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. Libdocs Literature 760

. Libdocs Literature 760

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Published by: Andy Chong on Jun 06, 2013
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Industrial Valve Operation
Dresser Valve and Controls DivisionAlexandria, Louisiana 71309-1430 (USA)
CON-11Revised 9/93
Consolidated Safety ValveType 1510,1511 and 1811
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Product Safety Sign and Label System 
DANGER — Immediatehazards which WILL resultin severe personal injury ordeath.
WARNING — Hazards orunsafe practices whichCOULD result in severepersonal injury or death.
CAUTION — Hazards orunsafe practices whichCOULD result in minorpersonal injury.
ATTENTION — Hazards orunsafe practices whichCOULD result in product orproperty damage.
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If and when required, appropriate safety labels have been included in therectangular margin blocks throughout this manual. Safety labels are verticallyoriented rectangles as shown in the
representative examples 
(below), con-sisting of three panels encircled by a narrow border. The panels can contain fourmessages which communicate:The level of hazard seriousnessThe nature of the hazardThe consequence of human, or product, interaction with the hazard.The instructions, if necessary, on how to avoid the hazard.The top panel of the format contains a signal word (DANGER, WARNING,CAUTION or ATTENTION) which communicates the level of hazard serious-ness.The center panel contains a pictorial which communicates the nature of thehazard, and the possible consequence of human or product interaction with thehazard. In some instances of human hazards the pictorial may, instead, depictwhat preventive measures to take, such as wearing protective equipment.The bottom panel may contain an instruction message on how to avoid thehazard. In the case of human hazard, this message may also contain a moreprecise definition of the hazard, and the consequences of human interactionwith the hazard, than can be communicated solely by the pictorial.
Do not remove bolts ifpressure in line, as thiswill result in severepersonal injury ordeath.Know all valveexhaust/leakage pointsto avoid possiblesevere personal injuryor death.Wear necessaryprotective equipment toprevent possible injury.Handle valve carefully.Do not drop or strike.
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PartNo.Nomenclature1Base2Seat Bushing3Disc4Lower Adj. Ring5Lower Adj. Ring Pin6Upper Adj. RingGuide7Upper Adj. Ring Pin8Yoke9Yoke Cap Screws10Spindle Assem.11Spring Washers12Spring13Compression Screw14Compression ScrewLock Nut15Cap16Cap Set Screw17Lever18Top Lever19Drop Lever20Release Nut21Lever Pin22Top Lever Pin23Drop Lever Pin24Spring Cover Option25Cover Bolt26Cover Nut27Release Lock Nut
Type 1510 has a lift restrictor(not shown here) inside thespring and is limited to 15 psigset pressure. Except for that, it isidentical to type 1511: unlessotherwise noted, all refer-ences to type 1511 should beconsidered applicable to 1510as well.Cap and Lifting Lever Assemblyfor 4" and 6" SizesFlanged Outlet for4" and 6" Sizes

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