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Development Instructor Adam Forgacs Final Report

Development Instructor Adam Forgacs Final Report

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Published by Adam Forgacs
Worked for Humana People To People as a Development Instructor in Malawi, at the Teacher Training College in Chilangoma
Worked for Humana People To People as a Development Instructor in Malawi, at the Teacher Training College in Chilangoma

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Adam Forgacs on Jun 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. Name:
Forgács Ádám Soma (contact: fedaykin@inf.elte.hu)
2. My Background in short
: I graduated in secondary school as a technical constructor engineer in Hungary, after that, I went to university and studied computer science and programmingtechnologies. After some years next to the computer, I changed my goals and stood up, to doother useful things, to look around in the world, open my eyes and make a difference: withHUMANA People To People in Africa. In the beginning of my program, I was working at Nakkebolle in Denmark with children who had different kind of problems for six month.
3. My work in general
: Officially my work was to supervise preschools, to help the teachers andthe pupils to improve themselves, but I need to say that I have been worked in much wider areathan just this. Beyond the preschool supervising, I have also worked a lot with farmerscooperating with the DNS students and staff. When I came here, there were fifty preschools, andwe shared that amount among the Development Instructors, so this way I got seven preschools.
4. A list of the tasks in the outreach activities and my comments to my achievements- aslong and detailed as possible:
Drama festival: After we first week of my arrival we had this event here in Chilangoma, therewere a lot of communities and they had to make a theatre play about HIV/AIDS. My duty was onthis ceremony, to make pictures of each communities and artists, and print them with using color,to make a good looking frame and some text under it like “Team Chisomo, thank you for  participating – Drama Festival 2009”. After it, I laminated these diplomas and with cooperation of the TCE Field Officers in Patrol nr. 1, we distributed these to the communities.Malaria conference: With cooperating the Teachers Group in Malawi, we had an action toadvertise the natural medicines and the new kind of medicine called (LA) nearby ChilangomaTeacher Training Camp. The DNS members and the teachers were preparing a theater and somesong for the people and to the preschools as well, to let the children know what to do againstmalaria in case of need. In short, in Malawi people don’t know too much about malaria, many people don’t know what to do, and because of this the fatality rate of this virus is very high.So we prepared songs and theatre plays, and we went to Chisomo and Blessing preschool, tospread the word there. In addition, we planted lemongrass around the buildings, so they can havethis basic natural medicine as well. In short: lemongrass is good against fever, cold, headache andstomach problems, and it is also good against mosquitoes as well, if you wrap the leaves to your skin, it is a powerful repellent.During the conference, we made pictures as well, and distributed books to the preschools. I needto say, in overall I think this action was very very good and useful, my Chichewa knowledge isnot too good, but I could see the people how they enjoyed the songs and the theatre play.
Additional information: after several months, I could see that the community and the peopledidn’t take care of the lemongrass plantations; they let them die without water.Youth Center open day: At Chilangoma we have a youth center, and there are different kinds of activities were available each day of the week. At the opening day, we wanted to involve thecommunities and the kids, pupils, the students from the nearby preschools and primary schools to join us at the activities after school time. During my period here, we had two open days, and our responsibility area was to organize the event, count the scores at each kind of competitions andmake pictures of each team, print them, and distribute it as well.Teacher Training Day: We organized a Teacher Training Day at each month in Chilangoma toeducate the preschool teachers. First of all, I had the responsibility to make the budget to thisevent, to make the shopping list, to go to Lunzu (the village nearby) with the others and to leadthe shopping process as well, to organize the transportation, the kitchen staff and the variousduties at this day.We made a timetable, and on this day we give away education in different topics, for instance, Igave a lesson to the preschool teachers about healthy food, vegetables and vitamins, and whyhealthy food is really important. I also made a leaflet and distributed it on this day, so they can bring it home and follow the instructions to make their food healthier.We had various jobs as well beyond teaching, to prepare the room for the teachers, to distributethe food to them rightfully, to clean up the mess after the event and to dish wash as well.Vegetable Garden: One of my own projects which I am really proud at. With the other Development Instructors we dig the hard soil here nearby our houses, and I made a very nicechannel system to implement a new kind of irrigations. From Hungary we brought many seeds,and my plan was to make the food in Malawi more various, more healthy. I planted as wellmedicals herbs:
, and
too. Malawians basically don’t eat too healthyfood, they have a lot of vegetables nearby, but in overall they are mostly eating nsima because it isfilling. In the marketplace, you can find: beans, peas, eggplant, tomatoes, sometime cucumber and pepper too. So in my garden I planted:
 yellow honey melon
 yellow pees
 soya, leek prei
and different kind of 
as well.My plan was in the future, that we plant these, and we will give away the seeds after reproduction, or sell them at a very cheap prize in Lunzu market (1kwatcha – 1 radish seed). Thisway, we could make their lifestyle healthier, and bring more vitamins into their nutrition.You know, I met with a lot of teachers in the preschools, who were asking that they had malaria,and they don’t know what to do with it. Many cases, I met with preschools which were closed, because a child has died. In Europe, I think the biggest tragedy is when a child dies, but in Malawiit is different, the families have many many children, it was not rare that I met with families whohave 5-10 or more children. In this case, they cannot afford to cure or to feed every of them on a proper way, and some of the children dies because of the conditions.At the second part of my period I started to see truly what I can do here in Malawi, and I startedto involve the teacher, the students here in Chilangoma, and educate them about the natural
medicine. I think the biggest thing what I did was, to put these medicines into jars, and start todistribute them to preschools.You can see my English leaflet here:
http://edems_corner.extra.hu/addon/Herbs_n_use.docYou can see the Chichewa leaflet here:
http://edems_corner.extra.hu/addon/Hurb_n_use_chichewa.docThe translated leaflet of Chichewa and the natural medicines like
neem-tree leaves
have been given away to the preschools and the communities, so they willuse it, and after it was working, I am sure they will want more, and want to learn how to growthem.Farmers Club outreach: We went to Limbe’s Farmer Club Project, and we get some seeds there toour garden from the Development Instructors there. We successfully made an exchange that theytook lemongrass from us, so we got seeds like
plantations as well.I must admit, that Malawi is in really lack of fruits. To plant there fruit trees would be a bigdevelopment, because in the marketplace you cannot find too much of them! Fruits like
would be really good if people would have.Libraries: Some days I went to visit some libraries at the nearby primary schools. I went to a fieldvisit with Fine a Development Instructor from TCE, and I get knowledge about HIV-positiveliving club and about their income generation as well with mushroom farming. On this trip, wevisited many libraries, and checked their situations.I need to say in overall I don’t have a good experience about libraries in Malawi. Somehow, people just simply cannot use books, or the teachers didn’t though them how to use it, it is likesomehow the whole culture about reading books is missing. I have visited DAPP second hand bookstore in Blantyre, and I could get very good books, for 50kwatcha each. Just to compare,50kwatcha is equal to a price of a bottle coca-cola. My experience in the primary school libraries:that they have many new books, books for study, but they are not using it. When I asked thereason, they just said that they afraid to give it to the student (they are afraid that they willdamage it) and it will lost its value.Youth Center programs: In the beginning, I was working at the youth center at every Wednesday.Each Development Instructors had a day, when day had to organize an event in the afternoon atthe youth center. My responsibility was to organize sport event on each Wednesday, so I was playing football with the children. I need to say they played much better than me. After Marcelcame (a DI who is responsible for just the youth center) I stopped organizing these events. New Preschool Visiting System: We developed that the preschool visiting system could be much better. I made a plan how to improve it and make it fairer. The first and the most important issuewhat we had to solve is the information exchanging. Before us, we didn’t know anything whathappened before in the preschools, the Development Instructors wrote notes on simple papers,most of them using their own language (Japanese, Korean, and Hungarian), this way it was very

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