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Mike Zullo True News Radio June 12, 2013

Mike Zullo True News Radio June 12, 2013

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Published by AnitaMariaS
Transcript of True News interview with Mike Zullo, Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Cold Case Posse birther investigator, June 12, 2013
Transcript of True News interview with Mike Zullo, Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Cold Case Posse birther investigator, June 12, 2013

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Published by: AnitaMariaS on Jun 12, 2013
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Unofficial Transcript Rick Wiles Interviews Mike Zullo 6/12/13Produced by www.thefogbow.com
Mike Zullo, Maricopa County Sheriff‟s Office Cold Case Posse
 Interview conducted by Rick Wiles of True News Radio on 6/12/2013Transcribed from audio available athttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=e3ZRfe13E7s,accessed on6/12/2013Zullo: Hi Rick. Pleasure to be with you.Rick: Yes sir. Well, things are going well for Mr. Obama these days. It seems this would be agood time to reopen the original scandal, which is his questionable identity. So I wanted to
check in with you Mr. Zullo and find out if there are any new developments in the Sheriff‟s
Office investigation
of Mr. Obama‟s identification.
 Zullo: Well there are. This investigation is now ongoing for 21 months and as of recently
overI would say the last three or four months
—we‟ve uncovered even more evidence that is
irrefutable that the document itself 
the pdf file
is an utter forgery. On top of thatevidence, we were successful in hiring a court-certified forensic document examiner, anindividual with 20 years of experience, has testified in numerous court cases involvingdocument fraud, and an independent evaluation by him
a 40-page report issued by him
withhis professional conclusion that he has never seen a document so flawed as this, and that, inhis professional opinion, the document is a 100% forgery.
That‟s devastating news. You have now an independent
individual working, if you will, overour shoulder, looking at what we did, and then did his own analysis and came to the verysame conclusion. So I would have to assume, if I were Mr. Obama or that campaign, thatthere are going to be some problems for them on the horizon regarding this document.Rick: Yes. If Barack Obama was not the President of the United States, if he was just Joe
Smith, and he lived there in Phoenix and say a corporation called the sheriff‟s office and said,“We have a man w
ho is working for us and we think his, we think his identification papers are
a little fishy here” and you opened up an investigation and you had an expert witness tell youthe same thing about Joe Smith‟s identification papers as has been told to you about Mr.
ma‟s birth certificate that‟s on the White House web site, what would you do as a police
officer?Zullo: Well that individual, depending on what he did with the document. If the documentwas used to secure employment and we can determine that the document was in fact aforgery and he has committed fraud, he would be arrested. No different than using a phony
Social Security number. And in Maricopa County, the State of Arizona, that‟s a class 4 felony.You can‟t take documents—you can‟t take state, official,
or federal documents and reproduce
them to some extent to make them what you want them to be. You can‟t replicate them onany level. And you certainly can‟
t create
them out of thin air, and that‟s what was done with
the Obama document.The Obama document
—and we‟re using the word document when we really shouldn‟t. The
Obama pdf file is nothing more than a computer file that this image of a birth certificate was
Unofficial Transcript Rick Wiles Interviews Mike Zullo 6/12/13Produced by www.thefogbow.com
 created in. So, in other words, this never started out its life as an original paper document. Itwas manufactured completely inside a computer. This thing resides in cyberspace. Hence, theproduction of this document as Mr. Obama saying that this is proof positive of his birth is anerroneous statement, and the fact is that the production of this pdf file loaded up to theWhite House web site at whitehouse.gov and given to the American people as the referencedocument, the fact of the matter is he has produced nothing to verify his birth in the state of Hawaii. So the American people have been defrauded in our opinion.4:07Rick: And what a lot of Americans are waking up to realize right now is we have a rogueregime in power that is using the Internal Revenue Service to go after opponents of the
Administration‟s policies, to intimidate critics. We ha
ve a
—we‟ve got a rogue regime that isusing the power of the federal government to investigate news reporters that they don‟t liketheir stories. We‟ve got the
scandal of the Benghazi murder of Ambassador Stevens, thephony story that was made up by the Obama White House about the goofy Muslim video thatthey said started the whole ruckus in Benghazi.And the list just goes on and on and on. Scandal after scandal. And every instance, the Obamapeople have been caught lying and lying and lying, so why shoul
