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Danger Magnet issue 01

Danger Magnet issue 01

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Published by HarrierPotter
Danger Magnet issue one (and only)
Danger Magnet issue one (and only)

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Published by: HarrierPotter on Jun 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bob BretzMike Demchak Jamie Gooch
Nich “Rev” Gray
 Steven HammondAndrew McCollDaniel PotterNestor D. RodriguezM. Sechin TowerAndColin Chapman
Tom CadoretteScott JonesKate Masters
Gregory Woronchak T. A. Gray
Craig Shepard
Chris Theisen
Cody Jones
S.D. Hilton
DANGER MAGNETIs published By IncrediblyInappropriateEntertainment1201 South 17th StreetKokomo, Indiana 46902COPYRIGHT 2008Danger MagnetNo part of this publication maybe reproduced without writtenpermission from the publisher.
The Danger Magnet magazine is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of an author's imagination or are used fictitiously. No disrespect is intended to any actual persons, living or dead; organizations; events; or locales referenced in this magazine. The opinions ex- pressed within the articles and other contents herein do not necessarily express those of the publisher,other authors within this magazine, authors of articles on the Danger Magnet website, or Exile Games.This magazine and the Danger Magnet website contain mature content. Reader discretion is advised.Hollow Earth Expedition, HEX, Ubiquity, Ubiquity Dice, Ubiquity Roleplaying System, and ExileGame Studio; their logos; and other related content are properties of Exile Game Studio, LLC and usedwith permission. The mention of or reference to any company or product in these pages is not a chal-lenge to the trademark or copyright concerned. Danger Magnet is Copyright (C) 2008 Incredibly Inap- propriate Entertainment. All rights reserved.
Thank you for taking the time to check out DAN-GER MAGNET!, Issue No. 1.DANGER MAGNET! is a work of love created by passionate fans (working with a professional or two)to create new material for our favorite roleplayinggame system: Ubiquity. The Ubiquity System drivesExile Game Studio's award-winning
 Hollow Earth Expedition
and Greymalkin Designs'
and Battlefield Press Inc.'s upcoming
Through DANGER MAGNET!, our readerswill be able to try out fan-created optional rules, runall-new adventures, face off against newly revealed beasts, and learn of discover strange and exotic places that have yet to be discovered or explored.DANGER MAGNET! will support the differentkinds and settings that the Ubiquity System's story-telling cinematic action engine can cover, and weintend to cover a lot of ground. For our future issues,we're looking at covering adventures in the Ameri-can Old West, Lovecraftian Horror, as well as moreyouth-friendly gaming with our Wilderness KidsAdventures.DANGER MAGNET! looks forward to workingwith Exile Game Studio, Greymalkin Designs, andBattlefield Press to continue bringing you new andexciting material for the various game products thesecompanies are producing. We will also take a look atother games and systems, as well as producing ouown original material.DANGER MAGNET! is a publication that is driven by fans, and as fans we are a passionate group of gamers. However, the one thing that we will never  become is an elite club for a select group of peopleto participate. DANGER MAGNET! will alwayslook for fans that love these games as much as wedo, and we will be accepting submissions from po-tential contributors (authors, artists, and gamingcompanies) starting with our very next issue. For now DANGER MAGNET! is run by donations. Is-sue No. 2 is already in the works but we must makeenough in donations to keep us going. Please check out WWW.DANGERMAGNET.COM to learn howyou can help. You can also leave us feedback, andwe do want to hear from you!I won't waste any more of your time telling you whatDANGER MAGNET! will be in the future -- our future is NOW and THIS IS DANGER MAGNET!Shawn Hilton,Head Groovy GuySpecial thanks to:Melissa McNallyJeff "Freakin" CombosSechin Tower Katie Tower The Greymalkin CrewThe Exile Games forum members who have been agreat sounding board. You guys and gals are an in-spiration!And all the loved ones of our contributors who didnot kill us while we ignored them to work on DAN-GER MAGNET!We are DANGER MAGNET!And all of you are a bunch of SEXY BEASTS!As DANGER MAGNET! was finishing lay out welearned that Exile Games had leaked the new nameof their upcoming fourth book:
Revelations of Mars
 or ROM for short. We have learned that the book istentatively scheduled for a fall 2009 release, and willdeal with planetary romance. As we learn more wewill report it directly to you through DANGER MAGNET! and through our web site found atWWW.DANGERMAGNET.COM.

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