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Vk Nardep Newsletter May 2013

Vk Nardep Newsletter May 2013

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Published by Vivekananda Kendra
This is NewsLetter for May 2013 of Vivekananda Kendra Natural Resource and Development Project is an integral project of Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari.

It was started in 1986 inspired by Indic vision of the seers:

Isavasyam idam Sarvam - All Existence is permeated by Divine


Swami Vivekananda's clarion call to uplift the downtrodden masses.
This is NewsLetter for May 2013 of Vivekananda Kendra Natural Resource and Development Project is an integral project of Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari.

It was started in 1986 inspired by Indic vision of the seers:

Isavasyam idam Sarvam - All Existence is permeated by Divine


Swami Vivekananda's clarion call to uplift the downtrodden masses.

More info:

Published by: Vivekananda Kendra on Jun 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Echoes of Eco
The Nature and Mind: One Continuum
In this issue:
The Nature and Mind: OneContinuum
Rameshwaram Project :SahadevaTeertham
The Happenings –1
Summer: its Camp Time!
Our Publication: Village system
Visions of Wisdom: Eco-spirituality
Your flavors, O Food, are spread throughout space, high like the breezes they are scattered.
Those who share your sweetness with others are truly your friends. Those who keep your fine taste to themselves are stiff-necked wretches! ...
From waters and plants we imbibe the choicest portion.Therefore, O Body, thrive; attain full stature.-Rig Veda I-187:4,5,7 
Meditating on Food
May, 2013 Vivekananda Kendra-
Newsletter Vol:5 No:3
The external and internal natures arenot two different things; they are reallyone. Nature is the sum total of allphenomena. "Nature" means all that is,all that moves. We make a tremendousdistinction between matter and mind;we think that the mind is entirelydifferent from matter. Actually, they arebut one nature, half of which iscontinually acting on the other half.Matter is pressing upon the mind in theform of various sensations. Thesesensations are nothing but force. Theforce from the outside evokes the forcewithin.From the will to respond to or get awayfrom the outer force, the inner forcebecomes what we call thought. Bothmatter and mind are really nothing butforces; and if you analyse them farenough, you will find that at root theyare one. The very fact that the externalforce can somehow evoke the internalforce shows that somewhere they joineach other — they must be continuousand, therefore, basically the sameforce. When you get to the root ofthings, they become simple andgeneral.Since the same force appears in oneform as matter and in another form asmind, there is no reason to think matterand mind are different.Mind is changed into matter, matter ischanged into mind. Thought forcebecomes nerve force, muscular force;muscular and nerve force becomethought force. Nature is all this force,whether expressed as matter or mind.The difference between the subtlestmind and the grossest matter is onlyone of degree. Therefore the wholeuniverse may be called either mind ormatter, it does not matter which. Youmay call the mind refined matter, or thebody concretised mind; it makes littledifference by which name you call. Allthe troubles arising from the conflictbetween materialism and spirituality aredue to wrong thinking. Actually, there isno difference between the two. I and thelowest pig differ only in degree. It is lessmanifested, I am more. Sometimes I amworse, the pig is better.
[Excerpt from the lecture of SwamiVivekananda]
Service to humanity is the highest form of worship – Swami Vivekananda 
We must have friendship for all; we must be merciful toward those that are in misery; when people are happy, we ought to be happy; and to the wicked we must be indifferent. These attitudes will make the mind peaceful. -Swami Vivekananda 
The thorny bushes were removed. All the outgrowths were cutoff and thus the teertham started becoming visible. Then thelaborious process of desilting started. The water which hasbecome stagnant and completely polluted was removedmechanically. As the renovation work started it could be seenthat water was oozing in like bore water. The existing wall whichhas been crumbling under the heavy bush growth has beenraised by 2’ to avoid pollution in the future. An ancient well whichhas been dug inside the teertham is now visible. And nowpillars have been constructed for gates. The whole teerthamstructure has been white washed. Now pure water starts to fill inthe teertham.For more information about the project and how you cancontribute, contact: Secretary, VK-nardep, Vivekanandapuram,Kanyakumari-629702
