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Temple of the Black Light

Temple of the Black Light

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Published by Buriul Arcon

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Published by: Buriul Arcon on Jun 06, 2013
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 Temple of the Black Light (TOTBL) is an international temple dedicated to the Current 218 and itsAnti-Cosmic Tradition of Luciferianism/Satanism. The Temple is a manifestation of, and expressionfor, the adversarial, acosmic forces of the Nightside, and represents a new, wrathful form of GnosticLeft Hand Path.The tradition represented by the TOTBL can best be described as the essence of Anti-CosmicGnosticism expressed through the sinister forms of traditional Diabolism. Within our tradition, theDark Ones (Gods and Goddesses of Sitra Ahra) represent the anti-archonic impulse of the DeusAbsconditus and the manifested aspect of the second and left emanation from the Ain Sof. Thus, forus, Satan-Lucifer is the first and highest manifestation of the Black Light, and the opposer anddestroyer of the cosmic prison/causal structures established by the tyrant demiurge.Within the TOTBL many forms of magical systems are studied and practiced, parallel to each other,as it is our conviction that the keys that will unlock the prison gates of the cosmic archons arespread throughout many different esoteric traditions. Our main goal is therefore to rediscover,remanifest, adapt and create the antinomian forms of spiritual practice that will lead the adept toGnosis, hastening the revolution back towards the Unbound Fullness that was before the ordering of Chaos and the fall into causality.The high magical and spiritual practice within the TOTBL is thus shaped in a way that will lead theinitiate to a concrete and direct encounter with the Divine within and without. The forms most oftenused and focused upon within our ritual work are those belonging to Kliffotic (Qliphothic)ceremonial magic and grimoire based demonology. But our tradition also contains elements of many other systems of magical expression, such as those connected to the Babylonian Cult of Tiamat, Draconian forms of Typhonic Setianism, Nephilimic forms of Traditional Witchcraft,1
Necrosophic systems of sorcery, certain extreme forms of Left Hand Path Tantrism, and many othermagical traditions that can help the initiate break free from the chains of imposed order and cosmicrestriction.The mission of all public manifestations of the TOTBL, be it on the World Wide Web or throughdifferent forms of publications, is to make known and promote the Chaosophic/Chaos-Gnosticreligious system, with the aim of reaching out to those very few that have the eye to see the essencebehind the forms presented and the ears to hear the voiceless calling of the true Divine Force, fromboth within and without. But, because the Temple is an esoteric and initiatic institution, closed tooutsiders, we only welcome contact with those who fully understand and embrace The Path of Black Light.Since the TOTBL has reached its predetermined number of fully initiated brothers and sisters,membership is closed, but it is still our duty to reach out and offer guidance to the very few thatbear within them the Black Flames of the acosmic Spirit.So while we do not offer initiation into the Inner Sanctum at this time, we still offer relevant partsof the Chaosophic teachings that we believe can lead the elect of our Gods to the illumination of theBlack Light. The texts presented on this website have as their purpose to test the readers, confusethe feeble-minded majority, and guide the very few of spiritual worth to other, more hidden, pointsof ingress into the very heart of the Current 218.A secondary motive for the outside manifestation of the Anti-Cosmic Tradition is to counteract theessenceless and materialistic filth that is spread in the name of Satan and Satanism. By presenting aspiritual and yet harshly antinomian form of Gnostic Luciferianism, we hope to contribute to theestablishment of visible alternatives to the vulgarism preached by atheistic con men.
 Incipit Chaos!
TOTBL – 218 

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