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Okayplayer-Revival of Nile Valley Culture in the Black Community

Okayplayer-Revival of Nile Valley Culture in the Black Community

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Okayplayer-Revival of Nile Valley Culture in the Black Community
Okayplayer-Revival of Nile Valley Culture in the Black Community

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Divine Ruler Equality Allah on Jun 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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4/22/13Okayplayer.com Boards - Viewing topic #62236 - Revival of Nile Valley Culture in Black Self Empowerment Communityboard.okayplayer.com/okp.php?az=show_topic&forum=9&topic_id=62236&mesg_id=62236&page=1/98
okayfuture. okayafrica. largeup. revivalist.
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Lobby Okay Activisttopic #62236 Subject: "Revival of Nile Valley Culture in Black Self EmpowermentCommunity"
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"Revival of NileValley Culture in Black Self Empowerment Community"
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Mon Apr-12-10 02:33 AM
Tue Sep-25-07 03:06 PM by Nettrice
Peace. I am going to list the modern groups domestic and internationalthat are at the forefronts of this revival, and then people addon about there positive, negative, or otherwise experience witheach group. Peace _______________________"Arm Leg Leg Arm Hate." c/o desus _______________________Divine Rulerhttp://www.facebook.com/divineruler __gigs__ __stuff__okunre2013.tumblr.com/ | @okunre2013 ATL :: 2013 :: 7/5 – 7/7 | #kickball | #tubing | #debauchery 
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Ausar Auset Society International - Ra Un Nefer AmenAllahOct 13th 2005 1 i heard him speak onceLexMOct 14th 2005 6 Good org.Mau777 Oct 15th 2005 9 the metu neter...iLLoGiCz Oct 16th 2005 12 He has a book called Metu NeterAllahOct 17th 2005 13 Rh N Nfr Hmn (the Mdw Ntr - Medu Neter guy) is cool peeps....AllahOct 15th 2005 11 LOL!!! @ "God Schizophrenia"Mau777 Oct 17th 2005 14 no in their system Hmn (Amen) is the Unity, Wsr (Ausar) is the Avatar...AllahOct 17th 2005 15 That's not correctMau777 Oct 17th 2005 16 how is Amen not the Unity (although depicted as the "Cipher")AllahOct 17th 2005 17 Unity implys more than oneMau777 Oct 18th 2005 19 lol... n/mAngeloAug 05th 2009 189 One of his Wives has a page nowAllahOct 07th 2007 44 Ausar Auset Society International events Chicago 2008AllahFeb 08th 2008 81 the Society has a new social network site, http://www.metuneterworld.comAllahJun 29th 2008 123 New book out - Nuk Au Neter = translation of R-W NW PR-T M HRWAllahAug 24th 2008 128Smaa Tawi / Shrine of Ptah - Heru Semahj, Queen Afua (and dem)AllahOct 13th 2005 2 sacred woman is an excellent reference bookLexMOct 14th 2005 7 I almost had to knock her son out.Mau777 Oct 15th 2005 10 I mean what was Queen Afua suppose to do, cup your scrotum?AllahAug 24th 2007 31 Hehehe...that actually would've been great...Mau777 Sep 05th 2007 32 Ok, I am finding out they are FORMALLY older than Ausar Auset SocietyAllahMay 14th 2007 27 Sooo I'm watching video of Heru Semahj saying pyramid @ Lake VictoriaAllahNov 06th 2007 58 ok, another site for them is Studio of PtahAllahFeb 11th 2008 82 RE: Smaa Tawi / Shrine of Ptah - Heru Semahj, Queen Afua (and dem)LexMNov 18th 2011 202Sema Institute - Dr. Muata Asby (Sebai Maa)AllahOct 13th 2005 3 this guy has a GAZILLION books now :/AllahOct 14th 2005 5
