing more honored within the Human life scenario thanthe Three Winds. They represent one of the three states that Humans are alwaysin. Two of them are brief and one of them is long. There is the Wind of Birth, theWind of Existence, and the Wind of Transition. In your words, you would say birth,life, and death. We don't use those words since they are biased to a 3D reality,which often is your only view of the truth.
The Wind of Birth
The Wind of Birth is different from the actual physical event that you call
.For us, the Wind of Birth is you right before you enter (taking your first breath).In each "wind", we're going to start by dismissing the fallacies and giving you thetruth. So let us discuss as much as we are able and start with the energy at theWind of Birth.Imagine yourself as a piece of the whole, a part of the love element of theUniverse, and a part of the wisdom of God. You're ready to go back to yourplanet, but you do not have the mind of a Human. What is involved? Whatenergies spin around it that get you to this place? Who is able to be in the Wind of Birth and is there a system?These things are difficult to describe, for they are not linear. Understand that youare aware of only linear things, since it is your reality. Your 3D reality as you sitthere reading is only aware of one solitary life on Earth. But in this quantum Windof Birth, we are
you standing at the precipice of another reality, returningto the planet after many lifetimes [speaking to old souls now]. So as you standthere, you are about to reconnect as a Human Being into the planet's energy in acertain way. The "wind" of the 3D reality you are about to step into blows againstyou with great force. You seem to "lean into it" as we make our final love wordsto you. You are about to disconnect from the reality of Spirit, willingly give awayyour memory of all that is, and return to Earth yet again. What a beautiful time!

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