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Excerpt From Snow White Blood Red

Excerpt From Snow White Blood Red

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Posted in Fragments of Life
Posted in Fragments of Life

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Published by: Precious Gabriel Banaag on Jun 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Excerpt from Snow White Blood Red
Dear Wilhelm Carl Grimm,She is not that giddy, naïve, and helpless princess she
pretends to be. Please don’t let her fool you with her innocence if 
you see her sing to the birds in the forest. Resist her charm frombringing joyful tears to your eyes, and shield yourself from herdevious beauty before she deceives you into wanting to kiss herawake. It'll
be a kiss of death. Your death. That’s how she fooled
the Huntsman, Prince Charming, and me, her birth mother.I still remember the original script of the fairy tale, the oneyou wrote in 1812. It clearly stated that she was my own flesh and
blood daughter. I don’t have the slightest idea why you altered it
fifty years later.What was the point of turning me into an evil, narcissistic,and heartless stepmother, blinded by jealousy and envy of theyoung princess?For years, I have been looking forward to telling you thetruth about her, but you were impossible to reach.I am glad I found your brother, Jacob. He told me that youwanted to tone the stories down so children could sleep better atnight, instead of having nightmares about the Queen who sought
to eat her daughter’s heart and liver.
 Shame on you, Wilhelm.You, of all authors, knew why I wanted to kill her. Myactions were justified. I was trying to save my kingdom from herwrath, before everything we loved was destined to an end. Thesame way you had to rewrite the true fairytales after cursing us,so the War of Sorrows would end forever after.Night after night, and year after year, parents fed theirchildren false bedtime stories, until your lies grew into
inescapable memories. Your
happily ever after 
lies, Wilhelm,shaped the so called fairy tale world.
I wondered why you didn’t burn the original scripts,
instead of rewriting them. You must have figured out that sooneror later someone would dig up the truth and expose you. Alteringit was the smarter solution. You let children believe that the biteswere resurrecting kisses, and that torturing glass coffins weremade for sleeping beauties, waiting for a prince to come and kissthem awake.A wise man once said that the greatest trick the devil everpulled was convincing the world he was someone else. You didthe same with us, Wilhelm. You turned us into pastiches of theimmortals that we really are, and made it harder for us if wantedto persuade the world otherwise.I know that you did it to save us from
. And I appreciatehow you concealed our real names, or we would have ended uplike Rumpelstiltskin, tortured by those who knew of his real name.
But sometimes, I can’t h
elp but wonder why no one everquestioned why I was called the Evil Queen, and why I was nevergiven a
name in the books.Was I so superficial to the world, so stereotypical andmundane? Why was I treated as if I were the monster of theweek?You know what I think? I think that the world never gotthe time to hate me. It just
to hate me long before it metme.If I tell those who detest me about the true nature of theirlittle princess, would they ever care about me half as much asthey care about her?I know that deep inside, they adore me. They like the way Italk, walk, dress, and even the way I kill.They are just afraid to admit how much they love me. I am
the Snow White Queen, strong enough that I don’t need anyone’s

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