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The Mixing Bowl

The Mixing Bowl

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Published by just1thing

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Published by: just1thing on Jun 10, 2013
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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The Mixing 
If you nd you don’t knowhow to rest in the Lord, it mayhelp to tell Jesus, “Teach mesomething about Your sllness.Teach me how to rest in You.”And then wait a while. Let Himhave your complete aenonand your me, so that He canteach you. Ask Him what resngmeans for you, and how itwould best work for you.“He said, ‘My presence will go with you, and I’ll give you rest’” (Exodus 33:14 ISV). Resngin the Lord is a necessary part of our Chrisan walk. If we want to carry His peace, comfort, andcounsel with us throughout the day, it benets us to take me to pause and speak to God andlet Him speak to us.
Here'swhat'll helpyou personally!I havejust the ideasfor you!Jesus, howdo I restin You?Oops ...gotta go!
It’s as if Jesus has all theingredients needed to bakea delicious cake for you, butin order to prepare it all, Heneeds a bowl where He canmix everything. Your me islike that bowl, without whichJesus’ ingredients will haveno place to be mixed.To learn how to rest in Jesus, go to His “kitchen” and place your “bowl” beforeHim and ask Him to mix those ingredients that He knows will work best for you.As you wait on His kitchen table, He can explain to you which ingredients areneeded. Maybe He’ll show you that a teaspoon of praise mixed together with acup of prayer will be the right ingredients for you.Once those ingredients are in the bowl, once you’ve taken those steps, He’llmix and prepare the baer—causing those steps to go to work in your spirit,heart, and life, baking the most delicious cake of benets of resng in Him.

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