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Polygamy an Act Created by Humans......

Polygamy an Act Created by Humans......



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Published by Tiye
The womb is the mother and mothers of nations and generations, Polygamy a name by humans to control the power of the womb.
The womb is the mother and mothers of nations and generations, Polygamy a name by humans to control the power of the womb.

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Published by: Tiye on Apr 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Source ChannelsPolygamy an act created by humansOpening my eyes to the power of daylight after retiring to the power of darkness was thrilling whenI received this information through the automaticsleep writing I do since the early part of 2006. Thesubject matter was not one that I ever gave muchthought to but become an interest to me after receiving it from the channel.As far back has earth beings can remember it beennoted that even in holy books that its ok for a manto have more than one wife. In some cultures it’s a practice following a tradition that Gods said its ok for Salomon to have the number of wives he hadand Jacob to have two wives and two concubines.Others with multiple wives include Moses andDavid.The true name for this act is called Polygamy. Themeaning of Polygamy/polygyny is when a man canmarry more than one wife and polyandry is when awoman can marry more than one husband however in Islam polyandry is completely prohibited.The bible and other holy books are history books because they cover a vast amount of biblical factswritten by man. However when reading these books, one should read with pure understanding of 
what the words of “God” actually says “God” being a reference name given to the creator whomis Label Less, for none of us know the true name of the supreme.If you read the holy books with deep dedicationyou will find that our supreme never gave sanctionsto most of the actions carried out neither were theyhonoured or approved by the creator, Polygamist inactual fact where all subjected to a variety of spiritual problems because of there indulgences tomultiple wives.It must be pointed out its not because its in the holy book, and such book are a part of our history meansit’s correct. The bearer of the massage does nothave to be the messenger of the message. The holy books that carry the messages do not have to be allthe messages of the creator/supreme of themessage.Most holy books you read are guidelines for whatis right and wrong to balance your correct path onthe earth plane. Not all are correct facts.It must be said that Polygamy is a form of controland it is also taken as a way of life to believe thatman is far more superior to woman, well this ishow the bible leads one to believe, the women in
this holy books are not given much identity, not tomention some of the other holy books.In the beginning women were inferior statusTimothy 2 11 –15 we are told that women are not permitted to have authority over men and they must be silent because Adam was formed first then eve."Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak.... And if theywill learn any thing, let them ask their husbands athome." -- 1 Corinthians 14:34-5The truth can be hard to believe when the mind has been fed with complete distortion of the facts,deceit, deception, dishonesty, disinformation,distortion, misrepresentation, myth, obloquy, perjury, revilement, slander, tale, terminologicalinexactitude, lies.Polygamy is the decision of man, it’s the law of your fate, its your life, your truth, leave the creator out of the abominations of your own revelations, Itsyour path, your ending, your own conclusions.To understand the real powers of women to knowand comprehend her real genetic make up, the trueessence of her being. Builders of generations passin-between and coming. Her life brings forth, theliability of mother hood. energy forces for allhumans, the power of strength to: parent hood,

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