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"Guess the Word"

"Guess the Word"

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Published by Andrew Kirell
Word game translations
Word game translations

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Published by: Andrew Kirell on Jun 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1- A journey undertaken to see, to have fun: GEZI –name of the park that isat the center of the protests.2- A large garden with trees and flowers in the center of a place of residence that allows people to breathe: PARK 3- In international law, someone who is not a member of armed forces orother armed groups in a country: CIVILIAN4- An activity geared towards trying to change or improve a situation: A PROTEST [EYLEM]5- A coming together around a set of ideas without being divided: UNITY 6- The metaphor for understanding what the facts are: TO WAKE UP7- The people Mustafa Kemal Ataturk said should be “the most importantrepresentatives of human dignity and qualities, defense of nation andfreedom of speeech”:YOUTH8- The ability to make decisions according to correct, meaningfulinterpretation: COMMON SENSE9- Property that should never be vandalized or damaged, that belong to allthe people: PUBLIC PROPERTY 10-Ideology that depends on non-violence to carry out protests: PACIFISM11-To damage public property on purpose: VANDALISM12-Democratic solution box: THE BALLOT BOX13-A voting method to ask the people what they think about political andsocial problems: REFERENDUM14-The person that turns the right into not right and the protester intoterrorist: PROVOCATEUR 15-People who live in the same country, share a culture: PEOPLE16-A long-lived plant that is the symbol of being free: TREE17-An area covered by treas considered symbol of fraternal unity: FOREST18-The kids from Be
with the soul of Don Quixote (or chevalier):ÇAR 
I19-The neighborhood whose name means “to divide” but also unites:TAKSIM (Turkish word play here)20-A word that means a large area: SQUARE
21-To take steps together to protest an event or an happening: PROTESTMARCH22-To resist, to not give up: RESISTANCE23-To find an event or an application as unfair, and not accept it and resistit: PROTEST24-To be able to decide without undue pressure from outside: FREEDOM25-The act of supporting each other for shared thoughts and goals:SOLIDARITY 26-What happens when all workers stop working: GENERAL STRIKE27-To come together for a common goal: ORGANIZE28-A word that means to rise up, to march: INSURRECTION29-The best name for a TV station: HALK (PEOPLE — the name of the TV station that covered the protests)30-The totality of qualities that one should abide by or avoid inoccupations like media: ETHICS31-The thing that is referred to in Article 28th of the Turkish Constitutionas “Free and Cannot be Censored”:PRESS32-The communication medium defined by Nezihe Meriç as “A dragon with a thousand heads”: MEDIA 33-An action that means the same thing as approval: SILENCE34-Limiting the freedom of press, communication, film or books by government: CENSORSHIP35-The person who is supposed to learn about an event and write about in various outlets: JOURNALIST36-The microblog and social network site that has been described as a“curse”: TWITTER 37-The person Mustafa Kemal Ataturk said should “write his/her thoughtsfreely:” JOURNALIST38-Person who tries to kiss up to power: BROWN NOSER 39-The state of being able to resist power or injustice but being quiet:COWARDICE40-The branch that is held on to by people after being abandoned by mainstream media: SOCIAL MEDIA 
41-A piece of news that gets published by media outlets but that is not true:FALSE NEWS42-To make things worse by one’s statements or behavior: CANAK TUTMA (metaphor for enabling)43-The vehicle for interjecting in protests: TOMA (APC)44-A word that means “Just Don’t:” AMAN. (Turkish word)45-A public employee whose name comes from Greek for city, state, civics:POLICE46-The totality of social laws that means rights: LAW 47-The guide to laws: LAWYER 48-Naked power: VIOLENCE49-To be held by police forces: DETENTION50-An obstacle created to block a road or a path: BLOCKADE51-Something that needs to be done sometimes to lessen tensions: TAKE A STEP BACK 52-The feeling of mercy that should be shared by everyone in alloccupations: COMPASSION53-Word for use of violence without any common sense:DISPROPORTIONATE54-A weapon that attacks eyes, nose, mouth and lung tissue, a weaponoleosresin capsicum: PEPPER SPRAY 55-What APC’s excrete: PRESSURIZED WATER 56-Democracy breather: GAS MASK 57-The main institution whose principle is “the power belongsunconditionally to the people”: TURKEY’S PARLIAMENT58-The word that means the same as “Cumhur”: PEOPLE (which is how the president is referred to in Turkey: thehead of the people, Cumhurba
kanı)59-To limit rights and freedoms: REPRESSION60-The word that means to see oneself as better than other people:HUBRIS61-The person who does not allow freedoms to people they rule: DESPOT

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