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2009–2010 Student Council elections package

2009–2010 Student Council elections package



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Published by Frederick Ding
An information and application package for potential candidates in the 2009–2010 Student Council elections at Richmond Hill High School. Frederick Ding, Webmaster.

The rights to adapt this work are reserved for Student Councils at Richmond Hill High School and Council members working on behalf of the Council; others may build upon this document or draw on it as a reference but may not copy any part of it verbatim.
An information and application package for potential candidates in the 2009–2010 Student Council elections at Richmond Hill High School. Frederick Ding, Webmaster.

The rights to adapt this work are reserved for Student Councils at Richmond Hill High School and Council members working on behalf of the Council; others may build upon this document or draw on it as a reference but may not copy any part of it verbatim.

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Published by: Frederick Ding on Apr 28, 2009
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Dear potential candidate or the 2009–2010 Student Council elections:Student Council is an organization o students dedicated to reviving school spirit and making critical improve-ments in and around the school, with responsibilities in areas encompassing school unctions and student lie. Witheach school year, a new set o members brings new ideas to the table, and each member’s unique creativity andtalents are harnessed or the benet o the entire student body. Collectively, the councils o the past have begun newtraditions, built upon older customs, and made signicant impacts in the school. The bar rises higher and higher eachyear, and next year’s council has their work cut out or them. That’s where
come in.This is your opportunity to make a commitment to your school and to your ellow students. Once you’re in, you’recommitted to the poster parties, the late nights, the debates, the meetings and the planning. You’re determined toput orth all o your eort while maintaining a high academic average and juggling extracurricular activities. You’reopen minded to change, fexible, and most importantly, prepared to take on the position o a role model and leader.High school may seem like a long our years, but these are the years that fy by most quickly. Student Council willoccupy a large chunk o the limited time you have available, yet this also means that the people you meet, the eventsyou plan and attend, and the experiences and skills you acquire will also have the greatest positive impact on yourcharacter and development as an individual. The memories you create will be everlasting, and looking back, thoseare the memories you can refect on proudly. The nal outcome o being on Student Council is one that is well worththe campaigning, pressure, stress, nerves, and restless nights. Like all commitments, sacrices must be made, butthere is purpose to your sacrices and reason or your cause. Student Council is about personality, creativity, teamwork, and dedication. Once you’re in, there’s no turning back, and you may also soon nd that you wouldn’t want toanyway, even i you could. StuCo is a liestyle, a responsibility, and an opportunity.The ollowing job descriptions have been compiled by current Student Council members, drawing on a rich historyo past election documents. Read them careully, choose wisely. All the best luck with your endeavours!
(To run or this position, you must be entering grade 12)
Current: Fiona Chui
The President o Student Council has the responsibility o being the chie representative or the student population oRHHS. As such, you will be speaking regularly with the administration, teachers, custodial sta and secretaries. Yourpresence will be required at many meetings (these include School Council, YRPC, Student Council and even StaMeetings) and you must possess essential interpersonal qualities. As a leader and a diplomat, your role on StudentCouncil demands proessionalism, and the utmost dedication. You must lead the council as you plan annual socialoccasions and are required to represent the students at events and ceremonies both inside (Grade 8 Orientation,Parents Night, etc.) and outside the school (conerences). Meanwhile, you must take on several smaller, but still im-portant duties that need to be completed. It is a very demanding job but also incredibly rewarding at the same time.You will need to learn how to work with people and make every eort to bring the group together. You may also needto make some personal sacrices in order to make the commitment necessary, but every sacrice is well worth thenal reward. Most o all, you must possess a genuine love or the school and its student body, and make every pos-sible eort to make it better, happier, and prouder.
Deadline for applications: Wednesday, May 6
, 2009
Student Council 20082009
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(To run or this position, you must be entering Gr. 11 or 12)
Current: Josh Lee
The role o the Vice President is simple yet important. Being the President’s right hand, it is your job to ensure thecooperation and unctioning o Student Council. It is also your role to be the ‘all-around’ character on the council,assisting with any tasks that may require assistance. I the President is unable to attend scheduled meetings, then asthe Vice President, you are expected to be inormed and prepared to host the meeting on behal o the President. Thissame concept applies to other meetings that may occur outside o Student Council, such as YRPC. I the Presidentis having a dicult time with the behind-the-scenes administration aspect o his role, the Vice President needs to beon top o things and assist in giving the President an easier time. You ultimately have the same responsibilities as thePresident, and should work to ensure the smooth operations o council.
Current: Tiffany Santos
You are the money man (or woman). You are basically responsible or the nances o the Student Council as well asall o the other clubs in the school by keeping track o their expenses. Furthermore, you must be somewhat amiliarwith basic accounting procedures, as you must make an income statement ater every Student Council event. Travel-ing is part o your job description to buy necessities or Student Council. Also, like other Student Council members,you are expected to contribute ideas and opinions on Student Council decisions, reminding the council o the nan-cial aspects o their choices.
Current: Esther Phua
This position asks you to be everything you expect a secretary to be and more. Ultimately, you’re responsible orrecording every decision the Council makes in weekly ‘minutes’ and orwarding those notes to all members, teacheradvisors and administration in a prompt manner. The Secretary aims to be the component that keeps operationsrunning as smoothly and eciently as possible. To achieve this, you must be organized, knowledgeable, and haveimpeccable note taking skills (this means you’re a ast writer, a good listener, and can keep inormation clear andconcise). You’re the one who thinks o the little details others missed out on, the one who is prepared or every pos-sible outcome, the one with Plan B (and C and D and E and … you get the idea). You must be a quick thinker and aast learner, unaraid to voice your opinions. You must be consistent, practical, and ecient. Essentially, you’re theone who thinks o all the questions, but oten, you’re also the one with all the answers.
Current: Terry Cho & Shelley Liu
 As the Social Convenor on Student Council, you are required to be social and organized. Any time lost to procras-tination could ruin an entire event or the school. The duties o the Social Convenor involve planning and organizingvarious events, such as communicating with DJs and Banquet Hall Coordinators, as well as promoting and motivat-ing others to participate in annual events. This is a two-person position so you must be willing and able to work wellon a team. Dedication is key, and as a contributing executive on Student Council, you must be outgoing and haveinitiative and charisma. This position best ts those who are determined to get students interested in social events.
Current: Zimu Zhu
The job o the Minister o Publicity can be summed up in one simple phrase: you are what you do. As Minister oPublicity, you are not only in charge o publicity, more oten than not, you are the publicity. And that is what makesthis position such an important one. Any orm o publicizing is your responsibility. From the daily morning announce-ments, to posters, to the outdoor sign, it’s all up to you. At the same time, as Minister o Publicity, you are still onlyone o the many pieces o the StuCo puzzle. But as long as you’re dedicated, responsible and diligent, you shouldbe in or a un and eventul year.

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