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The Life That Counts

The Life That Counts

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Jun 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE LIFE THAT COUTSBY SAMUEL VALETIE COLEPRESIDET OF WHEATO SEMIARYCOPYRIGHT, 1905, BY THOMAS Y. CROWELL & CO.ITRODUCTIO ixBURIG LAMPS AD COALS OF FIRE 3THE FACE OF A MA 17THE FACE OF A LIO. I. 3 1THE FACE OF A LIO. II. 45THE FACE OF A OX. I. 59THE FACE OF A OX. II. 7 1THE FACE OF A EAGLE. I. 85THE FACE OF A EAGLE. II. 97LOSIG AD FIDIG 109ITRODUCTIOW T HA7 'counts is the good life; there is no other worthliving. But whatever is good is good for somethingbeyond itself; goodness in the abstract, goodness iso-
lated and unrelated, does not exist. Goodness implies agoal, an objetl, a something on which to expend itsenergy. The good life is the life that reaches out, thatfulfils itself in ministration to other lives. The lifethat counts is the life that serves ; the life that countsmost is the life that serves most.Service has many forms : to lead an army in free-dom's behalf, to help shape beneficent laws, to opennew fields of industry, to invent an implement thatlessens toil, to add to the literature of a people, topreach righteousness by word or example, to inspireother lives to their best efforts, to mitigate the suffer-ing or increase the happiness of men, — to do any of these things is to serve. But this by no means ex-hausts the list: to earn one *s daily bread, to keep thehome, to train up a child, to give a cup of cold water,to speak a kind word, to endure the reverses of for-tune with a brave heart, to receive graciously theministration of others when you are powerless to min-x ITRODUCTIOister to //tew, — these, too, are forms of service that j weeten life and benefit the world.What service is greatest no man may know ; fornone can disentangle the threads of particular aftsfrom the complicated texture of cause and efifefl anddiscover the far-reaching influence of little things.And it must also be borne in mind that oftentimesservice consists not so much in the achievement ojresults as it does in an attitude of spirit. The poets,with their clear discernment, confirm us in this."'Tis not what man Docs which exalts him, but what manWould do,"
says Browning; and Milton in his blindness foundcomfort as he remembered,"They also serve who only stand and wait."It follow s, then, that every man, woman, or child,at all times and under all circumstances, may leadthe life of service and therefore the life that counts.It is always a question of willingness.This little book deals with some aspefts of service,but chiefly with certain qualifications of the life thatwould serve. The truth it contains is not new. Thegood life, the life that serves other lives and countsfor something in the world, has been essentially thesame in all ages. The great principles of condutl andcharatlerwere long ago set forth in pr over b, par able yITRODUCTIO xiand vision, and will never wear out. The truth inthem is as old as the stars and as fresh as the morn-ing light.The chapters of the book — with the exception of the last, which describes, more particularly, the spiritthat true service requires — derive their titles fromthe phraseology found in the Bible account of Eze-kieV s Vision. A portion of the Visions symbolism,though drawn upon so slightly here, is singularly ap-plicable to the conditions of modern life.It may be added, as explaining the style of expres-sion here and there employed, that these nine chap-ters grew out of addresses given before young peoplewith a view to stimulating their aspirations for use-ful living. If in their printed form they shouldprove helpful in any way to other lives , the book will

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