4/22/13Okayplayer.com Boards - Viewing topic #62236 - Revival of Nile Valley Culture in Black Self Empowerment Communityboard.okayplayer.com/okp.php?az=show_topic&forum=9&topic_id=62236&mesg_id=62236&page=2/98
 after further analysis I can say that Sebai Maa ~ Ra Un Nefer AmenAllahMar 31st 2008 92ASCAC (a whole bunch of mugs / PhD. types in colleges)AllahOct 13th 2005 4 RE: ASCAC (a whole bunch of mugs / PhD. types in colleges)rhulah Oct 18th 2005 20 Probably so...AllahOct 18th 2005 21 RE: Probably so...rhulah Oct 18th 2005 22 I just picked up "The Preliminary Challenge" with Carruthers, Hilliard, ...AllahSep 06th 2007 33 ok, when is the next mid-atlatic conference, rhulah? anybody?AllahSep 23rd 2007 40*Edit* Mau777 Oct 15th 2005 8White and Gold Lotus, Shrine of Amen RaAllahOct 17th 2005 18 Ok looks like they have kinda a site nowAllahAug 24th 2007 30 Hem Netcher Tepi Heri Khafra will have weekly show on livinginblackAllahSep 04th 2008 130 it's on todayAllahSep 10th 2008 131Fahamme Temple of Isis El AmunAllahApr 27th 2007 23 1919? Trying to beat Sun Ra to the punch huh?normal35762 Apr 30th 2007 24 Actually the MSTA and NOI beat Sun Ra to the punchAllahMay 01st 2007 25 my remarks on Fahamme TempleAllahApr 15th 2008 95updated comprehensive listAllahMay 05th 2007 26 RE: updated comprehensive list - an additionAllahMay 31st 2007 29 This post is sadly slept on...Mau777 May 15th 2007 28 RE: This post is sadly slept on...AST Mar 20th 2008 91how certain are we mighty S1W Sep 08th 2007 34 if you are talking about Ausar Auset Society......AllahSep 10th 2007 35 RE: if you are talking about Ausar Auset Society......Akhan Nov 21st 2007 70 I'igh bruh, I was confused at first, y'all both in ChicagoAllahNov 21st 2007 71 what is a system spiritual developmentmighty S1W Mar 08th 2009 178 RE: if you are talking about Ausar Auset Society......Alan_PoEpery_fresh Apr 16th 2008 98 What is "ASA Society"?????AllahApr 16th 2008 100updated list 9/11 with links where possibleAllahSep 11th 2007 36 Yo fam, I'm MAD SHOCKED you put this link up:MALACHI Sep 11th 2007 37 No I'm not, I was just trying to be "objective" to me they are phonyAllahSep 12th 2007 38 LMAO @ that aviMau777 Sep 13th 2007 39Amen-Ra Theological SeminaryAllahSep 29th 2007 41Wow, I didn't know these societies existed, this is great MANHOODLUM Sep 29th 2007 42Afrikania Mission of Amen Ra (O Canada....)AllahOct 07th 2007 43 Apparently, there is an Anti Afrikania or Afrikania HATE site.....AllahOct 02nd 2008 133 Promotional video from the groupAllahOct 02nd 2008 134 Info about the founder....AllahOct 02nd 2008 135Up^^^^^ NoDrawls McGraw Oct 16th 2007 45 PeaceAllahOct 20th 2007 47The M'TAM Earth Center with Master Naba and dem out of ChicagoAllahOct 20th 2007 46 Master Naba expired last month July 21, 2008AllahAug 24th 2008 129 Interview with Herpw Bikbaye Inejnema 11.07.08AllahJan 10th 2009 161Univerrsity of Kemetian Sciences (Dr. Phil Valentine and dem)AllahOct 21st 2007 48 