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The Benefits of Reciting the Vajra Guru Mantra

The Benefits of Reciting the Vajra Guru Mantra

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Published by Mike Dickman
a brief terma text by Karma Lingpa on the benefits of reciting the mantra of Guru Padmasambhava.
a brief terma text by Karma Lingpa on the benefits of reciting the mantra of Guru Padmasambhava.

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Published by: Mike Dickman on Jun 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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From the Revealed Treasures of Reincarnate Lama Karma Lingpa
A Commentary Explaining the Benefits of Recitingthe Vajra Guru Mantra and the Import of itsSyllables
mike dickman
To the Vajra Guru, deity of meditation and the dakini,
To the Master, meditation deity and dakini I bow down.
Having made a vast outer, inner and secret offering of mandala, I, the woman Yeshe Ts'ogyäl, askedthe following question:
Please listen!
Revered Master Padmasambhava, there never has been nor ever will be akindness as great as yours for the beings of Tibet, myself and others, or one that brings so great aprofit in this and future lives. Though I am a mere woman, I have no doubt that the practice of yourown self you have given us is like a quintessential nectar.
‚Nevertheless, the sentient beings of the future will be extremely distracted and impatient and will
have wrong views as regards the supreme teachings. Particularly, since they will misinterpret thepeerless doctrine of the secret mantras, for all beings at that time disease, famine and warfare will become widespread and China, Tibet and Central Asia, especially, will be destroyed like anthills anda time of suffering will come upon the Tibetan people.
‚You have taught many methods to counter all this, but those beings of the future will have no time
to practice them. Even if, occasionally, there are those who wish to practice, they will be beset withpowerful obstacles. Beings will not agree amongst themselves and supplies and necessities will beinadequate. Evil times such as these will be extremely difficult to overcome.
‚If, in such a period, they were to base themselves solely upon your means of accomplishment which
is the Vajra Guru Mantra, what sort of benefit would there be? For the benefit of those weak
 beings of the future I humbly beg you tell us.‛
The Great Master then spoke:
‚What you have said there, my faithful daughter, is perfectly true. It will certainly bring both
temporary and ultimate benefit for sentient beings during such future times. Though I have concealedmany earth treasures, water treasures, rock treasures, sky treasures and so on, all containinginnumerable pith instructions and means of attainment, during that evil time it will be extremelydifficult to bring together the causes and conditions of the skilful means of a destined disciple
a truesign, indeed, that the merit of sentient beings is exhausted.
‚However, if, at such a time, a yogin or yogini main
taining their tantric commitments, a monk or nunwho faithfully keep their vows, a devout layman, perfectly qualified female practitioner or someonelike this, dwelling in the vast, open
minded attitude of enlightenment, should recite this essence ofthe Vajra Guru in a great place of pilgrimage, a monastery, on the peak of a great mountain, the banksof great river or in the uplands and lowlands inhabited by gods, demons and evil spirits, a hundredtimes, a thousand times, ten thousand, a hundred thousand, ten million or a hundred million timesand so on, as many as they can, the resulting power and benefit will be inconceivable. All disease,famine, conflict, war, crop
failure, inauspicious signs and evil omens throughout that land in alldirections will be reversed and there will be timely rains, abundant crops, thriving cattle, and theentire region will flourish.
‚In this life, in future lives and in the dangerous passageway of the
they will meet with meagain and again, the best of them in reality, the middling in visions and even the lowliest in dream,and, having achieved the levels and paths, will certainly be reborn among the ranks of male andfemale holders of pure awareness in the realm of Chamaradvipa.
‚Even a single uninterrupted repetiti
on of one hundred will make them pleasing in the eyes of othersand they will effortlessly obtain food, wealth and prosperity. With a thousand or ten thousandrepetitions, with their splendour they will subdue the minds of others and attain unhindered spiritualenergy and power. If they recite it a hundred thousand or ten million times they will bring all threeworlds under their control, subjugate the three realms of existence, bind gods and demons as theirservants and spontaneously realise any of the four enlightened activities they wish to accomplish thusattaining the power to bring immeasurable benefit to all sentient beings in whichever way they wish.
‚If they can recite as many as thirty or seventy million and the like, indivisibly one with me they
willnever be separated from the buddhas of the three times and the eight classes of gods and spirits willobey their orders, praise their words and accomplish whatever tasks they entrust them.
‚The very best will attain the rainbow body, ‘mother’ and ‘son’ luminosities will meet and merge for
the middling ones at the moment of death, and even for the least accomplished, all perceptions will be liberated into their natural condition on seeing my face in the intermediate state and they will bereborn in the
realm of Chamaradvipa and accomplish infinite benefit for sentient beings.‛
Thus he spoke.
‚Great Master, we thank you for your immense kindness in revealing to us these sublime blessingsand infinite powers in this way. However,‛ I requested, ‚although
the powers and benefit of the seedsyllables of the Vajra Guru Mantra are immeasurable, for the benefit of beings of the future, please
give us a succinct explanation as well.‛
So the Great Master said:
‚O Noble Daughter, not only is this Vajra Guru Man
tra, as it is called, my essence, but it is also thelife
force of the deities of the four classes of tantra, the nine vehicles, the eighty
four thousandsections of the Dharma and so forth. It encompasses the heart
essence of all buddhas of the threetimes and of all spiritual masters, deities of meditation, dakinis, Dharma protectors and so on.
‚And why should it be so all–
embracing? Listen well and bear in mind what I say. Recite it, write it
down, and teach it to all future beings.‛
OM AH HUNG is the sublime essence of the enlightened body, speech and mind
VAJRA is the supreme essence of the Vajra Family
GURU is the supreme essence of the Ratna Family
PEMA is the supreme essence of the Padma Family
SIDDHI is the supreme essence of the Karma Family
HUNG is the supreme essence of the Buddha Family
1 . Although I have never heard a Tibetan pronounce this as anything but BENZAR, or
at the very most
BADZRA,for reasons of cohesion I have chosen to represent it in this
–less’ phonetic—
representation of its original Sanskrit.

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