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Dream of End Time Revival

Dream of End Time Revival

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Published by Errol Smythe
Dreams and Visions, End Time Prophecy, End Time Revival,
Dreams and Visions, End Time Prophecy, End Time Revival,

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Published by: Errol Smythe on Jun 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Last night I dreamed a dream of dry land in the Middle East. Therewas a rich woman who kept on acquiring wealth in the midst of people who lived in abject poverty and squalor and struggled to geta meal to eat and struggled to find water to irrigate their crops. Butthis lady was unconcerned of their state of life and was onlyconcerned with the material goods that she had acquired for herself in plain view of the suffering masses of people who struggled withpoverty and hunger and water to irrigate their fields. There were some people in a field. They were trying to dig somewells in a field. Then a man appeared and had a Silver Auger. He Told me to take the Auger and bore holes in the land in a gridpattern. When I took the Silver Auger and began to drill holes in thedry field, as I drilled the first hole, water began to spring up. Thesame thing happened with the second hole, and the third hole, andthe fourth hole.As I continued drilling holes in a grid pattern, a man came runningtowards me shouting and waving his hands and saying "...what areyou doing, you supposed to be digging wells in the field, what areyou doing...?".A man that had seen what was happening and was watching thewater springing up from the dry ground looked up at the man thatwas running and waving his hands and shouting and said : ".. Thereis water here. We have found water. There is no need to dig anywells...". Then people came running towards the field and the field wascovered with water and people began to dive and swim in the waterand were laughing and happy and thankful to GOD for the water.. That is all I remember of the dream...I am praying about the interpretation. The dream looks so clear.From what has been REVEALED to me , The CHURCH, The SAINTSmust RELY on The WORD of GOD and be LED by The SPIRIT of GOD.We must trust GOD for Revival. We must not trust ORGANISEDRELIGION [ Mystery Babylon ].We must not trust the man shouting and waving his arms[ Denominational Creeds and Traditions that place their trust inHUMAN ABILITY ].We must rely on The Grace of GOD to provide us with DIVINEREVELATION. { The Silver Auger ].GOD'S Way is The Best Way.

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