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CES Wrong Answer Summary Dd98a3e7 Fc18 4ea2 835c Ec1c5b280d8

CES Wrong Answer Summary Dd98a3e7 Fc18 4ea2 835c Ec1c5b280d8

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Published by Archie Francisco

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Published by: Archie Francisco on Jun 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wrong answer summary
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Question asked (396):
When reeving a new wire onto a self-stowing winch drum you should, after looking at brake arrangement, reeve it to pay out as follows:Depends on the direction of the lay of the wire strands in the new wire
Selected answer:Correct answer:
Direction B
Question asked (537):
On the figure there are four (4) possible definitions of the term "STARBOARD QUARTER" given. Which one is the correct one?Starboard quarter is given by D on the figure
Selected answer:Correct answer:
Starboard quarter is given by C on the figure
Question asked (541):
On the figure there are four (4) possible definitions of the term "WINDLASS" given. Which one is the correct one?Windlass is given by D on the figure
Selected answer:Correct answer:
Windlass is given by B on the figure
Question asked (577):
When should the lookout report another vessel?When the other vessel is approaching the ship
Selected answer:Correct answer:
 As soon as it is sighted or heard.
Question asked (817):
"Overshoot" is an expression related to a ship's steering ability. What is the correct understanding of this expression?It is the amount a ship moves forward after the engines are stopped
Selected answer:Correct answer:
It is how many degrees of the compass a ship continues to turn after applying counter-rudder 
Wrong answer summary
Page 2/
Question asked (1488):
What is the correct understanding of the term "gangway"?The ladder arrangement to allow walking access down the ship's side into a boat alongside the vessel
Selected answer:Correct answer:
Portable bridge arrangement between ship and shore, when alongside.
Question asked (2908):
What kind of extinguishing-remedy would you choose to put out an electrical fire?Foam.
Selected answer:Correct answer:
Dry extinguishing remedy.
Question asked (2967):
When you are on watch during a stay in port, what should you always ensure is ready at the head of the gangway?Notice Board giving name of ship and company
Selected answer:Correct answer:
Life buoy with line.
Question asked (3635):
What is the output shown on the "Rate of Turn" display fitted on the bridge?The Rate of Turn indicator shows the changing angle of the vessel from the meridian
Selected answer:Correct answer:
The Rate of Turn indicator displays the rate the ship is swinging in degrees per minute
Question asked (3669):
Where on a ship is the deck known as the "Boat Deck"?The Boat Deck is the deck where access would be made from any boats alongside.
Selected answer:Correct answer:
The Boat Deck is the deck from which persons embark into the lifeboats
Question asked (3670):
What is a ship's "Gangway"? A Gangway is a vertical ladder used by the pilot to board the ship
Selected answer:Correct answer:
 A Gangway is a portable means of access between the ship and the shore
Wrong answer summary
Page 3/
Question asked (3682):
Mention some important thoughts for what you have to do when you recognise that fire break out onboard.Commence fighting the fire, call the persons around the fire and join the fire squad
Selected answer:Correct answer:
Report to bridge or duty officer, actuate the fire alarm, call the persons around the fire and  join the fire squad
Question asked (3756):
Whilst in the Engine room you hear the CO2 release alarm, what action if any should you take.Proceed to the engine control room and call the bridge for further instructions.
Selected answer:Correct answer:
Leave the engine room as quickly as possible, closing all doors behind you.
Question asked (3784):
 Anyone of the crew who is assigned to watch duties in port has a number of important tasks to carry out. Which one of the listed tasks should be included in the watchman's duties?Check the number of persons joining and leaving the vessel.
Selected answer:Correct answer:
Check the moorings for correct tightness and ensure the gangway remains safe and secure.
Question asked (3936):
What is the main responsibility of a bridge lookout at night?Inform bridge of any other ships observed, which appear to be getting closer to your own ship
Selected answer:Correct answer:
Inform the bridge of any new lights when they appear over the horizon or any other items observed which may affect the ship
Question asked (3947):
What will you do if you are helmsman and the OOW (officer on watch) gives you the order: ”Starboard ten”Repeat the command back and then change course 10 degrees to starboard of present course
Selected answer:Correct answer:
Repeat the command back and then turn the wheel to make the rudder turn 10 degrees to starboard of amidships
Question asked (10271):

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