UPDATE: new R- N KM name: Senu Djhuti Akhu Ra M·Htp "El"AllahApr 16th 2008 101 Really don't have anything to add in this post...KnowNaim_X Oct 21st 2007 49The University of KMTAllahOct 23rd 2007 50New Updated list as of 10.23.07AllahOct 23rd 2007 51Peace to the God HAKIM7 Oct 24th 2007 52OGKI (Maaxeru Tep)AllahOct 24th 2007 53"Ma'at" African VillageAllahOct 24th 2007 54 These broke niggas bamboozling fools into paying their rent. YadgyuOct 25th 2007 55 I agree that "some" of them are as you mentionedAllahOct 25th 2007 56 Too many are like that.YadgyuDec 25th 2007 76 RE: Too many are like that.Alan_PoEpery_fresh Apr 16th 2008 99Here's a list of white folx attempting the same thingAllahOct 25th 2007 57 How do you feel about White folks doing this?MALACHI Nov 15th 2007 62 if those white hellenistic niggas actually applied the knowledge ...AllahNov 16th 2007 63 the shit really bothers me.Nekaybaaw Oct 17th 2008 137 Church of the Eternal SourceAllahNov 16th 2007 64Apparently, Dr. Rkhty "Jones" Amen Djuty has a Kera/Shrine for DjhwtyAllahNov 06th 2007 59 Dr. Rkhty Amen and some sisters starting Sisteers University in EthiopiaAllahApr 17th 2008 103Wo'se Church of the Sacred African Way: The House of Amen Ra (Oakland)AllahNov 11th 2007 60 RE: Wo'se Church of the Sacred African Way: The House of Amen Ra (Oaklan...kemetian Nov 20th 2007 69New Updated list as of 11.13.07AllahNov 13th 2007 61The Academy of Kamitic EducationAllahNov 17th 2007 65Ok, I got word that Dr. Ben's "fraternity" is the "Order of Amun"AllahNov 20th 2007 66Tribu Ka / Tribe Ka with Seba Kemi (French)AllahNov 20th 2007 67
4/22/13Okayplayer.com Boards - Viewing topic #62236 - Revival of Nile Valley Culture in Black Self Empowerment Communityboard.okayplayer.com/okp.php?az=show_topic&forum=9&topic_id=62236&mesg_id=62236&page=3/98
KMT Asen INC (collegiate fraternity, Morehouse) 1988AllahNov 20th 2007 68 Check out their Social Action (Community Service) and auxillary orgsAllahNov 21st 2007 72Kera Djhuty Heru Neb Hu hosting Mdw Ntr symposium this winter 1.25-1.26AllahDec 01st 2007 73 dang niggas is slow comin' up off them DVD'sAllahDec 18th 2007 74 finally here .... allow 3 - 4 weeks for delivery :/AllahDec 24th 2007 75 The Detroit MDW NTR study group is scheduled to be thereAllahJan 05th 2008 77 itineraryAllahJan 24th 2008 79 Soooooo, I missed it because of auto repairsAllahFeb 02nd 2008 80Order of Kush International Honor SocietyAllahJan 15th 2008 78Soooo one of Dr. Ashby's (Sebai Maa) student's has a new org /books outAllahFeb 11th 2008 83Ausarian / Kemetic Tantra Yoga Institute of MichiganAllahFeb 13th 2008 84 Soul Yoga Fest @ BOCA fest Memorial Day Weekend, DC/MDAllahFeb 13th 2008 85 Wayne Chandler and Yirser Ra Hotep in DC Feb.29 - Mar. 1 ($108 :( )AllahFeb 19th 2008 87 another site for Ausarian YogaAllahJun 21st 2008 120World of the Tammerian InstituteAllahFeb 13th 2008 86"African" Heritage tours to "Egypt"AllahFeb 28th 2008 88 Good looking out.M1Z Mar 02nd 2008 89Incidentally, http://abibitumikasa.com/ is going to have MDW NTR classesAllahMar 20th 2008 90The Blacqendian Royal Coop Association (Egyptology "RasTafarians" ...)AllahApr 05th 2008 93Sons Of Ra MinistriesAllahApr 11th 2008 94 RE: Sons Of Ra Ministriesrhulah Apr 16th 