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Published by Karen Bautista
Girls's Generation lyrics
Girls's Generation lyrics

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Published by: Karen Bautista on Jun 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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[Yoona]Hana teul set tto hana teul setMichigetda byeolteul-a(1, 2, 3, again 1, 2, 3Stars, I'm going crazy)[Taeyeon]Amuli chyeodabwado niga boijil anh-a, oh babyDu nun-e gadeuk goin nunmul ttaemune ta neo ttaemune(No matter how many times I look at you, I can't see you, oh babyBecause of the tears in my eyes, all because of you)[Jessica]Beonjyeojin geulja wilo bichin uneun nae eolgul, oh babyTto ulji mallago nal dajimhaebwado tto ul-eo(My crying face that is reflecting above the spread letters, oh babyI promised myself I wouldn't cry again, but I'm crying again)[Soo Young]Na eotteoghae(What do I do?)[Sunny]Molla eotteoghae eotteoghae(I don't know what to do, what to do)[Soo Young]Na ileohge(This is me)[Sunny]Molla michige ileohge(I don't know why I'm going crazy like this)[Soo Young]Da neo ttaem-e(All because of you)[Sunny]Jeongmal neo ttaem-e(Really because of you)[Soo Young]Na amugeotdo hal su eobjanh-a nan neol(I, I can't do anything)[Tiffany]Byeol byeol byeol byeolmankeum saranghaeWatdeongeoya neoleul chaj-a jeo meolliseo neon shining star(Love you as much as the stars, stars, stars, starsI came for you to find you, you're that far shining star)[Sunny]Byeol byeol byeol byeolmal-eul da haebwadoPyohyeon-i andwae jeongmal neomunaDapdabhae ije nan eotteohge haeya hana
(Stars, stars, stars, no matter what I sayI really can't express myself I'm frustrated now, what should I do now?)[Seohyun]Hana dul seeo bwado kkeut-i boijil anha, oh babyGaseum-e gadeug damgin chueog ttaemun-e tto ni saeng-gag-e(No matter how many times I count, I can't see the end, oh babyBecause of all the memories that are in my heart, I think of you again)[Tiffany]Mot tahan yaegil kkeonae honjatmalppun ilado, oh babyNeol dollyeodallago nal bonaedalla go ni gyeot-e(I couldn't say everything I wanted to so I say them to myself, oh babyI want you back, I want to go back to your side)[Hyoyeon]Kkog butaghae(I'm pleading to you)[Sunny]Jebal ileohge butaghae(Please, I'm pleading to you)[Hyoyeon]Kkog haneul-e(To the sky)[Sunny]Naui gidoleul haneul-e(My prayer goes to the sky)[Hyoyeon]Nalwilohae(Cheer me up)[Sunny]Naleul wilohae(Cheer me up)[Hyoyeon]Jundaneun neon eodie itni jebal(Please, where are you now)[Yuri]Byeol byeol byeol byeoldeul-a malhaebwaKkeutnangeoni geuleongeoni daedabhaebwa utjiman malgo(Stars, stars, stars, stars, talk to meIs it over? Is that it? Answer me, don't just laugh)[Taeyeon]Byeol byeol byeol byeoldeul-a butaghaeDan hanbeonman-ilado nal nae sarangNi gyeot-e nal-agal su itge haejwo(Stars, stars, stars, stars, I'm pleading to youJust for once, my loveLet me fly to your side)

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