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Published by giannidiet

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Published by: giannidiet on Jun 14, 2013
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©2008 Nutrition on the Move, Inc., All Rights Reserved
1.17 Page 1
Feln Strenth &Pwer Sprts
Non & Hydon Key
Eat 5-6 times every day, including
within 30 minutes o fnishingworkoutsConsume enough protein through
oods, drinks, and use protein-containing bars & shakes i neededGet plenty o creatine rom
“muscle oods” like bee, lamb,salmon, pork and codInclude antioxidants (brightly
colored ruits & veggies, fsh,nuts, oils) or health & protection
Most athletes can achieve optimal protein intake rom “real” oods and beverages i eating or muscle strength and power is prioritized. I extra protein supplements (bars, shakes, orpowders) are needed, be careul not to go overboard with the amount you use. Research does notsupport regular intake o greater than 1 gram o protein or every pound you weigh. Rememberthat all dietary supplements you take should be monitored by your sports medicine team.
 Wh yo need o know 
A sound nutrition plan is the oundation o enhancing strength & power, reducing musclesoreness, boosting energy stores during workouts, and maximizing overall perormance.
 WHEN o E nd Dnk
The timing o the oods and uids you eat and drink should be a major ocus o your nutrition plan.Too many athletes skip meals and miss critical ueling opportunities. Follow this eating schedule:
DiNNEr+ 2 omoe nk
1 REFUELING snack within 30 minutes
o fnishing exerciseAt least 1 snack between meals
during the day
(I your goal is weight gain,have 3 snacks)
©2008 Nutrition on the Move, Inc., All Rights Reserved
1.17 Page 2
 WHat o E nd DnkPoen
Protein is important or maintaining and developing muscle, recovering ater workouts, andhealing. Eat 5 quality servings o protein each day. Incorporate protein into each o your mealsand snacks, especially your recovery snack (which should include 10 to 20 grams o protein).
Quality protein sources
: Lean and non-ried meat/poultry/seaood/fsh, eggs or egg whites, skimor reduced at milk or dairy, nuts/seeds/peanut butter, beans, soy/tou products, sports bars.
Poble Poen
sggeon o poen-onnng nk yo n ely y wh yo:
Nuts, sunower seeds, soy nuts, or trail mix
 Yogurt cups or yogurt shakes
Peanut butter and jelly or
deli meat sandwichesCanned tuna, chicken, or salmon and crackers
Drinkable soups or dehydrated
bean/rice packagesSports bars
String cheese or reduced at cheese slices
Individual cartons o lowat milk or chocolate milk
Bagel with cheese or peanut butter
Bee jerky
Letover cold pizza
Meal replacement shakes
Although you may not burn as many carbohydrates as athletes in some other sports,carbohydrates are still a critical component o your diet, especially beore training. Rememberthat carbohydrates are needed not only or energy, but also or developing new muscle.Select more nutritious orms o carbohydrates, such as whole grain breads and cereals,ruits, and veggies rather than oods high in added sugar (desserts, candy, sugary cereals,sodas, or ruit drinks). When you increase conditioning and aerobic work, be sure to addto your carbohydrate intake to accommodate the extra uel your muscles are burning.
Recovery snacks
(within 30 minutes o completing workouts) should contain bothprotein AND carbohydrates. Carbs help your muscles use protein more eectively.
Excess at can cause negative eects on body composition and health. Limiting at isoten an important step in losing body at and staying lean. In general, reduce saturatedand trans ats. Limit ried oods and atty meats such as sausage, bacon, hot dogs, andbologna. When selecting bee, choose at least 90% lean ground bee and steak cutswhich end in round” or “loin” such as tenderloin or top round. Limit creamy soupsand sauces. Select condiments wisely as mayonnaise, tartar sauce, blue cheese andranch dressings can be very high in at. Better choices are mustard, ketchup, barbequesauce, or oil-based salad dressings. Some athletes like reduced-at or even at-reeversions o these products. Limit chips, desserts, pastries, and snack oods.
©2008 Nutrition on the Move, Inc., All Rights Reserved
1.17 Page 3
Poor hydration habits can not only cause signifcant saety risks, but also decreaseperormance, increase risk o injury, hamper concentration, and slow recovery.
tp nd Gdelne:
Begin drinking water when you wake up in the morning to start hydrating your body.
Carry a uid bottle with you all day so you can “pre-hydrate” or workouts.
Drink at least 2 cups o water or sports drinks 1-2 hours beore
and 1 cup 15 minutes beore training sessions.Drink on a schedule and plan ahead to have plenty o uids available.
Increase quality uids like skim and lowat milk and 100% ruit juices at meals and snacks.
Eat oods high in uids such as resh or canned ruits, yogurt, and soups.
Select drinks that taste good to you…otherwise you’ll
have a hard time drinking enough o them.
Ohe impon ie o sengh & Powe ahlee:
Muscle creatine stores play an important role in speed and strength production.Maximize the amount o creatine in oods you eat through eating plenty o bee, cod, salmon,pork, and lamb every day. Remember that chicken and turkey are NOT high-creatine meats, soit's helpul to choose a variety o meat sources. Taking creatine supplements may or may notbe appropriate or you; talk with your sports medicine team or urther recommendations.
Vitamins & minerals classifed as antioxidants play a role in combating thecellular damage caused by exercise. Eating enough Vitamin C, Vitamin E, beta-carotene(Vitamin A), and selenium-rich oods helps combat muscle soreness and enhance recovery.Good sources o these nutrients include oranges and citrus ruits, and juices, berries,potatoes, leay green veggies, carrots, peppers, nuts, fsh, and oils (especially olive oil).
 Wegh gn:
Achieve body weight goals through increasing muscle mass. Important stepsinclude eating 6 times/day, increasing calories, eating adequate protein, and practicing goodrecovery nutrition.

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