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This Island Earth

This Island Earth

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1955 SciFi Movie
1955 SciFi Movie

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Published by: MIDNITECAMPZ on Jun 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This Island Earth 
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This Island Earth 
Original two-sheet promotional poster 
Directed by
Produced by
Written by
Raymond F. JonesFranklin CoenEdward G. O'Callaghan
supervision)Henry Mancini (uncredited)
Hans J. Salter  (uncredited)Herman Stein (uncredited)
Clifford Stine
Editing by
Virgil Vogel
Distributed by
Release date(s)
June 1, 1955 (U.S. release)
Running time
87 min.
United States
Box office
$1.7 million (US)
This Island Earth 
is a 1955 American science fiction film directed by Joseph M.  Newman.It is based on the novel of the same name  by Raymond F. Jones.The film stars Jeff Morrow as the alien Exeter, Faith Domergue as Dr. Ruth Adams, and Rex Reason as Dr. Cal Meacham. The film was one of the first major science fiction films to be made in Technicolor .In 1996,
This Island Earth
was edited down and lampooned inthe film 
 When initially released, the film was praised by critics, who cited the special effects,well-written script and eye-popping color (prints by Technicolor) as being its major assets.
 The film was one of the last films to use the three-strip Technicolor  filming process. Even during production, the film's special effects were shot on the more conventionalEastman color process,which most studios had already adopted.
Dr. Cal Meacham, a noted scientist, receives an unusual substitute for electroniccondensers that he ordered. Instead, he receives instructions and parts to build acomplex communication device called an interocitor .Although neither Meacham nor  his assistant Joe Wilson have heard of the device, they immediately begin construction.When finished, a mysterious man named Exeter appears on the interocitor's screen and
tells Meacham he has passed the test. His ability to build the interocitor demonstratesthat he is gifted enough to be part of Exeter's special research project.Intrigued, Meacham is picked up the next day at the airport by an unmanned, computer-controlled Douglas DC-3 aircraft with no windows. Landing in a remote area of  Georgia, he finds an international group of top-flight scientists already present
 including an old flame, Dr. Ruth Adams. Cal is almost immediately suspicious of theodd-looking group of men leading the project.Cal and Ruth flee with a third scientist, Steve Carlson (Johnson), but their car isattacked and Carlson is killed. When they take off in a small plane,Cal and Ruth watch as the facility and all its inhabitants are incinerated, and their plane is drawn by a bright beam into a flying saucer .They learn that Exeter and his group are from the planet Metaluna, having come to Earth seeking uranium deposits as well as scientists to help defend their planet in a war against the Zagons. Exeter informs the Earthlings that he istaking them back to his world. Exeter and the Metalunans are attacked by Zagon star ships, carrying meteors, to be used to destroy them and Metaluna. The Metalunansaucer easily avoids each attack, dodging the oncoming meteors.They arrive to find the planet under bombardment and falling quickly to the enemy.Metalunan society is breaking down and there is little hope. Their leader, The Monitor,reveals that the Metalunans intend to relocate to Earth and insists that Meacham andAdams be subjected to a Thought Transference Chamber in order to subjugate their freewill so they cannot object. Exeter believes this is immoral and misguided since itimpedes their ability to help the Metalunans. Before they can enter the brain-reprogramming device, Exeter decides to help Cal and Ruth escape.Exeter is badly injured by a Mutant while the three escape from Metaluna just before itis destroyed. The Mutant also boards the craft, but dies as a result of pressuredifferences on the journey back to Earth.As they enter Earth's atmosphere, Exeter sends Cal and Ruth on their way in their small plane, but he himself is dying and the ship's energy is nearly depleted. With no other options, Exeter flies out to sea and crashes.
Jeff Morrow as Exeter 
Faith Domergue as Ruth Adams
Rex Reason as Cal Meacham
Lance Fuller  as Brack 
Russell Johnson as Steve Carlson
Douglas Spencer  as The Monitor 
Robert Nichols as Joe Wilson
Karl L. Lindt as Dr. Adolph Engelborg
Robert Williams* as Webb
Coleman Francis* as Express delivery man
Charlotte Lander * as Metaluna woman at decompression chamber 
Marc Hamilton* as Metaluna inhabitant
Regis Parton* as the Mutant

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