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Why World Harmony Renaissance

Why World Harmony Renaissance



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Published by FRANCIS FUNG

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Published by: FRANCIS FUNG on Jan 24, 2008
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www.worldharmonyorg.netLETTER TO ATTORNEY LEON JEWDear Leon,Thank you for your support. I respect you as WHO's adviser. I believethere are many Western Universities and think tanks of high caliberspecialize in world affairs. My interest also happens to be in worldaffairs ever since my advocacy in the International Relation Club atBrown University some fifty years ago. Despite the abundance of research and foreign affairs publication pouring out of the Westernmedia there is still yet any significant reference to world harmonyrenaissance as solution to world conflicts. However, we hear Asianleaders including China's president Hu Jintao and the new UNSecretary General Ban Ki - Moon start to mention harmony as worldsolution. President Hu in a major 60th UN anniverssary speechannounced World harmony as solution to world conflicts. Ban Ki-Moonon Christmas eve, 2006 amid pressure from George Stephanopolis tosupport US foreign policy responded by saying the one crucial point of that interview. What he said was; "I am interested in working forharmony." It is no coincidence he also meant harmony as solution of world problems.The Iraq Study Group Report headed by Baker and Hamilton includedthe effort of many experts and pretigious think tanks such as Instituteof Policy Studies and American Enterprise Institute. The reportsuggested major change in US foreign polcy direction by openingdialogues in Middel East and include Iran and Syria. It fell short of suggesting consultation in harmony. All countries old and new havetheir different historical background and culture that in part explainthat East is East and West is West. It seems that the East is moreready to talk about harmony renaissance and the West favors thepromotion of democracy as world solution. Ever since theenligntenment period of 1600 the West has managed the promotion of democracy. Democracy is well known today and it affected the world inan earth shaking way. China lost its heritage in couping with thewestern democracy movement for at least 150 years. The irony is thatharmony embraces democracy.A country can have democracy but not necessary harmony. But acountry has harmony has its own democratic consensus. Harmonypractice is necessary and urgent to assure stability and sustainable
development. The best system for any country is its own harmonysystem. On the present worldwide consumer rush the world will facegreat resources shortage sooner than we think. World harmony alsoembraces ecology and resource conservation. (More on classification of different world democracy in my future book.)Harmony ideal was developed by Laotze 2500 years from observationof natural science to include human science. It continued to nurtureChina's culture and scientific development until the fall of China in thehands of the Manchus. The occupation by Manchu significantlyhindered China's scientific development. This is my answer to thequestion posed by Prof. Needham "Why China has not produced Nobleprize winner in China yet?" Until China rediscovers itself throughharmony renaissance it will always play catch up to Western scienceand democracy. Only by rediscovering harmony and its culturalheritage can China return to crative and innovative renaissance. Worldharmony renaissance will help many non western countries regaintheir confidence.I predict world harmony renaissance will surely come. In time, it willbecome a worldwide tide. I am preparing to turn over World HarmonyOrganization and its affiliated Commisions at the earliest momentwhen UN is ready. In the mean time I will play my small role toencourage the active formation of World Harmony Institute to studyharmony theory and pracitce and call for worldwide conferences andWorld Harmony Forum to promote world dialogue on harmonysolutions. World Harmony Organization is dedicated to the advocacyand pursuit of world harmony consensus. In this spirit, WHO chapter inthe US is requesting support to organize the Sino-America HarmonyCommission, THe Resource and Ecology Commission, World HarmonyCultural Commission and World Harmony Commission which willpublish annual and preodic reports by World Harmony Watch. Iappreciate all comments and suggestions.www.worldharmonyorg.netSeasons greetings and harmony to all!Francis C. W. Fung, Ph. D.Director GeneralWorld Harmony Organization.
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