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Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes

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Published by nurhidayahsenin

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: nurhidayahsenin on Apr 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sex and the Law
Human sexuality is a beautiful thing, but it does have restrictionsattached to it. It is important for every person to know the law beforeengaging in sexual activities. These activities range in anything fromsexual intercourse with another person to looking at pornography (bothon the World Wide Web or elsewhere), to sexual harassment on the jobor in academia.
Child Pornography
 The viewing, distribution, and/or making of child pornography, or“kiddie porn,” are ILLEGAL. There are 7 states where the possession of child porn is not illegal, but it is illegal to produce or distribute suchmaterial in these states. Child pornography is a big problem in theUnited States because it exploits innocent children who might notunderstand why they are being photographed naked. Children in thissituation can become emotionally traumatized, resulting in distressthat is difficult to remedy. The Internet is making the problem evenworse, for it is now easier for men who enjoy child pornography to viewit. But viewers in the 43 states where it is illegal are committing acrime, one that has serious consequences for those who get caught.
Internet Porn
 The World Wide Web has become the information and communicationtool of choice in the past decade. With this boom came an explosion of pornography on the Web, making it is easily accessible from theprivacy of one’s computer terminal. There is nothing illegal aboutadults viewing sexual material, but who is stopping children from doingthe same?Websites with nude people and/or sexual interactions generally havethe disclaimer that “no one under 18 may enter.” They also say thatthe viewer is responsible for his or her own actions and must be awareof the laws in their community regarding the viewing of such material.While this may relinquish any legal responsibilities the website hasregarding illegal viewing, it does not stop young people from viewingporn. Programs such as Net Nanny and others allow parents to blocktheir children from reaching these sites, but parents often don’t usethem.
It is important to know that in the United States it is illegal for anyoneunder 18 to view pornographic material, on the Web or elsewhere. Thegovernment is trying desperately to find ways of patrolling the Internetto curb illegal activities; but many obstacles lie in their path, and asolution does not seem near. The Web can be a great informational andlearning tool, but it can also be a place for illegal activity
Mobile Porn
In many nations pornography is one of the most controversial forms of media. It is present in many aspects of media, from the internet tomovies and magazines. There is a new mode of pornography that isexpected to emerge from a surprising location—the Apple iPhone.According to Time Magazine, the new iPhone 2.0, which is expected tocome out in summer 2009, will bring about a new, mobile form of pornography. With better video and graphics, the updated cell phonewill allow for easy and convenient porn for those on-the-goes. Thereare even hundreds of websites that have been created especially forfuture iPhone users. Apple claims that there will be parental controlsfor the internet on the iPhone 2.0, but there are a number of criticswho are quite worried. Opponents of this new outlet for pornographyare concerned for the possibilities of exposure to young children. TheiPhone 2.0 is expected to be released in over 75 different countriesaround the world, making the issue a global one. It will be fascinatingto see how much of an impact the iPhone has among pornographyfans, and what new types of porn will emerge next!
In determining whether sexual pictures are appropriate in our society,the word “obscene” has become a favorite among legislators. Factualpictures are OK, but obscene images are not. The problem is, nobodyknows how define the word obscene, especially in relation topornographic material. “I know it when I see it” is Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart’s definition, but feminist activist Gloria Steinhamhas a completely different one. The fact is, something may seemobscene to one person that is aesthetically acceptable to another.So is there any objective way to determine if pornography is obsceneor not? The most modern view is based on sexual criteria. If the workcomes across as clearly offensive to the community as a whole, it maybe considered obscene. However, a work may not be consideredobscene if it has any artistic or literary value, maybe even political orscientific value. Finally, to be obscene the material as a whole must
incite lustful interest in sex. These three guidelines are the ones usedby the U.S. Supreme Court when it tries to determine whether or notsomething is obscene. But as we saw already, sometimes it is hard foreven the Justices to follow these rules, as ever case is unique.
Snuff Films: Brutal Truth or Urban Myth?
Since the first pornographic film was released in America the businesshas slowly evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry. However, withthe technological advances of the World Wide Web, DVD discs, andhand-held cameras, pornographic films are not only being created byproduction companies but also by amateurs and sexual deviants aswell. This increased ability to produce and distribute pornography hasbrought a higher demand for certain viewers, which in many cases hasled to the widespread circulation of unlawful or obscene material. Childpornography is easily the most frowned upon type of explicitpornography, however, the awareness behind a more mysterious andextreme type of pornography still remains relatively unseen—theunderground art of the snuff film.By common definition a snuff film is a highly graphic and sadisticpornographic depiction in which an actor or actress in the film issexually coerced and eventually murdered in the culminatingsequence. The concept of the snuff film first received mainstreamattention in the release of the horror film Snuff (1976). Filmmaker AllanShackelton stirred heavy controversy with the film’s widespreadrelease as it contained on-screen footage of a brutal murder in theclosing scenes. The murderous depiction was so graphic that rumorsbegan to be spread that the scenes were actual images of a filmedkilling. In the midst of the Charles Manson serial murders and thegrowing publicity surrounding the film, Shackelton did little to dispelthe outlandish rumors. In fact, historians believe that Shackelton wasactually fueling the controversy by bribing women’s groups and actorsin the industry to protest the films release.Since Snuff’s release in the mid 1970’s, the infamous motion picturehas lead to over thirty years of belief, disbelief, and FBI/privateinvestigations over the matter. Law enforcement has dealt with severalelaborate hoaxes of snuff films; however, to this day the existence of such films in the underground world of commercial pornography has

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