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The Origins of the Egyptians by Cheikh Anta Diop

The Origins of the Egyptians by Cheikh Anta Diop

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Published by Edward J
Great read on the origins of the Egyptians
Great read on the origins of the Egyptians

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Edward J on Jun 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"The basis of the Egyptianpopulation was negro in the Pre-Dynastic epoch."
ORIGIN OF THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS by Cheikh Anta DiopThe general acceptance, as a sequel to the work of Professor[Louis B.]Leakey, of the hypothesis of mankind's monogenetic and Africanorigin, makesit possible to pose the question of the peopling of Egypt and even of the world in completely new terms. More than 150,000 years ago, beings morphologically identical with the man of today were living inthe region ofthe great lakes at the sources of the Nile and nowhere else.This notion,and others which it would take too long to recapitulate here,form thesubstance of the last report presented by the late Dr. Leakeyat the Seventh
Pan-African Congress of Pre-History in Addis Ababa in 1971.1 It means thatthe whole human race had its origin, just as the ancients had guessed, atthe foot of the mountains of the Moon. Against all expectationsand indefiance of recent hypotheses it was from this place that men moved out to people the rest of the world. From this two facts of capitalimportanceresult:(a) of necessity the earliest men were ethnicallyhomogeneous and negroid. Gloger's law, which would also appear to be applicable to human beings, lays it down that warm-blooded animals evolving in a warm humid climate willsecrete a black pigment (eumelanin).2 Henceif mankind originated in the tropics around the latitude of the great lakes, he was bound to have brown pigmentation from the start and and it was by differentiation in other climatesthat the original stock later split intodifferent races;(b) there were only two routes available by whichthese early men could move out to peoplethe other continents, namely, the Sahara and the Nile valley. It is the latter region which will be discussed here.
 >From the Upper Palaeolithic to the dynastic epoch, the wholeof the river's basin was taken over progressively by these negroid peoples.Evidence of Physical Anthropology on the Race of the AncientEgyptiansIt might have been thought that, working on physiologicalevidence, thefindings of the anthropologists would dissipate all doubts by providingreliable and definitive truths. This is by no means so: thearbitrary natureof the criteria used, to go no farther, as well as abolishingany notion ofa conclusion acceptable without qualification, introduces so much scientifichair-splitting that there are times when one wonders whetherthe solution ofthe problem would not have been nearer if we had not had theill luck toapproach it from this angle. Nevertheless, although the conclusions of these anthropologicalstudies stopshort of the full truth, they still speak unanimously of theexistence of anegro race from the most distant ages of prehistory down to thedynastic period. It is not possible in this paper to cite all theseconclusions: they will be found summarized in Chapter X of Dr. Emile Massoulard'sHistoire et protohistoire d' Egypt (Institut d'Ethnologix, Paris, 1949). Weshall quote

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