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6-6-13 Ltr to Gov. Scott Regarding Sheriff Finch

6-6-13 Ltr to Gov. Scott Regarding Sheriff Finch

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Published by Roy Callahan

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Published by: Roy Callahan on Jun 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Roy G. Callahan, USN, Ret.
1529 NW 143 
Street Gainesville, Florida 32606 Tel: (352) 332-9144  Fax: (352) 332-9144 Call6603@Bellsouth.net 
Thursday, June 06, 2013Governor Rick ScottOffice of the Governor The CapitolTallahassee, Florida 32399-0001Dear Governor Scott:I am writing this letter in support of Liberty County Sheriff Rick Finch whom I understand you removed from officebecause he used his judgment based on facts making a decision that supports and defends the constitutional rightsof Floridians.Sheriff Finch
s decision to drop a charge against Floyd Parish, who was stopped for a traffic offense, was his right tomake as an elected constitutional sheriff. He also has the right to remove
Mr. Parish’s file
, his name from the jail logand purge existing records pertaining to his arrest because they have lost
their “administrative value.” Florida
regula-tion gives Sheriff Finch the authority to destroy these records.The arrest affidavit does not mention Mr. Parish being booked into custody. Being placed in a jail cell is not the sameas being booked. I am a retired criminal investigator who worked for the public
office. I know the routineand the difference. If the arrest affidavit is accurate, and given under oath, Mr. Parish was never booked, making thelog entry that contained his name an error. Sheriffs have the authority to white out names to make space for some-one actually booked into the jail.Sheriff Finch
’s arrest affidavit claims
he violated Florida Statute 838.022(1). This statute reads:
is unlawful for apublic servant, with corrupt intent to obtain a benefit for any person or to cause harm to another, to: (b): Conceal,cover up, destroy, mutilate, or alter any official record or official document or cause another person to perform suchan act;The Second Amendment is NOT a benefit. It is a RIGHT. The 10 Amendments added to the Constitution at its sign-ing is the Bill of Rights not the Bill of Benefits. By arresting Sheriff Finch, you are accusing him
of acting with “corruptintent” for defending a Florida citizen’
s constitutionally protected rights without evidence he benefitted materially or financially by doing his duty. This makes you the corrupt official..You took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, you did not take an oath to support anddefend
laws. We both remember an incident where a sheriff should have stood for what was rightand constitutional. Instead, the sheriff chose to enforce the law. Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to sit in theback of the bus.The Second Amendment states our Right to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! Sheriff Finch be-lieves in the Constitution. He upheld his oath. He did nothing wrong.

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