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The subject is dependent on the object. It does not mean that
What is mind?
First we should try to define what is mind. The mind is defined
So whoever possesses a mind can be described as a living
This is a basic definition of the mind and from that definition
Many people these days believe that the brain is the mind
Many people who think that the brain is the mind do so
There are many reasons why we think that the brain is the
Many other theories subscribe to the theory that the sense
Although we can make these things we cannot make the
Can we consider the camera to be similar to the eye sense
It is sure that the mind is dependent on the sense organs
The fourth theory is that the mind itself is some kind of a
There is nothing different between the mind and the physical
Why is this kind of attitude making us only concerned with
During the last one and half hours I have been thinking and
I think we need to leave a little time for some questions. We
Enthusiastic perserverance generally is not only hard work it
Can we say that the mind and the consciousness are the same
Other questions?
What is the difference between the mind and the person?
The person is a physical and mental entity. We say this person
Generally we misunderstand this but animals are person
The person is a knower?
The mind is the part of the person that knows.It is not the body
The person does not mean only the physical part of the body
The person is a living entity. Here it may be confusing because
Is it correct to say that the mind itself cannot exist without the
Then it is the person who is knower not the mind?
Within the person the mind can also function to know the
The mind exists by itself or only with the person or with the
Generally every phenomena even the smallest exists by itself
Does the mind remain with a body which is dying?
That is what we discussed in one of the theories. There are
The mind is knowing also without sensory organs?
Yes. It is the sixth sense. The five senses come through the five
>Not possible to hear<
Inherently nothing exists; observing the idea of one thing in my
Every moment we need to take care of the mind and draw it to
If you close your ears then still it will be wondering. If you
As we already discussed yesterday and just started today the
There are many aspects to the mind some are positive and some
Getting used to something is one of the points that you have to
I am giving these examples because knowing the mind and
So who is going to make the decision to take this one or not?
What is natural? Is habit natural? Do we call the things which
In general in a social sense we can talk about liberty and
Whenever we are making notes or recording we should think
You said before that each and everyone of the mental factors
In society we talk a lot about freedom and I just simply carried
If someone is using the visual organ too much they become
Yes it is possible
If you balance the sense organs does it make the mind more
Actually the point is not balancing. The point is whether we
There are thousands and millions of things to be seen but you
We find that the younger generation whenever they find
Both the car and the human body come into existence but both
In the case of the human body the mother alone or the father
The father may be a very gentle person and the mother may be
When the human mind and body seperate that is what we call
I am making this comparison because the mental life is much
Buddha first gave these teachings to the Indian scholars and
Indian. If we get any message and we realise the knowledge of
I am not giving this talk or discussion or giving this kind of
Gangchen Rinpoche has been giving different kinds of
At present we do not seem to have the choice about which kind
Most of the time we have the desire to hold something
Does the mental training of this life help for future lifes?
Any more questions?
These are just simple examples that I am giving. In our life
When we move in one direction the mind wants to go the
Yes one problem in us is laziness. We know many good things
For the negative things we need to do the opposite
- what we feel to do now we should say that we will do it the
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