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Published by adoptnegotiator

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Published by: adoptnegotiator on Jun 11, 2013
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ECO has been published by Non-Governmental Environmental Groups at major international conferences since the Stockholm Environment Conference in 1972. ECO is produced co-operatively by the Climate Action Network at the UNFCCC meetings in Bonn, June 2013.ECO email:administration@climatenetwork.org - ECO website:http://eco.climatenetwork.org - Editorial/Production: Kyle Gracey  ECO is printed on 100% recycled paper 
ECO's "Compromise" Decision for Warsaw*
*By compromise, ECO mean somewhere inbetween what is scientifically needed and what YOU tell us is currently feasible.
The Conference of the Parties,
Article 4, paragraphs 1, 3, 4 and 5and 7 of the Convention,
the unwavering commitment of parties to keep global average temperatureincrease well below 2 degrees C above pre-industrial levels and the continuum approachbetween mitigation, adaptation, loss & dam-age and finance that is required to ensureequity before 2020.
the urgency to address the cur-rent imbalance in mitigation and adaptationfinance – in light of recent studies showingthe adaptation and loss and damage costs indeveloping countries will very likely be well inexcess of US$100 billion per year by 2020.
the need to raise mitigation am-bition levels between now and 2020, andachieving emission reductions on the order of 8-13 Gigatonnes of emissions in the pre-2020period, beyond existing commitments and ac-tions registered under the UNFCCC.
the authoritative assessmentsdemonstrating that staying well below 2°C willrequire several hundred billion of incrementalfinance per year and the shifting of trillions of dollars of existing private sector investmentsinto low carbon technologies and solutions.
that the commitment by devel-oping countries to provide $100 billion for de-veloping countries will be delivered in theform of new and additional public finance,through budgetary allocations from developedcountries, supplemented by revenues from al-ternative sources of public finance
the shortcomings of the mainrevenue stream for the Adaptation Fund in re-lation to the expected low price of CERs un-der the Clean Development Mechanism andthe need for new and additional commitmentsby developed countries.*********
:1. That developed country Parties shallprovide jointly new and additional public fin-ance amounting to an average of US$20 bil-lion annually for the period 2013-2015, for mitigation and adaptation actions, includingfor REDD, technology and capacity building.2. That for the periods of 2016-2018 and2018-2020, developed country parties shallscale up financing in a linear manner from thecurrent levels to reach $100 billion annually inpublic finance by 2020.3. That developed countries shall allocate atleast 50% of overall public finance to meetingdeveloping country adaptation needs.4. To establish a formal process to capitalisethe GCF with an initial collective pledge of (…)** by COP19.5. To call on the relevant bodies to designand implement global measures to raise newstreams of public climate finance, particularlythrough:
i) Redirection of at least 100% of Annex 2 fossil fuel subsidiesii) Carbon pricing mechanisms applied tothe international aviation and maritime trans- port - in accordance with the principal of CB-DRRC and existing commitments under theUNFCCC.
1. The pledges to the Adaptation Fund of (…)** collectively made by Annex 2 Partiesfor 2013/2014, as contained in Annex C of this decision, and those made by otheParties.2. The initial pledges to the Green ClimateFund of (…)** collectively made by Annex 2Parties as contained in Annex D of this de-cision.3. The recent declaration by 11 EU FinanceMinisters to earmark at least 100% of the rev-enue raised through their Financial Transac-tion Tax to the Green Climate Fund.
Disclaimer ** "there is not enough space on this pageto specify the number of billions ECO is ex- pecting" For official CAN positions, please refer towww.climatenetwork.org 
ECO heard that GRULAC met yesterday and has had constructivediscussions on an important issue for 2014. While ECO congratulatesthe region on a constructive environment for discussions, there is a lotof whispering in the corridors about it.ECO hopes to hear officially and loudly what those whispers are ASAP so we can all get ready for it.
Waiting on Whispers
ECO’s suggestion to resolve the Russian SBI issue –
all Partiessign the following petition: Dear Russia, we promise not to gavelthrough an agreement without you being OK with it,because you are obviously more important than oth-ers, such as Bolivia, where in Cancun you gladly ac-cepted an outcome without Bolivia being part of theconsensus.

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