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Matugama Police at the Instigation of a Lawyer and Her Husband

Matugama Police at the Instigation of a Lawyer and Her Husband

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Published by Thavam

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Published by: Thavam on Jun 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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June 6, 2013Mr. MMD Aruna Nilupul Indika (39) of Welipenna, Kalutara District,was illegally arrested and severely tortured. Chili was applied ontohis eyes and genitals. On 27 May 2013, he was arrested andtortured on the instruction of the lawyer Anoma Siriweera and her husband. The lawyer’s family had lost some items and suspectedNilupul Indika, who had done some interior decoration work attheir house sometime earlier. Raveendra Pushapakumara andanother officer from the Matugama Police arrived at NilupulIndika’s residence at 3:30 pm on 27th May. They asked Nilupul toaccompany them to the police station without giving any reason.He was kept at the police station until the following day and, ataround 1pm, he was taken to the officers’ quarters behind thestation, where he was forced down onto the floor. At that timethere were three officers present, including RaveendraPushapakumara. The officers then shouted at him, saying that he,Nilupal, should admit selling a stolen electrical grinder, or thatotherwise the police would beat him so badly that he could never work again. Nilupul Indika refused, stating that he has not committed any crime. Then one of the officers put kocchi chillies(very potent) in a sock, crushed the chillies, added water and then poured the dripping chili into Nilupul’s eyes. While he wasstruggling in pain, the officers held him down. Later, the officers also used the chilies on his genitals and anus. He wastortured for several hours. At 6 am on the following day, an Irishman named Mr. Helhill visited him at his cell and, having learned about thecircumstances, intervened with the Office-in-Charge of the police station. The Irishman also told the police that he will remainin the police station with Nilupul Indika until he is released. Mr. Helhill told the police officers that Nilupul Indika was his bestfriend.The Superintendent of Police for the area arrived at the police station for a visit and Mr. Helhill spoke to the Superintendentand sought the release of Mr. Nilupul Indika. The SP instructed the OIC to take at statement and then release Nilupul Indikaimmediately.The Attorney-at-Law Anoma Siriweera visited the police station with her husband after Nilupul Indika was tortured and statedthat he had not been tortured enough. The police officer Pushpakumara told the lawyer that a fabricated charge of possessing a bomb would be made against Nilupul Indika. After his release, Nilupul Indika has made official complaints to all the relevant authorities about his illegal arrest, torture andillegal detention. See the full story below.Mr. Madawala Maddumage Don Aruna Nilupul Indika (39), of Mahagedara, Devala Road, Welipenna in the KalutaraDistrict is married and a father of one child. He is an interior designer by profession. He lives near Anoma Siriweera, Attorney-at-law, and her family. On 6 May 2013 at 9 am, the husband of Anoma Siriweera came to Nilupul and toldhim that their house had been burgled and that he suspected Nilupul of having done it. Nilupul denied the accusationand told the man that he had never committed any crime. Nilupul said that he had entered the house in question onlyfor a painting job, for which he had been well paid. The husband of the Ms. Anoma was extremely angry and said thehe would, "Take care of it later".On 27 May at 3:30 pm, while Nilupul was working on his vegetable farm, he heard someone calling his name. He saw
two police officers and Ms. Anoma's husband waiting for him. Nilupul had been using a machete (mannaya) and thepolice officer instructed him to put it down and come to them. When he approached them, they handcuffed his handsbehind his back without explanation and ordered him to accompany them. Nilupul asked the officers to allow him toreturn the machete to his home and have a shower as he was dirty from his work but the officers refused. One of them took the machete to his house. While they were walking Nilupul saw that there was police jeep parked about100 metres away. They placed him in the jeep along with Ms. Anoma's husband and started driving in the direction of the Matugama Police Station. As Nipulu's hands were cramped by the cuffs he asked the officers to loosen them andcuff his hands in front of him but they ignored him. At the station he was placed in a cell.Later, Nilupul was able to identify one of the officers as Raveendra Pushapakumara, attached to the Crime Branch of the Matugama Police. While Nilupul was inside the cell, a police officer in civilian clothing spoke to him several timesand warned him, accusing him of not telling the truth. Nilupul was in fear of being subjected to torture. At around 8 pm his wife and child visited him at the station and provided him with some food. At 1 pm on the followingday Nilupul was taken out of the cell and handcuffed by an officer. The officer then grabbed him roughly by the neckand took him to a room in the officer's quarters, which were behind the station. He was then forced into a sittingposition on the floor of the living room. There were three officers present at the time, including RaveendraPushapakumara, who was now in uniform. The other two officers were in civilian dress. Pushapakumara then shoutedat Nilupul and told him that he had to admit to selling an stolen electric grinder; otherwise they would beat him sobadly that he would never be able to work again. However, Nilupul denied the accusation and said that he had never engaged in any illegal act. At that time Nilupul noticed that one of the officers was holding a bag of kochchi chilies (a small but very strong chili).Pushapakumara placed the chilies in a disused sock and used a piece of hosepipe to crush them before adding somewater to make a chili juice. Another officer made Nilupul lie on the floor facing upwards. He then tore off his sarongand pulled off his underpants. They held him down and Pushapakumara squeezed the sock so that the chili juice raninto Nilupul 's eyes. When he tried to close his eyes to prevent the chili juice running into them the officers forced hiseyelids apart. Nilupul suffered enormous pain due to this treatment and felt that he was losing the vision in his eyes.He started struggling violently but they held him down. They then placed a couple of chairs over him to prevent himfrom moving. The officers sat on the chairs to ensure that Nilupul could not push them away. Then Pushapakumaraagain began to drip the chili juice into his eyes. The officer then urged Nilupul to admit to the crime of theft but,despite the torment, Nilupul refused.Pushapakumara then said to his associates, "This method is not working". He then grabbed Nilupul 's penis, pushedback his foreskin and dripped some of the chili juice over his penis. Some of the juice ran down between his legs andhe felt a burning sensation in his anus. Nilupul felt that his anus was prolapsed and asked the officers to allow him tourinate. They brought him to a toilet at the rear of the compound but he was unable to pass anything due to the pain.When he told the officers one of them grabbed his wrists and forced them up over his back, which caused one of hisshoulders to dislocate. He was then taken back to the room in which he had been tortured.Once again he was held down in the same fashion and Pushapakumara dripped the chili juice into his eyes.Pushapakumara stopped the torture when he received a telephone call on his mobile and went outside to answer it.One of the officers then brought a pole with which he beat the soles of Nilupul's feet. However, Pushapakumarasuddenly returned and told them not to stop using the pole and started dripping the chili juice into Nilupul 's eyeswhile the other officers held him down. This treatment ceased again when Pushapakumara received another phonecall. He told the other officers that a pickpocket had been arrested at a bus stop and they had to attend to the scene.Nipulu was left there for an hour until the three officers returned. The torture with the chili juice resumed. After sometime Pushapakumara ordered the other officers to take Nilupul to the kitchen, where one of them washed his eyesand combed his hair. He was dressed again in his underpants and sarong, after which Nilupul was taken back to thepolice compound, where he saw that his father was waiting for him. When his father saw the state that Nilupul was in,he started screaming. By this time it was around 5:30 pm. Nilupul had been tortured for four and a half hours. At 6 pm he was taken out of the cell again, his wrists were cuffed and he was brought to the Crime Branch of thestation, where he saw that Ms. Anoma and her husband were waiting. In front of these people Pushapakumarathreatened Nilupul that he would be subjected to further torture. It was then that Ms. Anoma Siriweera, Attorney-at-Law, told Pushapakumara that the torture they had used was not enough for a man like this. In response

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