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David Farad Ay Betty Lou JensenVallejoFridayDec201968

David Farad Ay Betty Lou JensenVallejoFridayDec201968

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Published by Media Elites
Deborah Perez's detailed narrative of the day she claims her father, Guy Ward Hendrickson, killed the first two victims attributed to the Zodiac Killer.
Deborah Perez's detailed narrative of the day she claims her father, Guy Ward Hendrickson, killed the first two victims attributed to the Zodiac Killer.

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Published by: Media Elites on Apr 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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December 20, 1968-(Friday) Vallejo CaDavid Faraday & Betty Lou Jensen11:10 PMI remember the following about that incident:On this particular morning, my dad said that we were going to Los Angeles to visit AuntJoyce. We would regularly go to Los Angeles to visit Aunt Joyce so this was not anunusual event for me. He told me to bring some warm clothes because it was cold. I ranin the house to grab some clothes; my sister Norma was cleaning the house. As I quicklyran past her, she asked me what I was doing. I quickly explained to her that dad told meto grab some warm clothes because he is taking me with him to see Aunt Joyce. I left.We drove a long while towards Aunt Joyce. After a while, dad stated we weren’t going toAunt Joyce; and he stated that instead we were going on a road trip to find a friend.When we finally stopped, we stopped at a restaurant. We went inside. The waitressgreeted us and sat us at our seat. My dad then asked the waitress if D was working there.She stated that D did work there, but that it was her day off. I asked Dad if he knew thewaitress. He said no and stated that Jimmy had told him that D worked at this restaurantand that he wanted to see if she still worked there.After eating and before leaving, my dad asked the waitress some questions about whenthe girl named D would be in next, and also asked this waitress if she knew where Dlived. The waitress looked at my dad with a look of hesitation. Then my dad stated thathe was an old friend of hers and that he was trying to locate her. The waitress did not tellmy dad where the girl named D lived. She did tell my dad she would let D know that hehad come in looking for her.We left the restaurant and drove around town. The area was a very small town namedVallejo. We hung out driving around looking for the person named D. We stopped at afew phone booths and my dad checked for her name and address. I don’t know whether he found it.Later early evening, we went back to the same restaurant we had gone to earlier. As we pulled into the parking lot, I asked my dad if we were going to eat here again. My dadreplied no and then told me to wait in the car; then he stated that he was going to see if that person D was working. When he came back to the car, I asked him if he found her.He said, “no,” and he seemed a bit disappointed and upset. We drove off.
It was early evening now and I asked my dad where we were going. He said he waslooking for the girl named D; and we continued driving around town. He said he wasgoing to go to a place where she might be. As we were driving on this road, don’t knowthe name of it, we saw some young kids (teens) pulled over on the side of the roadworking on their car; there was a guy and a girl. At the time we were passing by, the guywas leaning over an open hood with the driver’s door open while the girl was standingnearby.When we passed them, my dad slowed down, stared at the young kids on the side of theroad and said, “Debbie, can you see the girl? Can you describe her?” I made an attemptto see her but she had gotten into the car and I was only able to see very little of her. Iresponded that I could not see well enough to describe her. My dad then stopped and began backing up very slowly, heading back toward them and staring in their direction,toward the young kids.Again, he asked me if I could describe the girl. As I looked over to where these youngkids were while backing toward them, the young guy suddenly jumped into the vehicleand sped off. His car kicked up some dirt. My dad then began to chase them. He said,“I think that is her in the car.” We followed them; my dad was driving fast trying tocatch up to them.
(This event is vivid in my memory because on my many occasions of accompanying mydad in the car, he never went over the speed limit—actually, most of the time he would not drive the speed limit—he drove like a turtle—that was a phrase we all used for dad’sdriving)
At this time, Dad was driving very fast trying to catch up to the young kids in the car: hesaid that he was trying to look in their car to see if he recognized the girl inside as the girlnamed D he was looking for. He kept asking me if I could describe the girl to him. Atone time, we came close to catching up to them. As we were trying to gain on them, (andI think the boy slowed down as though he was taunting my dad) with my dad closest tothe passenger side of the vehicle, both occupants in the vehicle looked over at us and mydad looked over at them; the boy driving yelled something at us while waving his lefthand out of the driver side window and the girl yelled something, too. I believe the boyyelled “chicken” and was taunting my dad. The boy and girl were making noises saying“balk, balk, balk, and yelling chicken.” My dad just looked over at them with a smirk onhis face, not a friendly one. I could see that my dad was very upset at this time.
Suddenly the kids in the other car made a sudden left turn and we were forced to proceedstraight onto a highway. As we headed straight onto a highway, my dad stated, “Thosedamn kids don’t know who they are playing with.” I exclaimed, “Dad, do you knowthem;” “that scared me.” “You never drive like that.” He looked over at me and said,“I don’t think that was her. (I don’t believe my father realized that he had zoned out infront of me that evening—it was one of the first incidents in which I saw my father losehis control and then realize that he had done so in front of me).We then turned around and headed back on the same road driving until we turned into aclearing to take a rest, and take a nap before our long drive home. At this clearing, therewere no houses around. I remember seeing a gate in the distance. As I looked around, Isaw a light come from a pickup truck. It looked like a farmer’s truck. I don’t remember how far away this truck was from us, probably about 40-50 ft away, one of the men, whogot out of the passenger side had a cap on his head, he wore a jacket, and he had a rifle inhis hand. My dad said they were hunters. I asked my dad what they were hunting. Ididn’t see any animals. My dad said maybe they are hunting some wild animal or a bear.He chuckled. Then he said that they may be hunting a fox because they had dogs withthem. He then went on to explain that the dogs find the fox for the hunters. I don’tknow if he was kidding around. I kept on my toes just in case. A short while later, Icould no longer see the hunters; however, I subsequently heard shots in the distance.While parked at this clearing, my dad and I were trying to take a nap at this time. I waslying on the back seat and my dad was lying on the front seat. We both never really fellasleep. I know this because later, dad asked me if I was sleeping. I responded that Iwasn’t able to fall asleep because of the dogs, and the shooting in the distance. Then Isaid that a car had driven by and its lights shined on us and that disturbed my rest, too. Isaid that I rose up to see where the car was because I heard voices in the distance after thelight shining on us. My dad said, “I know; I looked up, too, when I saw the light shine.”He continued, “It was a man in a black car.” He said, “did you see the man. I said that Ihad not seen the man but that I saw a dark colored long car stopped by the gate. My dadthen said that the man in the black car was stopped and was talking to another man.As my dad and I were again lying there trying to rest, not sleeping, just resting, a car drove up and parked not too far from us, but it was slightly ahead of our car to the left of us. As the car pulled up, the driver had the music on loud enough for me to hear that itwas on as the car drove by. The car parked and turned off its head lights.

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