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DUP345 Workplace Redesign vFINAL 6.3

DUP345 Workplace Redesign vFINAL 6.3

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Published by Glauka

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Published by: Glauka on Jun 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Acceeati taetdeepmetad pemaceimpemet
 A ept by the Deitte Cete  the Ede
About the authors
John Hagel
(co-chairman, Deloitte Center or the Edge) has nearly 30 yearso experience as a management consultant, author, speaker, and entrepreneur,and has helped companies improve perormance by applying I to reshapebusiness strategies. In addition to signicant positions at leading consult-ing rms and companies throughout his career, John is the author o best-selling business books such as
Net Gain, Net Worth, Out o the Box, Te Only Sustainable Edge,
Te Power o Pull 
John Seely Brown
(JSB) (independent co-chairman, Deloitte Center or theEdge) is a prolic writer, speaker, and educator. In addition to his work withthe Center or the Edge, JSB is Adviser to the Provost and a visiting scholarat the University o Southern Caliornia. Tis position ollowed a lengthy tenure at Xerox Corporation, where JSB was chie scientist and director o theXerox Palo Alto Research Center. JSB has published more than 100 papers inscientic journals and authored or co-authored seven books, including
TeSocial Lie o Inormation, Te Only Sustainable Edge, Te Power o Pull,
ANew Culture o Learning 
Tamara Samoylova
(head o research, Deloitte Center or the Edge) leadsthe Center’s research agenda and manages rotating teams o Edge Fellows.Prior to joining the Center, amara served as a senior manager in DeloitteConsulting’s Growth and Innovation practice, helping mature companies ndnew areas o growth by better understanding unmet customer needs, indus-try dynamics, and competitive moves.
Work environment redesign
Karn Cn
Deloitte Consulting LLP 
As a ellow at the Center or the Edge,
Karin Chen
ocused primarily on conducting originalresearch ocused on the research topic o work environment and perormance. Prior to joiningthe Center, Karin spent ve years working with large, multinational clients in the lie sciencesand nancial services sectors. She specializes in large-scale organizational transormations, work-ing specically on talent management, change management, organization design, and workorceplanning strategies.
Ky Cn
Deloitte Consulting LLP 
Kelly Cheng 
is a consultant in Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Strategy & Operations practice. Sheocuses primarily on growth strategy work in the health care, nancial services, and technology sectors. Many o her clients look to emerging technologies to drive growth opportunities. Her work at the Center includes conducting primary and secondary research on talent development andhelping to develop the launch strategy or “Pragmatic Pathways,” a ramework to help companiesscale change.
Artur Syn
Deloitte Consulting LLP 
Arthur Sheyn
is a consultant in Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Strategy & Operations practice. He hasserved clients in a wide range o industries, including automotive, technology, and oil and gas.Projects include business model development, nance transormation, and supply chain assess-ments. As a ellow at the Center or the Edge, Arthur ocused on identiying an edge (growth oppor-tunity) or a Fortune 500 investments institution as well as on conducting original research or theCenter’s current topic on talent and work. Most recently, Shayn worked with the telematics divisiono a large automotive rm to help the company understand and assess dierent revenue modelsbased on customer needs in this new space.
N Tamb
Deloitte Consulting LLP 
Since joining the Center or the Edge,
Neil Tambe
has worked on a variety o initiatives, includingthe launch o a survey proling worker passion, the development o a lab that brings the Center’sScaling Edges methodology to lie, and the preparation or conducting this lab with a leadingprint media client. Beore joining the Center, Neil has helped large companies across a variety o industries and unctions successully engage employees in embracing change. He has also co-developed publications about ederal Gen Y talent issues and people strategies in the consumerproducts sector.
About the research team
Accelerating talent development and performance improvement

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