2008 97Kemetic Benu Order (1987)AllahApr 15th 2008 96Aakhet Center For Human DevelopmentAllahApr 17th 2008 102complete updated list as of 04.20.08AllahApr 20th 2008 104Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (PHA)AllahMay 09th 2008 105 Thmei Research / El Saturn Research with Sun Ra AllahMay 09th 2008 106 RE: Thmei Research / El Saturn Research with Sun RaWalk Wit Me85 May 10th 2008 107 I was just listening to a Sun Ra interview last night.Mau777 May 12th 2008 108 that's the thing, he never used drugs or narcotics or alcohol...AllahMay 12th 2008 109 Ha!Mau777 May 13th 2008 111 Some added infoAllahMay 12th 2008 110 Dope stuff.normal35762 May 14th 2008 112 Space is the place : the lives and times of Sun RaAllahMay 14th 2008 113 EDIT: I just called the library and they are gonna try and get it.normal35762 May 15th 2008 116Karnak House / Intef Institute in the UK (1975)AllahMay 14th 2008 114Hamitic League of the World, founded 1917AllahMay 15th 2008 115Ka Het-Heru Ka-Ra sorority and fraternity at t Tuskegee UniversityAllahMay 30th 2008 117Aasb of Alpha Khen OmegaAllahJun 10th 2008 118 I received their book in the mailAllahJun 20th 2008 119Kemetic Yoga Institute (Yirser Ra Hotep, with founder Asar Ra Hapi)AllahJun 21st 2008 121Various Keras/Shrines/Organizations reset WP RNPT to Summer Solstice 08AllahJun 22nd 2008 122A couple new entriesAllahJul 15th 2008 124ning community for discussing Black Nile Valley Civilization IssuesAllahJul 30th 2008 125 check the events section for some retreatzAllahDec 29th 2008 159KRST Unity Center of Afrikan Spiritual Science w/ Rev. Meri Ka RaAllahAug 10th 2008 126Nehast SocietyAllahAug 10th 2008 127Center for Restoration of Ma'atAllahSep 14th 2008 132I'm doing a lecture on this next Wed. 10.22 @ NCAT Blueford LibraryAllahOct 16th 2008 136 pdf of a power point I used for this presentation, plus other downloadsAllahNov 03rd 2008 143 peace, what's your disagreement with nuwaubiansNekaybaaw Oct 17th 2008 138 I know one a couple of molestation victims and one of the parents of a v...AllahOct 19th 2008 139Kra Mut Ankh ~ Temple of the Mother of LifeAllahOct 20th 2008 140Total list updated, 10.20.08, with all entries in NEAR chronological ord...AllahOct 22nd 2008 141Listing including chronology, NEAR CORRECT, 10.23.08AllahOct 23rd 2008 142Khepran Yoga (~2008)AllahNov 04th 2008 144Anej Hrek Aa Perti Berek Obema Sa RaAllahNov 12th 2008 145 where do i start?Bruce BelafonteNov 14th 2008 146 What are your goals and objectives?AllahNov 14th 2008 147 To learn as much about myself/universe as possible.Bruce BelafonteNov 14th 2008 148 what are the things we don't learn in SCIENCE?AllahNov 15th 2008 149 The power of the human mind.Bruce BelafonteNov 15th 2008 150 For mental stuff, take a gander of these booksAllahNov 25th 2008 152 Thanks alot man, you've pretty much brought me full circle.Bruce BelafonteDec 16th 2008 158 oh andBruce BelafonteNov 15th 2008 151Per Sesh (the one out of Senegal, not Detroit's Sesh Per)AllahNov 28th 2008 153 do these guys orgasm or ejaculate?mighty S1W Dec 02nd 2008 154 who are "these guys" explicitly?AllahDec 03rd 2008 155 people that study kmt sciencemighty S1W Dec 03rd 2008 156

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