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Flat Fee Royalty

Flat Fee Royalty

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Published by carlkosnar
The Kosnar Group restructures the PRO MARTIAL ARTS royalty from percentage to flat fee.
The Kosnar Group restructures the PRO MARTIAL ARTS royalty from percentage to flat fee.

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Published by: carlkosnar on Apr 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Nation’s Foremost Child-Development KarateFranchise Eliminates Monthly Royalty Fee
Philadelphia, PA. (April 20, 2009) /PRNewswire/ PRO MARTIAL ARTSFranchise Corporation is one of the largest operators of karate studiosencompassing an exciting and diverse children’s curriculum of martial artstechniques. The Grandmaster Samane System taught at Pro Martial Arts isthe result of decades of training and teaching experience. It encompassesa curriculum of martial arts techniques drawn from the Korean arts of TangSoo Do, Tae Kwon Do, and Hapkido. Students at Pro Martial Arts develop apotent blend of strength, flexibility, stamina and balance while learningeffective and proven self-defense skills in a fun and energizingenvironment.“The most common royalty structure is a royalty payment based on apercentage of the franchisee’sgross sales. The percentage can vary, butnormally the range is between 5% - 8%,said Carl Kosnar, ManagingPartner of The Kosnar Group, franchise development consultants for ProMartial Arts Franchise Corporation.“Our goal is not to extract more money from the franchisee as he or shebecomes more successful, but instead, we want to build a long-termrelationship with our franchisees. We would like our franchisees to be our partners and allow them to build equity in their businesses. We realize thatin order to grow the PRO MARTIAL ARTS franchise chain nationally, weneed to get innovative and aggressive. That is the reason that weinstituted a monthly $10 fee per student enrolled in lieu of a percentageroyalty,” said Grand Master Samane.“Pro Martial Arts does not compete with other karate schools; it offers theother half of a "private school education" providing students with
character, health and safety education. We use karate as a vehicle for developing character in each child,” added Kosnar.Americans are now spending over $4 billion yearly on tutoring for their children, and this amount is only expected to grow in the coming years asparents are increasingly spending their money for supplementaleducational enrichment and remediation.Samane added, "Besides the unique educational method and philosophymentioned, I believe that Pro Martial Arts fosters a strong and positiveparent-child relationship. We do not hesitate to tell parents that they needto be very involved in the process, and, if they cannot, they should notenroll their child. In encouraging and supporting the child to live thelessons learned at Pro Martial Arts, the parent is able to be involved in thechild's progress.”"Pro Martial Arts helps children to develop the skills to do better in schooland the confidence to do better in everything else," said Carl Kosnar. "Thefact that the impact of the Grandmaster Samane system lasts a lifetime andcan truly change a child's life is the most important part of what Pro MartialArts delivers.”“Pro Martial Arts prides itself most on seeing its students gain a love for learning and develop life skills to help society. Those skills include focus,perseverance, patience, and compassion. Our students develop not onlygood minds and bodies, but also good hearts. To our franchisees andemployees, it is much more than just seeing our students master karateskills. We take great pride that our educational method involves the studenttaking part in his or her own goal setting because learning is so much moreenjoyable this way; we know this from watching our students. We alsopride ourselves in the fact that all of our actions and decisions are made inthe best interest of the child," said Samane.About PRO MARTIAL ARTS Franchise CorporationPRO MARTIAL ARTS Franchise Corporation is a membership karate studiobusiness consisting of unique karate training regimens which utilize asystem and products that are proprietary to the Grandmaster SamaneSystem. PRO MARTIAL ARTS offers a turn-key franchise with the franchiseeand staff receiving full training and ongoing support. The Companysources and trains salespeople in addition to recruiting karate instructorsfor its franchisees. The vast majority of our students are children andadults who are interested in child development and life skills programs.Potential PRO MARTIAL ARTS franchisees are required to pay a $25,000franchise fee which is included in the $84,835 to $99,875 range of capital

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