dn‟t we revisit the original
scandal? The scandal that goes back to 2008 when he first ran for president. This radio show,we devoted countless hours in
08 and 9 and 10 throughout his first term. I interviewed so
many people I‟ve lost track of it. But thi
s is the ultimate scandal because if it is proven thatthese documents
or these so-called documents
are just manufactured pdf files, and thatthis man is not who he says he is, then this is the biggest scandal not only of thisadministration. This is the biggest scandal in the history of the Republic.
Zullo: I would agree with you. What‟s even more frightening than that is as a law
enforcement agency, we cannot make a positive identification.
We don‟t have supporting
documentation to back up the birth narrative. He is the only President in U.S. history that has
four aliases. He goes by four different names. That‟s unsettling in and of itself.
6:26Rick: Can you tell us the four, I mean, I know, I often call him Barry Soetoro. What are hisother aliases?Zullo: You have Barry Soetoro. You have Barry Obama. Barack Hussein Obama and another
one found on a passport from his mother called Soebarkah, which we‟re not sure what that
even means but he was referenced to that on a passport document where his name was
stricken from. So we‟re a little in the dark on that particular one.But there‟s problems in a lot of the background. There‟s problems in his years at Columbia
University, where he professes to be there, yet 400 alumni and nobody remembers him at his30-y
ear reunion for that Columbia graduating class, I believe it was in ‟83, nobodyremembered seeing him. He didn‟t even, as President of the United States, as an alumni
Unofficial Transcript Rick Wiles Interviews Mike Zullo 6/12/13Produced by www.thefogbow.com
there, send even a video message to that reunion. I mean there‟s just stuff that is unhea
rdof. As President of the Harvard Law Review, he never authored a paper that anyone can find.7:31You start to go back into the history, and we have no evidence that this individual was in theUnited States before the age of five. The only evidence
that‟s been offered to suggest that isan erroneous birth certificate. There‟s no supporting documentation around it. There‟
s nohospital records, no eyewitness account of the birth, no eyewitness account of the motherbeing pregnant. And to make it even w
orse, we don‟t have any
information that actually
substantiates that there‟s validity to the claim that Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack HusseinObama are even the parents. You‟re shown a photograph. You‟re shown a couple of 
photographs that have been circula
ting around now for nine years and they‟re out theresaying that this is mommy and this is daddy. But there‟s no evidence to back that.There‟s nobody out there to say that t
hey know within 100% certainty that Stanley AnnDunham was his biological mother.
There‟s nobody to
say that Barack Hussein Obama was thebiological father. This gets troubling. If I were doing a background on you, I could getsomebody, somebody, that could say they remember you at one or two or three years old. Orsomebody would have
a picture of you in your mother‟s arms right after you were born.There‟s none of that here. It‟s just really a very murky background that is very difficult to
follow. And that background could not get you a job as a janitor in the White House, let alonethe President of the United States.9:09
Rick: This persona that he operates under simply doesn‟t exist. He is a shadow—he‟s a shadow
person. And Mike, for this to take place
—and I‟m in complete agreement because these are
the kind of things that we have talked about on this program through the years
then what it
means is he‟s not just a smooth talki
ng, jive talking street thug that talked his way into theWhite House. It means that he was placed here. He was deliberately placed here as a child.His identity was concealed. Identity
there were traces of identity made for him whether atcollege or other ways
but he never existed in any of those, any of those things. He is a
manufactured person. And the conclusion I‟ve come to is that he is a foreign plant. H
ave youconsidered the possibility that he is a foreign agent?Zullo: At this point, I could not rule out any possibility although I can not make any accusation
either. All I can tell you right now is I have an individual that I can‟t track his roots. You
into a certain depth into the background and the trail ends. And that‟s where our biggest
problem is with this.Rick: But only intelligence agencies have the capability of doing something like this, Mike.Zullo: Well, as part of our investigation, we contacted the federal government employeeservices, which he would fall under. And we were told specifically by them that there is novetting of a U.S. President, no vetting of a President-elect and no vetting of the President.

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