Echoes of Eco - Newsletter, Vivekananda Kendra – 
, May 2013, Vol. 5 No: 3 
ThirdTeertham : Sahadeva Teertham
Swami Vivekananda’s 150
birth anniversarycelebrations are making ecological footprints in the sandsof Rameshwaram. Even as the work on HanumanTeertham and Draupadi Teertham are progressingwonderfully, the work at Sahadeva Teertham has beentaken up by Kendra. This is the third teertham that isgetting renovatedThe teertham is named after Sahadeva the famousPandava prince. There is a staunch belief of desiresgetting fulfilled and hurdles removed by visiting here.This makes the teertham, when renovated, becoming animportant place of eco-pilgrimage to the local as well asvisiting populations. The teertham is located 4 kilometersfrom the temple.As the renovation work commenced and the Kendraworkers entered the Sahadeva Teertham, they found thatas with the previous two teerthams this too was stronglypolluted. The water was putrid and stagnant. Layers ofpollution accumulated for decades covered thesacredness of the teertham. Further it was full of thornyshrubs and bushes. The wall surrounding the teerthamwas so dilapidated that it was no more able to preventany pollution entering the teertham and was crumblingslowly. The teertham was in a state worse thanforgotten. There is a crematorium nearby. And the onlyreason this teertham has not completely collapsed isbecause some ritual water is taken from this pollutedwaters during the last rites of passage. In other wordsthe ritual use of this polluted water continued withouttaking care of maintaining the teertham.The holistic purpose of the ritual has been thus forgotten.Hence the need for renovating the teertham becomes animportant work for reviving the water body and makingthe local ritual as well as over all pilgrimage anexperience more meaningful and pleasant.
Hanuman Teertham Now: From pollution to Purity
This Month …
Come out into the universe of Light. Everything in the universe is yours, stretch out your arms and embrace it with love. If you every felt you wanted to do that, you have felt God.This is no world. It is God Himself.-Swami Vivekananda 
Workshop on Training programme on“Azolla Cultivation Technology” as broadspectrum feed was held at VivekanandaKendra NARDEP, TRC, Kalluvilaion 18
and Smt. Premlatha was theresource person. 8 persons receivedintensive training.
Done with DST core support
Water was tested from 14 wells inKanyakumari Dist – programme of CentralGround Water Board, Chennai
Green Health Home in 7 days treated 105patients and offered them indigenous healthsolutions.
This Month …
Holistic Health
In a seminar on ‘Water Conservation inTamilnadu, Engagement with Corporates& Civil Society Organisations’ organisedby Unicef, Chennai at the Unicef Office,on 7
of this month a paper onRenovation of Rameshwaram Teerthamswas presented by Shri.G.Vasudeo. 15delegates attended the programme.
Water: PaperPresentation
Exposure visit of 200 farmers wasarranged by District WatershedDevelopment Agency, Virudhunagar. Theyvisited Gramodaya Park on 30
and learntBio-methanation, Rain water harvestingand
Organic farming technologies.VK-nardep organized workshop on“Awareness and Documentation of Ethno-Medical Science” (Nadi Chiksha) on 10
ofthis month at Technology Resource CentreKalluvillai. 69 persons attended andDr.Ganapathy was the resource person.
Refresher camp for Family Members was heldat the TRC of VK-nardep at, Kalluvilai, from28
April to 1
May. 73 family membersattended the camp and enjoyed variousactivities. The resource persons wereSri.V.Ramakrishnan, Sister. V. Saraswathi,Dr.Umaiyoor Bhagan and others.
One day Workshop on “Kitchen Wastebased Bio-Methanation Plant (ShaktiSurabhi) was conducted at TRC,Kalluvillai on 18
. Shri.V.Ramakrishnanwas the main resource person. 6persons attended the workshop.
Biogas Plants Installed:
Shakthi Surabhi 4 cum: 1Shakthi Surabhi 1 cum: 1Shakthi Surabhi 2 cum: 1[Fixed Model]Two camps ‘
to create scientific temperin the minds of school children’
wereheld at TRC-Kalluvillai on 3
to 7
to 16
of this month. The programmewas under the auspices of DST, NewDelhi. Dr.Usha Raja Nandini,Sri.V.Ramakrishnan, Sis.V.Saraswathiand others served as resource persons.Totally 141 children attended both thecamps
Renewable EnergyThis Month
Echoes of Eco - Newsletter, Vivekananda Kendra – 
, May 2013, Vol. 5 No: 3 
Side by side, in thechild, should bedeveloped the power of concentration anddetachment.
Swami Vivekananda 
Networking:Refresher camp forfamil membersNext Page: Summer is hereand so are the camps!Networking: Thismonth

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Vivekananda Kendra NarDep Newsletter for May 2013
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