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Themelios, Volume 34 Issue 1

Themelios, Volume 34 Issue 1



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Published by thegospelcoalition
An International Journal for Students of Theological and Religious Studies Volume 34 Issue 1 April 2009 Editorial D. A. Carson
An International Journal for Students of Theological and Religious Studies Volume 34 Issue 1 April 2009 Editorial D. A. Carson

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Published by: thegospelcoalition on Apr 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Genera Editor:
rinity Evangelical Divinity School 2065 Hal Day Road  Deereld, IL, 60015, USA
Consuting Editor:
Westminster Teological SeminaryChestnut Hill, P.O. Box 27009 Philadelphia, PA 19118, USA
Managing Editor:
Oak Hill Teological CollegeChase Side, Southgate, London N14, 4PS, UK 
rinity Evangelical Divinity School 2065 Hal Day Road  Deereld, IL, 60015, USA
Bk EviEw Eits
Od estament
g  sua
 Mackenzie University Rua da Consolação, 896 - Prédio 23São Paulo, SP - Brazil 
New estament
 Ala i. wln
 Dumisani Teological Institute PO Box 681 King William’s own 5600South Arica
History and Historica Teoogy 
shan wgh
Southern Baptist Teological Seminary2825 Lexington Road  Louisville, KY 40299, USA
Systematic Teoogy and Bioethics
Han Maum
rinity Evangelical Divinity School 2065 Hal Day Road; D-632 Deereld, IL 60015, USA
(u n Bh)
and Pastoraia
mn sma
Gilcomston South ChurchUnion Street  Aberdeen AB10 1P, UK 
Mission and Cuture
anl sang
Oak Hill CollegeChase Side, Southgate London N14 4PS 
 an nnanal anglal hlgal junal ha xun an n h h Chan ah. ima aun  hlgal un an a, hugh hla a  a ll. i a ml a n junala  tsF/UCCFn h Uk, an  am a gal junal a  T Gl Calnn 2008. T n  al am    nan, n h a an , m h   h Alan.
 ulh h m a a xlul nln a.hGlCaln.g. i  n n  ma:pF ( ng agnan) an HtML ( ga al, ual, an nlan n ah ngn).
gh  T Gl Caln. a a   u  an ula  n gal m hu uh mn(an n u qu uh n mn), u h mu anlg h u an,  u, n hang hnn.
EitiAL BA
Gal Ba,
 Beeson Divinity School;
Bh Cu,
University o Wisconsin-Madison;
wllam kn,
Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church;
kn Magnun,
Te Southern Baptist Teological Seminary;
Jnahan pnnngn,
Te Southern Baptist Teological Seminary;
Mhal Ta,
Durham University;
Ma . Tmn,
 Moore Teological College;
Ga wllam,
Oak Hill Teological College;
paul wllamn,
 Moore Teological College;
shn wm,
Pepperell Christian Fellowship.
Al hul gnall  au 4,000  7,000  an hul  um  h Managng E  
hh -. Al hul u la, n Englh, llng
(.  aan),ulmn  
T hul nnl u h Uk  UsA llng an unuan,an h hul  um lnall a an mal aahmn ung M w (.  .x xnn) h tx Fma (. xnn). sal haa hul u aUnn.
T    gnall l nual   , u nal  ma na hm aung  . A a  aangng  , h    ll ul   guln .
 D. A. Carson 
 D. A. Carson is research proessor o New estament at rinity Evangelical  Divinity School in Deereld, Illinois.
n lg, junal a, an , h ha n qu a l n nl au ha“h gl” . in h han  m, h qun  ha “h gl”  ma   h qun  ha “anglalm” , n “gl” =
= angl, hh l a hha  anglalm. pl al aul  h “ml” gl  h “u” gl  h “u”gl—an ul a h aa  h aj. sm ma a nn n h gl h  an h gl  h ngm. thnal N tamn u n n a haa h qun  hn “T Gl Ang  Mah [ Ma  Lu  Jhn]” am“T Gl
Mah [ Ma  Lu  Jhn],”  h m u ha h a ngl h a n, hl h la n h l  hang a n gl  ahmmun lal  n  h u annal gl—hugh h la , ll mnan, ha mun  m, n la n h lgh  ha Bauham’  lum
Te Gospels or All Christians: Rethinking Gospel Audiences
(Gan a: Eman, 1998). inall, hl Bauham’l nl au mhng u an man—z., ha u u annal Gl  nn  hmall al  mmun u  h  ulan amng Chan—u h lual m  h nun, “Gl,” n a a hh, a a a i n,  anl anahn,   n m   ula anh l n h  nu. A hanul  h a han h nan h h gl  n “g n”  an l, u a m  ng jugmn. T   h a agu ha
ma n man “g n” u mhngl “ga an man n”: hh   g  a n n h h ha .A ul  h qun i h  a hl lh. F h mmn, h, i’ l un anh nn ha  ll h mang. i a un  n h a han  a. i  h: n mu nguh n, n h n han, h gl a ha G ha nan ha  h mag   annun an, n h h, ha  man  G    h gl n a human n. i h gl  h (g) n au ha G ha n nCh Ju, h  aml la  nlung un “h gl” h a n hh h ngm haan an  mng,  ng h ngm  Ju’ ah an un,  mnang hah u  ha G ha n   nl nn  hml an nall  ng un n haa na an anm n han an n ah,  alng au G’ g  h Hl s,nqun un Ch’ un an ann  h gh han  h Maj n hgh, ana all  ung ann n ha paul (an h—hugh h languag i’m ung h paul)  a h ma “  man”: Ch u. All  h  ha G ha n;   ha lam;   h n, h ga n, h g n.B na, h   ga mman— l G h ha an ul an mn anngh, an u ngh a ul— n nu h gl,  an a  . w ma ll
34.1 (2009): 1-2

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