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Published by adoptnegotiator

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Published by: adoptnegotiator on Jun 14, 2013
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Finger Issue
ECO has been published by Non-Governmental Environmental Groups at major international conferences since the Stockholm Environment Conference in 1972. ECO is produced co-operatively by the Climate Action Network at the UNFCCC meetings in Bonn, June 2013.ECO email:administration@climatenetwork.org - ECO website:http://eco.climatenetwork.org - Editorial/Production: Kyle Gracey  ECO is printed on 100% recycled paper 
Stop Your Finger Pointing
Delegates: whilst you sat around the Maritimfountain enjoying the balmy weather, Ger-many suffered historic flooding. It’s a pity theflooding was the physical variety, and not aflood of ambition washing over these negoti-ations.The SBI drowning in Russian bile was thedisappointing low point of the last fortnight.Really? In two weeks you can’t agree on anagenda?! And you wonder why the publicthinks you might be wasting their precious taxdollars. Perhaps Russia might like to pick upthe bill for these last weeks, not to mentionthe bill for the extra climate impacts causedby this stalling.While we’re on the subject of bills, let’s re-flect on how much lower the climate damagebill will be if you raise your ambition (youmight recall this is the objective of Work-stream 2 – where we’ve yet to see an over abundance of concrete outcomes). The sci-ence is clear: the less you mitigate, the moreyou will pay to adapt – and to deal with ever more frequent climate related disasters.But, happily, Warsaw offers you the oppor-tunity to address this dearth of ambition, thusplugging a hole in the leaky climate boat.ECO recommends two Ministerials atWarsaw. First - the Ambition Ministerial. Letyour Ministers know that we are actually ex-pecting them to work hard to close the yawn-ing ambition gap whilst at Warsaw, not justtour the many mermaid statues. Workstream2 needs to see concrete decisions on ways toaccelerate deployment of renewable energyand energy efficiency technologies, as well asa clearly marked out timeframe for increasingdeveloped country targets, and enhancing de-veloping country action in 2014.ECO was VERY pleased to hear of the Pol-ish Government’s plans to engage FinanceMinisters at Warsaw and the enthusiastic wel-coming of this by many countries. EngagingFinance Ministers early and often will be im-portant. We would encourage Finance Minis-ters to come to Warsaw ready to put $$$ onthe table. A roadmap to scale finance ambi-tion up to the US$100bn by 2020 will be anessential outcome at Warsaw.The other essential roadmap to agree atWarsaw is a decision laying out the structureand timeline for further negotiations on the2015 agreement. Yes, you made some pro-gress here in the roundtable format. But asyou agree yourselves, we need a more con-crete and less watery path starting inWarsaw. You might want to focus on this,amongst other things, in your September sub-missions.To achieve the comprehensive, global planwe all need in 2015, let's seriously start downthe path to agreeing to negotiating text by theend of 2014.Between now and Warsaw we’ll have our first cool refreshing drink of impending doomfrom IPCC working group 1. Could the AR5report on the physical science (spoiler: we'reall in deep trouble as things currently stand)finally give you the momentum to agree atWarsaw a process to develop an Equity Ref-erence Framework and to develop and putforward your country specific commitmentsduring 2014 (allowing sufficient time to assessthem against science and agreed equity indic-ators)?We can’t afford to repeat the mistakes of Copenhagen, which we approached withoutany shared understanding of what was a fair share of effort and how we would capture it.We also need progress in Warsaw on devel-opment of common accounting standards for both mitigation and finance.So for now, sit back, relax, enjoy that finalWeizenbier before you head home, content inthe knowledge that you will be busy, verybusy – filing submissions and getting ready to“move to a more focused mode of work atWarsaw” – which needs to not be a "transitionCOP" but a real step forward on both shortterm and long term solutions for the climateproblem.
Fresh Breeze from theArab World
 A milestone was passed today, when per-haps for the first time ever, an intervention bySaudi Arabia got an enthusiastic round of ap-plause. Speaking on behalf of the ArabGroup, Saudi Arabia delivered an interventiondevoid of the finger-pointing that an ADP co-chair lamented about past sessions. The ap-plause came when the Saudi speaker deliver-ing the intervention stumbled over anunpronounceable English word, then re-covered with grace, humour and dignity.She went on to commit the Arab group toassume its fair share of efforts to combatglobal climate change, to move past finger-pointing, to implement new and renewableenergy strategies, to delink growth from emis-sions, and then called for a principled ap-proach based on equity and science. A breathof fresh air, and quite different from a Saudiintervention earlier this session that emphas-ised uncertainties in the climate science.PS: After the advice offered from one of theco-chairs, no non-native English speaker should ever feel compelled toutter this 8-syllable wordagain. But even if it becomestreated as a 4-letter word, westill want it to happen!

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