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Discerning of Spirits a Spiritual Gift

Discerning of Spirits a Spiritual Gift

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Published by tintin1889

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Published by: tintin1889 on Jun 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Chapter SixofGod's Detectivehttp://www.scribd.com/doc/21856546/God-s-DetectiveIn I Corinthians chapter 12 the Apostle Paul listsvarious spiritual gifts. In verse 10 he speaks of“discerning of spirits”.The Apostle John states,“Beloved, do not believe every spirit but testthe spirits to see if they are of God, since manyfalse prophets have gone out into the world.”[1 John 4:1]
Firstly I will explain what this gift of discerning spiritsis not and then what it is.The gift of discerning of spiritsIs not called ‘discerning of demons’for a reason
Multitudes seem to think that there is a gift that it is
unfortunate to have as it results in you seeing demonseverywhere. This is backed up by many who claim todo this among Pentecostals in their variousdenominations and sects. You will notice in the above verse that testing ofspirits was connected with identifying false prophets.That is what I am doing in this book. All God's giftsare good to have and are not burdensome or oppressive.They do not disconnect people from reality but havethe opposite effect. The gift of discerning spirits is awork of the Holy Spirit and it is an amazing andwonderful gift to have. Here is an example of a deludedperson's behaviour, one who claimed to have the gift ofdiscerning spirits.I sat down to lunch with a Christian friend and theirguest. The guest who I will call Nelson was supposedto have been baptised in the Spirit and could seedemons. He informed us that there were demons in theroom. Nelson then opened a window so they couldleave and commanded them to go in Jesus' Name.However, he noticed one was still hiding under thesalad bowl so he picked up the bowl and shouted at thedemon to leave.... As ridiculous as his behaviour may seem it was quiteorthodox for his ‘Jesus Only’ church – a Pentecostalsub group. Everything he did was related to their

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