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May 2013 Country Labor Dialogue

May 2013 Country Labor Dialogue

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Published by NSW Labor
May 2013 Country Labor Dialogue
May 2013 Country Labor Dialogue

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Published by: NSW Labor on Jun 13, 2013
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Country LabordiaLogue
CCg Cuy Cu – Ju 2013
ats reclaim orthern ablelands
he ational Part reclaimed theirtraditional heartland seat with asimilar marin to the conservative(ationals and hooters parties)2011 Leislative Concil vote.
 The National Party ran a highlyresourced campaign includingfour different television ads on highrotation, newspaper advertising andplenty of campaign material.Country Labor ran a low-budgetlocalised campaign, with assistancefrom the Leader’s ofce and the StateParliamentary Party. Thanks especiallyto our great local candidate HermanBeyersdorf, and to the campaign teamled by Steve Whan, Mick Veitch, TonyRamsay, Josephine Hillard, CourtneyRoche, Joel Anderson, Josh McIntoshand Amber Jacobus. Thanks to Young Labor who put in ahuge effort to travel from Sydney tohelp staff the booths on Election Day,led by Dom Ofner, and assisted byJosephine Hillard and David Dobson. The Country Labor campaignstrongly focused on free local media,consistently getting at least one TV story per week and coverage acrossall of the local newspapers.Country Labor’s primary vote was only9.8%, however this almost tripled theresult at the 2011 State Election.It was disappointing that both Labor-leaning independents (who took votesaway from Country Labor) decided notto preference Country Labor. The local branch put in a hugeeffort, led by Tony Ramsay andJosephine Hillard. The campaignhas reinvigorated the local branch,bringing people back to the Party andrecruited several new members.
Cortne oche
    v y
 whohelpedo ton  the Con tr  Labor campaign  for or thern ablelands.
he orthern ablelands b-election was held on atrda 25 a 2013.
Liberals & ationals fail tospport contr workers
o protection forener workers
he ’Farrell government has refsed to spportprotections for hndreds of rral and reionalworkers in the ener sector. an staff now facean ncertain ftre.
The Government rejected an Opposition amendmentto protect rural and regional staff of Ausgrid, EndeavourEnergy and Essential Energy.Under changes passed through the lower house ofParliament – the State’s three electricity distributorsare being merged into one with hundreds of jobsunder threat.The NSW Opposition’s amendment would ensurethat jobs in rural centres were maintained at currentlevels for ve years.
“The Treasurer has put the ruralemployees of Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy and Essential Energy on notice,”
Shadow Energy Minister Ron Hoenig said 
By rejecting this amendment – the Treasurer hasopened the door to hundreds or perhaps thousandsof job losses across rural and regional NSW.Faced with a clear choice to give certainty, thesenow vulnerable employees deserve to know theGovernment voted down an amendment to protecttheir jobs.This uncertainty is going to loom large over theemployees, their families and the communities they callhome. The Treasurer needs to guarantee that no jobswill be targeted and that no jobs will be lost on the backof these changes.
Morehospital bedsclose
Shadow Health Minister Dr Andrew McDonald said thisdecision will hurt the local community and conrmsthat the Health Minister is putting cost-cutting ahead ofpatient care.We know that the O’Farrell Government is cutting anunprecedented $3 billion from the public health systemand sacking 3800 health and hospital workers.“This decision will only hurt the local community byfurther reducing the services available at BathurstHospital.“The Health Minister can’t claim hospital patients “havenever had it so good” when she is cutting millions andclosing beds from hospitals right across the State.“I fear we will see longer waiting times and delays tosurgery, unclean wards and patients left unattendedfor hours on end because of the hospital budget cuts.The closure of the beds at Bathurst Hospital should bereversed immediately,” Dr McDonald said.The Australian Workers’ Union believes that NationalParks play an important role in regional economies.They are places where families can enjoy the great Australian outdoors. They are also workplaces for theNSW Parks and Wildlife Service.People who work and visit our National Parksshould never be put at risk of being shot or injured.Please support the AWU’s campaign by visiting
he ’Farrell governmenthas been caht cttinmore beds from or hospitalsstem – this time closinve beds at Bathrst ospital.he W government has decided toallow nspervised hntin inside ationalParks. he claim amater hnters willhelp to control feral animals and pests.
pport the Wu’scampain to stop hntinin W ational Parks
ieelland  the u Wecre tar  te e B tler inCooma  taling  to  worers  from ssen tialnerg  and no w   dro abo t  the  threa t o f pria tisa tion.
 The Federal Labor overnmentprovided almost $5 million to thefacility with contributions from TweedShire Council, Tennis Australia andthe Tweed Netball Association.“High quality sports infrastructurestrengthens local communities. Thenew Centre will be a big boost tothe region and will include a newhigh performance tennis centre anda regional netball facility,” Anthony Albanese said. The combination of quality facilitiesand proximity to old CoastInternational Airport will make it anexcellent support and training facilityfor the 2018 Commonwealth ames. The project will deliver signicantlocal economic benets, includingan estimated 60 jobs duringconstruction.“Better infrastructure for the regionwill increase sports participation byfamilies, increase the involvementof school students in these sportsand the capability of schools in theregion,” Justine Elliot said.It is estimated that on completion,the Arkinstall Park Regional SportsCentre will be used by more than1,300 local sporting participantsfrom netball, tennis and soccerassociations every year.
ational plan for stralias food ftre
Constrction of rkinstallPark ports Centrekicks off
inister for eional Development and Local government, nthon lbaneseand ichmond P, Jstine lliot trned the rst sod on the rkinstall Parkeional ports Centre, which will cater for the reion’s sportin reqirementsfor the next ten ears.
Federalinis ter  for   gricl tre,Fisheries andFores tr ,Joe Ld wig cen tre )lanching  the a tionalFoodPlan.
Justinelliotand   nthon   lbanese tuningthest sodon a newegional spotscente fo weed eads.
With the release of the ational Food Plan, stralia’s food bsinessesand consmers have a road map for the ftre.
Minister for Agriculture, Fisheriesand Forestry, Joe Ludwig,launched the Plan and announcednew initiatives to create newopportunities for the future of our food from paddock to plate. Australia produces more thantwice the food we consume andwe need to remain focused onnding new markets for our highquality exports.Our food supply chain has astrong foundation, with high levelsof food security and hard workingproducers. Like others aroundthe world, there are challengesincluding climate change,population growth, diet-relatedhealth issues, and competitionfor resources. There are alsoenormous opportunities, includingthe rise of Asia. The National Food Plan isunderpinned by the four keythemes of ‘growing exports’,‘a thriving industry’, ‘people’and ‘sustainability’.For more information on theNational Food Plan, visit
www.daff.ov.a/ nationalfoodplan.

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