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Reflective assignment nº1

Reflective assignment nº1

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Published by jossx87

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Published by: jossx87 on Apr 29, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Reflective assignment nº1: the school
The school I am attending in VISE II is called: “San Vicente de Paul”, whosebasic characteristics include; a semi-subsidized paying system, which -- as for me-states a great difference between public and private education (see explanationbelow), and finally a small-size school with about 350 students per classroom.Moreover; by considering the educational planning, the school offers only scientificand humanistic education, meaning it just prepares students to take the psu examonce they have passed the four year of high school. Among other characteristics, Ishould include the availableness of lockers for each student, and a good access tobathrooms and emergency exit and transportation, which are favorable for studentsto feel comfortable, secure and content in such environment.My perception of this school is excellent. I clearly notice how these thingsaffect the student’s capacity, so I will mention some of them that improved thelearning conditions. For example, the teacher stuff is well-organized andprofessional. So students can observe a model person. Notably, we can appreciatethe teacher get along with students and always try to improve the learning processthrough motivational speech. The rules are well given and therefore respected. Thecompulsory clothes required are important as well, because in wearing the sameuniform, students feel part of a whole, thus there is a feeling of unity. There are nomisbehaved students, or at least, the cases of bullying are almost non-existingAccording to my observation, I think the things the school has display for thesestudents have anyhow helped the pupils to concentrate on their studies better. Therelationship students have with the teacher allow the yet learners feeling they havea right to say what they have in mind, so their thoughts are taken into account.Practice students are playing an important role in the school by providing theteacher of new and fresh ideas on what and how the activities can be done in theclassroom. As there is no refusal to new ideas, this like-cooperation environmentexisting between teacher and Vise students makes the teaching and learningenvironment in that place even better.http://www.csvp.cl/public/php/ http://ensino.univates.br/~4iberoamericano/trabalhos/trabalho243.pdf  

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