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Leg Spirit Magic

Leg Spirit Magic

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Published by crennydane

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Published by: crennydane on Jun 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Original Authors
Lawrence Whitaker & Pete Nash
Gareth Hanrahan
Charlotte Law 
Layout & Graphic Design
 Will Chapman
 Interior Illustrations
Carlos Nunez de Castro Torres, Javier Charro, Nick Egberts & Sendol Studio’s
Tressy Arts, Nathan Baron, Sergio Bonomo, Simon Bray, Ken Cabana, Colin Driver, David Ednie, Jessica Ednie, ErnestGivens, David Groves, Paolo Guccione, Sally Head, John Hutchinson, Bruce Mason, Carl Pates, Ben Quant, MichaelRieft, Nick Robinson, David Shaw, Manuele Verduci, Phill Winters, Ray Davis, Tammie Davis, Nick Davis, TimTruelove, Sandrine Thirache, James Lothian, Graham Ellis, Katrina Hepburn and Andrew McMillan
Copyright Information
©2011 Mongoose Publishing. All rights reserved. Reproduction of non-Open Game Content of this work by any means without the written permission of the publisher is expressly forbidden. Legend ispresented under the Open Game Licence. See page 29 for the text of this licence. All text paragraphs andtables containing game mechanics and statistics derivative of Open Game Content and the System ReferenceDocument are considered to be Open Game Content. All other significant characters, names, places, items,art and text herein are copyrighted by Mongoose Publishing. All rights reserved. Printed in USA 
Spirit Magic is the practice of animism and ancestor worship. Spirit magicians call upon spirits which manifest their powers on behalf of their summoner or binder. These beings have many names… dryads, nymphs, diseases, ghosts, nightmares, elementals, ancestors; yet in truth, are allsentient fragments of magical energy from which everything is derived. A spirit does not teachor use magic, rather they are magic. Spirits flow between the mundane plane and the spirit plane, eternally transferring the power of magic to the mundane world and back again.Spirit magicians interact with these beings, utilising the spirit’s magic to augment or protectthemselves. Such sentient immaterial beings are powerful allies, being capable of independentaction and manifesting their powers for unlimited periods of time.
The Spirit Plane
The spirit world is a place which exists tangentially to the material world. Nothing physical canexist there, only the immaterial. The spirit world is populated by many spirits, which are linkedto the natural geographical features, animals and plants of the material world. Also present arethe faint
of mortal beings whose spirits are still bound to a material body. These appear aspale shadows and are hard to perceive.The landscape of the spirit plane is abstract, similar to the terrain of its counterpart, but the size,colour and vividness of individual features are dependent on the spirits that inhabit it. Thus a  wild, craggy mountain in the real world may appear as a tremendous spirit on the spirit plane, whereas an urbanised region might show as grey lifeless area full of translucent apparitions. A soul or spirit which inhabits a physical body or item is defined as being 
. A corporealspirit cannot enter the spirit world until drawn forth from its material residence. A soul pulledfrom its physical body up onto the spirit plane, or a spirit which resides there, is considered
. Whilst discorporate, souls are separated from the senses and sensations of theirbody.
 How Spirit Magic Works
Spirit magicians do not use spells to find or influence the spirits from which their power derives.Instead they learn two mystical skills, Spirit Walking and Spirit Binding. The first enables them toperceive spirits and spiritually enter the Spirit Plane. The second allows them to summon, bind anddominate spirits in spirit combat.
 Spirit Walking (POW+CON)
This skill represents the spirit magician’s awareness of the Spirit Plane and its denizens. Anyone with this skill can, with a successful roll, detect (but not observe) the presence of spirits withina range of their POW in metres. The skill is capable of far more – but such secrets are jealously guarded by tribal shamans and only revealed to those who progress higher in a spirit cult’shierarchy. Each further level of knowledge allows the skill to be used in new ways, permitting observation, communication and eventually freedom to travel the Spirit Plane.Utilising any of the following abilities requires entering a trance-like state, which takes a number of minutes equal to the Species Maximum POW minus their Characteristic POW and costs a singleMagic Point.If the Skill Test is successful then the spirit magician can perform the following dependant onhis rank:
Follower – Can see and identify spirits within range.
Votary/Seer – Can communicate with spirits within range.
Shaman – Can project their own soul onto the Spirit Plane.
High Shaman – Can drag the souls of others onto the Spirit Plane with them, at a costof 1 extra Magic Point per additional person. Unwilling participants resist using theirPersistence in an opposed roll against the Spirit Walking skill of the High Shaman.Shaman and High Shaman may travel the Spirit Plane to observe and locate other spirits. Theskill provides an abstract understanding of the geography and nature of the region and theshaman can travel up to his skill’s value in kilometres away from his body. From the SpiritPlane a shaman who succeeds in a Perception test, can also distinguish the spirits of corporealcreatures in the material world and thus hunt for particular species or even seek out specificpeople.If the roll is a critical success then entering the trance is achieved in a single minute. If the roll isfumbled, the shaman is barred from entering the spirit plane for a full day.
 Spirit Binding (POW+CHA)
Spirit Binding is used to bind spirits into fetishes and control their actions once bound. Additionally, it can be used to summon and coerce a known spirit to perform a single deed fora mutually acceptable service. The POW of the largest spirit which can be bound or controlledcannot exceed three times the critical range of this skill. Thus a character with a Spirit Binding skill of 45% could control spirits of up to 15 POW.The binding skill is also used for spirit combat – using mental domination to overcomeimmaterial beings in a battle of willpower. In this case the value of the Spirit Binding skill isused to calculate the amount of damage inflicted by the spirit magician during spirit combat.

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