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Published by: akinur on Apr 26, 2009
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Exam Name:Linux+Exam Type:CompTIAExam Code:XK0-002Total Questions:736
Page 1 of 217
Question: 1
On an NIS client, the following is a portion of the output of cat /etc/passwd:+Joe::::::::+Sam::::::::+:*::::::::/bin/falseWhich of the following is true for all users other than Joe and Sam?A. They have full access.B. They are denied access.C. They are granted limited access.D. They gain access after being prompted for a shell.
Answer: BQuestion: 2
How can a user view an X Window from a remote system on their local system?A. from the local system:export DISPLAY=local:0.0B. from the remote system:export DISPLAY=local:0.0C. from the local system:export DISPLAY=remote:0.0D. from the remote system:export DISPLAY=remote:0.0
Answer: BQuestion: 3
Which of the following commands can be used to confirm that the FTP server is listening?A. netstat -a ftpB. netstat | grep ftpC. netstat -u | grep ftpD. netstat -a | grep ftp
Answer: DExplanation:
-a Display all connections and listening ports
Question: 4
When a RAID 5array is configured with a hot-spare disk under Linux, which of the following is the minimumnumber of drives required?A. 2B. 3C. 4D. 5
Answer: C
Exam Name:Linux+Exam Type:CompTIAExam Code:XK0-002Total Questions:736
Page 2 of 217
Raid 5 requires 3 disks. Hotspare 1.
Question: 5
A system administrator wants to see if an RPM package is installed on a user workstation. Whichof the following commands should be used?A. rpm -query <filename>B. rpmfind <name of package>C. rpm -qa | grep <name of package>D. find -name rpm | grep <filename>
Answer: CExplanation:
-q query, -a lists all installed packages
Question: 6
Which of the following can be used to determine who has scheduled a job?A. whoB. whodoC. at -dD. at -l
Answer: DQuestion: 7
Which of the following encryption schemes is the LEAST secure?A. DESB. MD5C. AESD. Blowfish
Answer: AExplanation:
The Data Encryption Standard, a block cipher with 64-bit blocks and a 56-bit keyLike MD4, it produces a 128-bit hash. For details see RFC 1321AES ciphers use a 128-bit block and 128, 192 or 256-bit keysA block cipher using 64-bit blocks and keys of up to 448 bits
Question: 8
A Linux machine has a local address of with subnet mask of Allservices are currently denied. Which of the following lines should be appended to hosts.allow fileto permit access to the Web service on the local subnet.A. httpd: ALL: ALL except httpd:
Answer: A
Exam Name:Linux+Exam Type:CompTIAExam Code:XK0-002Total Questions:736
Page 3 of 217
To permit access to the Web service, you need to permit access to the HTTP daemon (httpd).You then need to specify which IP addresses can access it. is the network addressof a host with an IP address of The statement 'httpd: 192.168.1.' (without the 0) willallow all machines in the subnet access to the Web service.
Roderick W. Smith. Sybex Linux + Study Guide: Page 364.
Incorrect Answers:
B. The ALL statement is invalid. It can only be used in the client list to mean 'all' IP addresses.C. The ALL statement is invalid. It can only be used in the client list to mean 'all' IP addresses.D. The server service come before the client list.
Question: 9
A Linux administrator is about to install a Linux server. The server has 256MB of RAM. Which ofthe following sizes of the swap partition is generally recommended?A. 128MBB. 256MBC. 512MBD. 1024MB
Answer: CExplanation:
swap partitions are used to support virtual memory. In other words, data is written to a swappartition when there is not enough RAM to store the data your system is processing. If you areunsure about what size swap partition to create, make it twice the amount of RAM on yourmachine (but no larger than 2 GB). It must be of type swap.
Question: 10
Which driver, if any, is required to support L3 cache on the system processor?A. msr.oB. mtrr.oC. cache.oD. No driver is required.
Answer: DQuestion: 11
A user wants to remotely connect to a Linux system to transfer files from an oversea IP address.Which of the following programs allows the user to do this securely?A. rcpB. ftpC. sftpD. Telnet
Answer: CExplanation:
sftp = secure ftp

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