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Describing People - Examples

Describing People - Examples

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Published by Barbu Adrian Bogdan
english example
english example

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Barbu Adrian Bogdan on Jun 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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My Aunt, Julie
I remember my aunt Jane since I was a child, because she used to give me sweets. Of all myrelatives, I like her the best.She’s my mother’s youngest sister. She has never married and lives alone in a small village nearLondon. She’s in her late fifties, but she’s quite young in spirits. She has a fair complexion, thick brownhair which she wears in a bun, and dark brown eyes. She has a kind face, and when you meet her, thefirst thing you notice is her smile. Her face is a little wrinkled now, but I think she is still rather attractive.She is the sort of person you can always go to if you have a problem.She likes reading and gardening, and she still goes for long walks over the hills. She’s a very activeperson, either she’s making something, or mending something, or doing something to entertain herself.She’s extremely generous, but not very tolerant with people who don’t agree with her.I hope that when I’m her age I’ll be as contented as she is now and I’ll have a beautiful life, just like myaunt’s.
My Next – door Neighbor
Mavis has been my neighbor for six years. I first met her when sheknocked on my door and asked for a spade because she hadn’t yetunpacked hers. She had only moved in two days before.Physically, Mavis looks younger than the most other women in theirlate sixties. She is of average height, neither fat nor thin. Her plump roundface is framed by a mass of wavy white hair and her sparkling blue eyesshow her humor and friendliness.As for her personality, Mavis’s most striking characteristic is hergenerosity. My house, as well as most of our neighbors’, nearly always has avase of flowers from her garden in the living room. Mavis is very good –natured and always has time for a chat. She is also patient. She hardly evergets annoyed about something, except when children pick her favorite rosesand lilies. However, she tends to be quite stubborn – once she has made adecision, nothing can change her mind.Mavis always seems to be busy doing something. She spends a lot of her time looking after her garden and often participates in local flowershows. When she is not in her garden she is usually off somewhere raisingmoney for charity or another.

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