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Charlie and Me

Charlie and Me

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Published by Jarrett Jady Yap
A simple short story of a boy who found the love of his life. Follow the story of Sky from when he first met Charlie to the moment he gets on one knee.

(this was submitted to a creative writing competition in my University and got 2nd place)
A simple short story of a boy who found the love of his life. Follow the story of Sky from when he first met Charlie to the moment he gets on one knee.

(this was submitted to a creative writing competition in my University and got 2nd place)

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Published by: Jarrett Jady Yap on Jun 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 by Jared Yap
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The Meeting
She walked down the street in a flowy white summer dress and beautiful Bohemian braids when shecaught my eyes, and more, my heart. That was the first time her fragrance of orchids fill my nostrilsas she walked past me. Her glowing olive skin and piercing green eyes looked past me as she gaveme a little smile, a smile of an angel. Taken aback by her beauty, I could do nothing but smile back,
an awkward smile actually. She burst out laughing as she walked past me. And I couldn’t help
laughing at myself despite my embarrassment. I covered my face with my palms to hide my cheeks,
both turning red in this crimson sun. Were they turning red because it’s hot out here in the summer
heat, or was it because I was flushed in embarrassment?
It wasn’t till I heard a thud. I lifted my face to see, the girl, the very same girl with the flowy summerdress and romantically Bohemian braided hair on the floor. She must’ve tripped on the cracks along
the sidewalk and fell.
That’s when I saw that she
wore these beautiful chunky wedges with
beautifully designed straps that could match the famous Jimmy Choo. With a small gasp, an “Oh!”, I
quickly ran towards her. While helping her up, I could not help it but apologize, feeling as thoughher trip could be
my fault for distracting her. That’s when our eyes meet. Hers in a shade of green,
deep green, almost jade green I could say, and mine, my not so interesting dark brown eyes. Thoseeyes, I could remember them till this day. Something struck us there. Could it be that the ever
popular myth of love at first sight, the one I’ve brushed aside since my previous lover dumped me
for another man, is actually true? Did I tell you about her hair, her romantically braided hair? Upclose, I saw her hair. Her hair was wavy, chestnut brown in color, and the feature that struck me themost, the smell of orchids that could not be from anything other than the bottle of Herbal Essence
that I’m all so familiar with. Perfection, that’s the only word I could describe her.
 It felt as though time stopped but we soon snapped out of it and I helped her up. Embarrassed, shegave a small chuckled as she shook her head and covered her face. I laughed as I looked at her.Slowly, I grabbed her wrist and slowly pulled down her hand. I gave an assuring smile at her.
“Sky.” I said as I pointed to myself.
“Can I buy you a drink? It’s the least I could do.” I continued.
 She nodded with a sweet smile. We walked to a nearby Starbucks and she had an iced Cappuccinowhereas I had a Java Chip Frap. We parted ways after we got our drinks. Her name was Charlie andthat was all I got to know. No number, no e-mail, no way of contacting her in the future. But that girl,Charlie, took my breath away. I wonder when I will ever see her again. I gave a long sigh as I walked
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back. I wondered what I was supposed to do for the day for a moment and realized I was supposedto meet a friend in Central Park. Looking at my watch, I realized I had to be there in less than 10minutes. Hurriedly, I ran towards Central Park, with my Java Chip Frap in hand.There she was, under the tree, looking at her cellphone, a worried look plastered on her face. Thatwas Katie, the friend I was supposed to meet. We go way back. You see, Katie was a friend of mine.She used to live down the block and now, she stays a few doors away in college. Dark curls withchocolate brown skin, wide eyes, a brown beauty. I ran towards her, panting. She turned towardsme when I was
running towards her wording the words “Sorry”. She has that look on he
r face again,
the kind of face that I know too well which meant I’m in for another round of lecture. I finally
reached her.
“I could explain” I said.
“You better come up with an exceptionally good reason to be late again, Schuyler Abernathy Lee!”
she said, using my full name which I know too well meant she was not happy.
“But for now, we have to go. Hurry!” she said in a hurried tone.
“Okay, Katherine Helena Rosewood.” I said, mocking her.
She gave me a stare which clearly defines “We’ll settle this later.”
 We ran towards the center
of the park, where we’re holding a surprise birthday party for our friend,
Ted. It was his 21
birthday and we wanted to make it special. You see, Ted is a jock. He runs aroundthe park every single day, even that day on his birthday. Our plan was to throw him a surprise partyas he ran to us in the park. As we reached the center, we were just in time as we saw Indie, wavingfrantically to us to hurry up as she saw Ted not too far away. Katie and I picked up our pace and gotthere just in time.The party went on from the park to the club where we had a little drink before calling it a day. Afterthe party, Katie dropped by my room. Could she have remembered my wrongs for the day? Couldshe have remembered that I have some explaining to do?
“Now, talk.” Katie said.
So she did remember. In a way, I was nervous to tell her but I think it’ll be good to t
ell a friend. I toldher about Charlie. I think my cheeks grew red a few times as I spoke of her, as I remember how shelooked like, her dress, her smile, her hair.
I’m not too sure if it was the Vodka Lime I had earlier but
my cheeks grew hotter by the minute. Katie laughed at me a few times but I knew that she was

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