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Eng 28 Su 2013 Syllabus

Eng 28 Su 2013 Syllabus

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Published by msdrawbond

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Published by: msdrawbond on Jun 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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English 28, Summer 2013Intermediate Reading and CompositionLos Angeles Southwest College
 Jessica Drawbond
Office Hours:
 Mondays-Thursdays: 12:15-1:00 pm& by appointment in
 Section 0917
Monday-Thursday Class
: 10:15 am
12:15 pmin SSEC 102
SI (optional):
12:30-2:00 pmin SSEC 110
: 2:00-2:45 pm in SSEC 116
Class Website:
  Welcome to English 28! By enrolling in this course, we have committed to creating an environment toimprove reading and writing skills. Ask many questions in class about writing throughout thesemester. Additionally, plan to visit your instructors during office hours, the Student Success Centerlocated in SSEC 110 and 110-A, the Reading Center in SSEC 116A, and the English Writing Center inSSEC 116, and like or follow LASC on Facebook or Twitter to learn about all the resources andopportunities available in our learning community. If anyone needs special accommodations toensure success in this course, visit the Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) located in theStudent Services Building.
English 28 is an inquiry-based writing course. We will use writing to investigate issues that influence our lives,and in so doing, develop habits of mind that are important not only for writer but for active participants in ourcommunity. These habits include: assessing audience expectations, reading critically, engaging with diverseideas, developing control over rhetorical styles, and developing and reflecting about our writing processes. Inshort, we will investigate not only how writing may be used to communicate ideas but also how we can use writing and reading to create and express our own ideas.
English 21 with a passing grade, or appropriate placement recommendation based on assessmentresults and other multiple measures.
Course Description:
 English 28 satisfies part of the requirement for the AA degree and also prepares the student forEnglish 101 by increasing his/her capability to work on an academic level. In this class, we will plan,revise, and edit compositions of increasing sophistication and complexity. All writing is based on
readings that challenge our thinking and provide an intellectual background for writing assignments.The course also advances skills in paragraph structure, sentence variety, thesis development,organization, coherence, and language conventions as well as prepares them for English 101.18 lab hours are also required. The focus of the class is compositions and essays (up to 500 words),including the research paper.
Student Learning Outcomes:
  As a result of this learning experience, a student can:1.
Understand and participate in diverse discourse communities within the academic or broader social setting.2.
 Write 300-500 word compositions and essays for academic or workplace purposes.3.
Recognize and apply rules for edited sentences, grammar, and word choice, and begin toincorporate stylistic techniques into his/her own writing.
I also hope that taking this class will inspire you to think about how youcommunicate with others and encourage you to continue to develop your writing,not only academically, but for pleasure as well.Textbooks:
McQuade, Donald and Christine McQuade.
 Seeing & Writing 4
. Boston:
Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2010
.The Students of Los Angeles Southwest College.
 Say The Word: An Anthology of LASC Student Writing, Volume 5.
This book is only available in the LASC bookstore.Other supplies:
Highlighters: yellow, blue, and pink 
Flash drive
 Say theWordVolume 5
Toreceive a passing grade in this course, students must turn in all coursework and passthe final exam.
 In other words, students’ grade in this class is dependent on successful performance in all areas of 
the class (participation, attendance, lab work, writing, and reading), not just one area. All components must be successfully completed to receive a passing grade.
*Last day to drop wit
hout a “W”:
Sunday, June 16th*Last day to drop
 with a “W”:
 Wednesday, July 10thEnglish Writing Center (Lab)
 Worth 15% of Your Grade:
 All English 28 students must complete 18 lab hours in the English Writing Center in addition toclassroom assignments. The English Writing Center is located in
SSEC 116
.Failure to complete lab work may result in failure to pass the course. These assignments are designedto help strengthen your writing skills and reinforce what we discuss in class.During the summer, you must attend lab during the time that has been scheduled for our class.
The Lab Hours for Our Class Are:Monday-Thursday: 2:00-2:45 pm
Supplemental Instruction:
 We will have a tutor,
, who will sit in on our classes. She will be available to help inclass and also will be available for tutoring in the English Writing Center (EWC). She will alsohold Supplemental Instruction sessions to review what we have covered in class and provideextra grammar and writing help.
Supplemental Instruction: Monday-Thursday 12:30-2:00 pm in SSEC 110
These sessions are not required, but they are highly recommended!Evaluation:
  Writing Portfolio: 150Essay 1: 100Group Essay 2: 100Essay 3: 100Essay 4 150Final Exam: 150 Writing Lab Attendance/ Assignments: 150Participation/Group Work 100
Grading Scale:
 900-1000 points= A 800-899 points= B700-799 points= C600-699 points=D0-599 points= F

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