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CES Wrong Answer Summary c3c5ab15 6f5c 4f87 87cf 9546949c4ec

CES Wrong Answer Summary c3c5ab15 6f5c 4f87 87cf 9546949c4ec

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Published by Archie Francisco

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Published by: Archie Francisco on Jun 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wrong answer summary
Page 1/
Question asked (519):
In the diagram, which arrow is pointing at the position known as the "Bridge"?The Bridge is indicated by D, in the figure
Selected answer:Correct answer:
The Bridge is indicated by A, in the figure
Question asked (1490):
What is the correct understanding of the term "LEE SIDE"?The leeside is the side of the ship alongside the quay or jetty.
Selected answer:Correct answer:
The lee side is the side of the ship which is facing away from the wind.
Question asked (2050):
What do you understand by the term "Slewing"?Making a (travelling) crane move along its rails.
Selected answer:Correct answer:
Turning or rotating a crane boom.
Question asked (2869):
When having a fire alarm during normal working hours, what immediate actions should be taken?Everybody gather in the safety centre.
Selected answer:Correct answer:
 Act according to instruction given in the fire plan. 
Question asked (2977):
When a vessel arrives at a port to pick up a pilot and enter harbour, there should be someone required to stand by the anchor forward. How should the anchor be prepared and ready?The use of the anchor will not normally be required when going straight into port, so the anchor does not need to be prepared, but left ready for going back out to sea.
Selected answer:
Wrong answer summary
Page 2/
Correct answer:
The brake securely applied, all cement/covering into the chain locker and securing arrangements from windlass removed. The guillotine can remain for removal when ready
Question asked (3303):
What is the first thing you are doing when having a lifeboat drill?Wait for order 
Selected answer:Correct answer:
Put on the life jacket
Question asked (3633):
What are the duties of the bridge lookout during the night, when the vessel is in the middle of the ocean?The lookout must keep a lookout ahead of the vessel and report anything sighted to the Officer of the Watch
Selected answer:Correct answer:
The lookout must keep a lookout all-round the ship and report anything sighted, or heard, to the Officer of the Watch
Question asked (3784):
 Anyone of the crew who is assigned to watch duties in port has a number of important tasks to carry out. Which one of the listed tasks should be included in the watchman's duties?Check there is always a shore watchman on the jetty.
Selected answer:Correct answer:
Check the moorings for correct tightness and ensure the gangway remains safe and secure.
Question asked (3940):
How is a EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) activated?Most EPIRBs must be manually switched on
Selected answer:Correct answer:
Most EPIRBs are automatically activated when they enter the water 
Question asked (10050):
The aim of fire detection is:To activate the alarm
Selected answer:Correct answer:
 All the answers are correct
Question asked (10180):
Wrong answer summary
Page 3/
For which of the following groups of substances or materials is the use of water as an extinguishing agent dangerous?Gas-oil, oily rags, synthetic textiles
Selected answer:Correct answer:
Sodium hydrosulphite , potassium hydroxide, magnesium
Question asked (10181):
 Among the additives used to improve the effectiveness of water in the fight against fire there are the moisturing ones. What is the task they perform?They protect the fuel with a thin covering that holds up the ignition and they increase the viscosity of water 
Selected answer:Correct answer:
They reduce the surface tension of water 
Question asked (10241):
Dry chemical powders extinguish fire by...Cooling and/or smothering
Selected answer:Correct answer:
Inhibition and smothering 
Question asked (10460):
Before extinction of an electric fire we needTo put out the fire without taking any special measures
Selected answer:Correct answer:
To disconnect the power source
Question asked (20061):
 An evacuation-slide must be capable:of being deployed by two person or remotely controlled from the bridge
Selected answer:Correct answer:
of being deployed by one person
Question asked (20258):
 A person wearing an anti-exposure suit shall be able to: jump from a height equal to that of the stowage of liferafts arranged to be thrown overboard
Selected answer:Correct answer:
perform all duties associated with abandonment, assist others and operate a rescue boat

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