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Comparedoc Hb59 Cc

Comparedoc Hb59 Cc

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Published by Carl Weiser
Compare Ohio House and Senate budget provisions
Compare Ohio House and Senate budget provisions

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Published by: Carl Weiser on Jun 07, 2013
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House Bill 59
130th General Assembly
Main Operating Appropriations Bill(FY 2014-FY 2015)
 As Introduced As Passed by the House As Passed by the Senate
Items on which the Executive, House, and Senate are in agreement are
Legislative Service CommissionJune 7, 2013
The Comparison Document provides brief descriptions and fiscal estimates of the provisions that make up the executive recommended version andsubsequent versions of the biennial main operating budget bill of the 130th General Assembly, House Bill 59. The document is arranged in alphabetical order bystate agency. It also includes two nonagency items for which appropriations are made, Employee Benefits Fund (PAY) and Revenue Distribution Funds (RDF), aswell as a Local Government Provisions (LOC) section for provisions that affect local governments and that are not entered in other agency sections. A Table ofContents follows this Introduction. Two indices are located at the end of the document. The first index gives the page number of each particular item within thesections; the second index lists cross-references by agency.Generally within an agency's section, items that involve Revised Code changes come first, followed by items that involve uncodified (i.e., temporary) lawprovisions. The sections for the Department of Education and the Department of Taxation are first arranged by general topic areas. If an item affects more than oneagency, it is described under one of the affected agencies, rather than all of the agencies. However, the other agencies are listed in the cross-referencing index at theend of the document. This index lists, for each agency, all entries that affect the agency but are not included in that agency's section as well as the page numbersfor these entries. A reader who is interested in all provisions affecting a certain agency should consult the cross-referencing index in addition to the agency'ssection.Each item is assigned a unique identification number. This number begins with an agency's three-letter Central Accounting System (CAS) code followed bya comparison document reference ("CD") and a number (DEVCD15, for example). A reader who wants to track an item across several versions of the ComparisonDocument may find the identification number useful.The Comparison Document does not include appropriation amounts for the agencies. Please see the Legislative Service Commission's Budget in Detailspreadsheet for that information. For a complete discussion of the statutory changes in H.B. 59, see the Legislative Service Commission's Bill Analysis.
*Items on which the Executive, House, and Senate are in agreement are
Table of Contents
Department of Administrative Services1Department of Aging18Department of Agriculture24 Air Quality Development Authority30Ohio Arts Council32 Attorney General33Ohio State Barber Board38Office of Budget and Management39Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board42Casino Control Commission43Chemical Dependency Professionals Board47Ohio Civil Rights Commission48Department of Commerce49Controlling Board60State Board of Cosmetology61Court of Claims62Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission66Ohio State Dental Board68Development Services Agency69Department of Developmental Disabilities79Department of Education96State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors181Environmental Protection Agency183Broadcast Educational Media Commission189Ethics Commission191Expositions Commission192Ohio Facilities Construction Commission193Department of Health199Ohio Historical Society213House of Representatives216Ohio Housing Finance Agency218Office of the Inspector General219Department of Insurance220Department of Job and Family Services221Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review230Judiciary / Supreme Court231Lake Erie Commission236Joint Legislative Ethics Committee237Legislative Service Commission238State Library Board240Ohio Lottery Commission242Manufactured Homes Commission245Department of Medicaid246State Medical Board274Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services276Department of Natural Resources285Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Athletic Trainers Board306Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities Agency307State Board of Optometry310State Board of Pharmacy311State Board of Psychology313
TOC- 1Prepared by the Legislative Service Commission

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